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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Buring the candles at both ends

Buring the candles at both ends.

After reading Mark's post and finding that my situation was similar to his in ways that i did not like, I decided to make some drastic changes to some areas in my life that needed changing. I think those changes are going in the right direction, even though the short term outlook is not good, the long term outlook is fairly good.

I still have the same mentally underdeveloped informants in my realm. At least one in this batch, seems especially nasty, and I can't help wishing him unwell, hey that's just me. Interpret that however you like, you whiny crybaby.

Otherwise my focus is in several areas, trying to get everything done. Trying not to get sucked into the drama of others, and trying to find the best way to untangle.

From what I have read, the system in many countries is being used in horrible ways. Husbands who are sick of their wives are having them committed for no reason what so ever. Using the flimsiest of excuses. It's incredible.

The state is listing people as a danger to themselves or others on the flimsiest excuses, and as I have mentioned dozens of times, there is a conspiracy that happens within all of this, of those around the target systemically trying to destroy the persons life. For me, it's trying to divide and conquer, or keep me financially where I don't need to be. Dependency on the system is not a good thing in any capacity.

Have not had a chance to check for an update on Mark, but when you are in a situation you can see things a lot more clearly than those outside of the situation. Many people talk conspiracy, but few can actually understand what it's like or been like to have lived one.

Conspiracy is not just consisting of the state, it is consisting of friends, family, co-workers, and those around a target. The target's life is not destroyed in a bubble, it is not as first thought, the targets life is destroyed by a system, a very willing, enabling system of conspirators. Can it change? Of course it can. I have no doubt about this, but people like this system, and that is why it has not changed.

Spiritually, I am ok, but missing my happy place in spirit a bit, but not sure why? Sometimes spiritual questions can only be answered in spirit.

Am I a part of the conspiracy club? No, the answer remains the same. People are deeply stupid. I despise this system, and all that was done to me. So for me, it means not joining forces with something that I think is inheritantly evil, no matter how many times I have pointed this out on the blog, people just still do not get it.

There are many types of people in this world. Those who are victimized and they go on to do whatever they can in their power to ensure it does not happen to anyone else again. Then there are those who are victimized and do everything in their power to ensure the others are victimized in the same way or worth. A type of sick pathology. You try to help them with the one hand, and they try to drag you down with the other.

I think a lot of people that have been targeted by this system are broken in just that way, and become exactly that. I think this system likes to try to acquire people that are not a part of it, and what they can not acquire they try to destroy.

I still get the odd informant trying to gain access to my life, and they always come of pretending to be something they are not. It's funny that way. The complete lack of understanding of what a target goes through. They really just don't get it. Most think that this system is something special. I think targets understand that this system is evil. I think the way this is used is evil.

So that's my two cent's for what it's worth. Basically busy, alone in flesh, and spirit? Working towards doing what I can to get this out of my life, but to also try to make sure others are aware of what is happening with this system. Many do not yet understand what this system is, and or what it is capable of.

It means that you can not, absolutely can not trust those around you, a simple comment, question, innocent conversation, can and will be used against you. You must be wise as wolves, and innocent as doves.

("Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves.) Matthew 10:16

Absolutely do not trust anyone. That sounds paranoid, but if you have lived through this system, then you understand it's reach, it's corruption, and it's capacity to destroy. Pray consistently.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

And also, always assume you are being watched. There again, it sounds like an overt case of paranoia, but they seem to have access to all kinds of surveillance equipment, such as eye in the sky type satellite spying. There are companies that are contracted out to spy on targets. I'm assuming a lot of this spy technology was funded during the Reagan cold war years, his "Star Wars" initiative. Also, it's possible that spy satellites that is supposed to be spying on enemies in foreign countries, are very sophisticated, and are used to spy on targets in the homeland (US and Canada).

The public thinks that all this tech was being used to spy on hostile foreign nations, but I believe it is being used here to protect corrupt govt. and organized crime perpetrators. Hence, the system of harassment we know today, that is used to protect members of this corrupt shadow organization. It's possible it has been used here to spy on citizens of US and Canada since it was launched in the 80's during the Reagan years.

Also, I believe tragic events like the 1986 Challenger accident were not just random accidents, and in fact could have been allowed to happen so that all of the govt. money could be spent on cold war spy surveillance. It could have been allowed to happen, so that the NASA events could have funding canceled. And the remaining monies could be funneled into making directed energy weapons, again supposed to be used to silently neutralize the enemies in foreign countries, but in reality used on US citizens.

Yeah, those managers at NASA were perps. They knew full well those O-ring seals would fail, resulting in a tragic catastrophe. Note how the engineers kept telling them to ground the launch that day, but the know it all management told them to go ahead with the launch. It was a deliberate act of murder by the Reagan administration to justify his Star Wars program.

He wasn't a very good actor, and he really sucked as a president. But he sure knew how to put the Agenda/Plan into action. Bush was in office to ensure Reagan's previous work in working towards world slavery (NWO) would move closer to fruition.

The Columbia disaster happened when Bush Jr. was in office, another Head Perp working towards world domination. Again, could be accident, but there seems to be a high occurrence of shuttle disasters when there is a Reagan or Bush in office, that never seem to happen when others are in office.

Friday, July 16, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again, the key is planned negligence. Remember that. 9/11 was allowed to happen; people in the know pretended to be asleep and look the other way while the terrorist cells were doing their planning and training. There are employees at the NSA and FBI who knew of what was going on, yet were given gag orders to do nothing, so that the planes could be hijacked and plowed into buildings. Explosives were used to ensure that the buildings came down as planned, to make it look like the planes with their powerfully explosive and flammable jet fuel were enough to make the towers pancake to the ground like that. That is highly suspect, however. Explosive charges that were well-placed in advance would make sure the buildings imploded as designed.

And people spreading their arms and jumping to their deaths, well, that's just a metaphor for what goes on with targets.

Friday, July 16, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The two Bush elections were rigged. Votes were faked, to ensure Bush got into office. Also, Hilary Clinton should be president, but again, the election was rigged so that Obama would get elected. Obama "needed" to be elected president, so he could do damage control for Bush, who was not the legitimate president during the 2000-2004. Al Gore was the rightful president, but since the election was rigged by Bush and his paid-off election workers, that didn't happen. Gore won the election fair and square. But the corrupt shadow govt. made sure their little puppet George Jr. made it in instead, stealing the election.

I'm not saying Gore would have been better or worse; I'm saying he won the election, but the results were rigged. Well maybe I'm wrong here, but if I am, the American public is every bit as dumb as I thought for electing Puppet Boy for the corrupt shadow govt.

Friday, July 16, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are people who, according to the Shadow Govt., and deemed expendable. Some people would have to be sacrificed in order to bring World Slavery closer to frution. Those expendables included Mohamed Atta, and his trainees. It looks like they were brainwashed into dying for a "Holy" cause, but that's how this entire system works. The fuel is brainwashing, appealing to the perp-to-be's religious convictions, i.e. convincing them that the America people are murderers and deserve to be punished. The problem is, those plane crashes were NOT the sole cause of the towers collapsing. Again, some people are thinking, but how could a single plane crashing into the upper floors bring down a nice, neat, t4ext-book perfect implosion like that? It's a little too tidy to be feasible. Granted, the fuel from the plane caused a nice hot fire, but so what? How would that be enough to make an entire building collapse? Again, there were disinfo people working the technical ignorance of the public, saying well, Bin Laden knew that if a large plane crashed into the upper towers, the heat generated would be enough to make the entire building collapse. All the while, people bought into this, just taking the disinfo people's words for gospel, never stopping to think that it could be more propaganda to mess with their heads.

Face it folks, Bin Laden was dying of lung cancer. Someone paid or convinced him and his cult of terrorist cells to carrying out the training, while the perps at the NSA and CIA pretended to look the other way. The whole operation was a black operation that was well-coordinated and well-funded and well-planned. It was designed to look like the work of a bearded terrorist madman, who in reality was too weak and frail from failing health to have been masterminding this whole operation. Of course they can't find him; he died of lung cancer or he simply was killed off. Some people in the know told me this. He was what thinking folks call a Figurehead, a special type of scapegoat, to divert everyone's attention. He's just someone to get the Patriotic Citizens all mad at and focused on (diversion tactic) while the real terrorists escape from the proverbial prison.

As far as Saddam Hussein is concerned, that whole thing was a joke. He might have been a mean, evil dictator responsible for many sufferings and deaths, but the real reason is that he was in the way of the people pushing for this Global Agenda.

Then you have all this other stuff that goes along with the agenda, like the scientists and researchers who were caught faking results that "proved" there is a global warming. It's all a scam; results from experiments can be skewed or faked as needed to show that something is or isn't happening. I'd love to hear their explanation for this past winter's coldness and intensity. I'm sure they have their disinfo agents and spin doctors lined up to take advantage of the public's scientific ignorance to explain away why global warming actually caused this past winter to be brutal, one of the worst on record. Well, you see, the warmer temperatures in the Arctic caused icebergs to melt and more currents to flow into the Gulf Stream, diverting all the Arctic Cold air into the continent. Hence, global warming was the cause of the nasty cold and all the snow, see. See how that works? Oh yeah, there are so many variables, that global warming over here effected this variable over here, which threw this variable out of whack here, and WHAM, a brutal harsh winter, all because of the intense heat.

Friday, July 16, 2010  
Blogger gang stalking said...

Expandable, or expendables, that is the word for the informants. I think that is how they are viewed. Not very important, and so they use them how they see fit.

Surveillance, they have been leaving the doors and windows open, so when I have discussions, it's easy to listen in and record.

Aren't all or most elections rigged, so that no matter who wins, their agenda get's carried out?

Thursday, July 29, 2010  

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