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Friday, September 24, 2010

Elementary, My Dear Watson

People have no idea what it's like trying to expose the biggest cover up. The reality is that this is not such a big cover up anymore, the truth is out there, but so many keep covering up for this system.

Now I don't know if Sherlock Investigations is real, or if this is just another shrill front online, but I have written to this blog, and left a comment. If they choose not to post the comment, well I won't be surprised. It's just a comment to the book Closing The Gap, and the free sample which explains what this is.

Now I am not accusing this company, but I am not an investigator, and I have been able to discover what is behind Gang Stalking, so if these investigative companies can not, then maybe targets need to find more skilled companies to work with.

Here is a post from Sherlock investigations. I can tell you that if I was going to hire a private investigator, I would look for one with a lot more skill, and a much more open mind. That's my personal opinion.
[quote]Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Gang Stalking

It doesn't mean that I believe in gang stalking! I've investigated many cases of gang stalking and come to the conclusion that it doesn't exist.

When you think about it, gang stalking is illogical. First, it is costly. Secondly, who has the time, unless they're paid a lot, which brings us back to "it's costly."

People often contact me who left a job on unfavorable conditions. They think their former employer has people stalking them all over the country, wherever they go. In this economy employers are too concerned running their businesses. They don't stalk former employees.

Somebody told me the other day said that gang stalkers are comprised of organized crime figures, and they're practicing. Practicing? People in organized crime (like hit men), don't practice. They do their job and move on.

People who claim they're being gang stalked often say the police are involved. Maybe that's because the police think they're paranoid and delusional. They turn against the police. They often say that when they drive, 40 to 50 cars follow them. Everyone in their neighborhood knows what they do behind closed doors, or at work their fellow employees whisper about them.

Frankly, people who think they're being "gang stalked" are mentally ill. If you are mentally ill, it's not a stigma, but many people don't accept that they're mentally ill and refuse treatment. If you think you're being gang stalked, see a doctor. There is help for you.

posted by Skipp Porteous @ 1:59 PM[/quote]

Probably knows that God and parallel worlds don't exist either. But let's look at what he says.

Why is Gang Stalking illogical? This is the definintion from Gang Stalking World.


A Simple Definition

Under Occupational Health and Safety laws, individuals are being flagged and placed on community notification lists. This is happening without the targets knowledge. In many countries these community notifications are being used by companies and others to target innocent individuals such as whistle-blowers, the outspoken, etc. In conjunction with these notifications, companies and others are in some cases using a practice that was used in the former soviet union called the psychiatric reprisal. This is used as a means of retaliation, blacklisting, silencing, or controlling members of society. Once on the notification system, warnings about the targets are sent out to every individual the target comes in contact with, thus poisoning their associations, and socially annexing the targeted individual.


I will tell you who has the time. The community have the time, when they believe that their community is under attack by a dangerous individual, when the state gives them a false sense of empowerment, and community spirit, the community has the time, means, and methods to pull this off. We have seen dozens of cases of how they run pedophile out of communities, yet this investigator is telling us, he can't imagine it. Limited imagination. They see people on these lists, people often falsely listed as being mentally ill as a threat, period, and they are fully willing to torture innocent people, and do dispicable things, until you end up with Jiverly Wong's and Yvonne Hiller outcomes. Any decent agency would be working towards exposing this, but too many in society who cry oppression on the one hand, gladly support this sickness on the other.

This is often set in place by former employees, againg back to the occupational health and safety laws. They are the ones who often use this to put people, innocent workers on these lists, claiming that they are mentally ill, when they are not.

The police are involved. If you are on one of these lists, you call the cops, the fire department, anything official, your name pops up. In the case of Jane Clift, medium risk, only to be seen in pairs. In other cases it will say danger to self or others. The police are involved, and are also protecting this sick system.

Targets are followed, because as they go through a community the phone rings, if you are listed as mentally ill, they will get that notification. It's an automated notification. So then the neighbours go on the porches, or get in the cars, and have a good old boy time, tracking the targets, a lot of which turn out to be single women, and minorities, but we are seeing others like the extremist set's and conspiracy set, plus the whistle-blowers.

Also the community does put them under surveillance, the community goes so ape, that they think, oh it's a mentally ill person they could hurt someone, we better watch them. Frankly from what I have seen, many of the watchers, are sick frinking freaks, who should be watched themselves. Psycho's, and sadistic freaks.

So with your great investigative wisdom you come to the conclusion that those who believe in Gang Stalking are mentally ill, I am going to go out on a limb and guess that those who do not, are either not very well educated, and have not truly taken the time or effort to research the topic, or they are likely shrills who are here to cover up the topic, in either case, these are not the types I would want to personally pay good money, to investigate this for me.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The response sounds like a fairly standard write-off of a gangstalking, i.e., you're crazy, it's too expensive, who has the time. Who has the time? That's a good question. The average person doesn't have the time, but the perps they send after the targets do have the time. And a target is likely to see mostly perps wherever the target goes, so it gives the illusion of "everyone is in on it".

Also, most of gangstalking isn't really outright stalking, but people around the target (co-workers, acquaintances, by-standers) are programmed to give certain reactions around the target. The target has been sensitized and harassed earlier enough in his or her campaign, that those reactions he is getting from those around him is interpreted as greatly insulting or harassing. The fact is, there are enough tiny incidents that act as negative stimuli to the target, that the target will be pretty beat up. That's basically what gangstalking is. It isn't necessarily stalking. That dick was deliberately trying to change the subject by sidetracking gangstalking to mean, oh, you're stalked by a lot of people, when it's far more complicated than that. Then there are snitching, informants, etc., as well as the entire mediascape being involved.

Friday, September 24, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Ok, well, if anyone has watched that documentary Stasiland than, you know that gangstalking goes on as a fact. The problem is that people are in denial that it happens in USA because of its 'great' reputation. That is the foolishness. But the only thing you can do with fools is let them be fools. Germany admitted its wrongs, USA won't. Yes, this is the biggest coverup I have heard of and I am not hopeful about exposing it. I don't even believe most of the posts that are on the Internet. I believe the actual people who experience gangstalking are extremely, extremely low. Also it is not the people are ignorant of it, though there are some...or, ok, possibly more than some (I don't have actual numbers...but this sure escaped me until recently), but it is a simple fact of not caring. That is the problem. I live in LA and in my situation there are many people who know and people talk and so do I. People just don't care. Fine. Personally I don't need pity and don't give any for anyone. Don't want it. Past that point now. Why don't people care? I don't know. There are as many reason for as many people. A few: well, people enjoy watching others hurt. It makes them feel good. Like a tall person standing next to a short person. Makes you feel tall. People are indifferent because they got their own problems. It is not affecting them. Those abstract nouns (justice, freedom, right and wrong) are nothing more than abstract nouns to use with abstract hypothetical people. It is not them. They are not in sociology class trying to get a good grade by saying all the right things to pass in society. In real life, well, there are few good people. There are almost no heros. We invent them to keep us hopeful. The ones who care are the ones who are enduring what you are enduring. People with the same problems clump together. But when you are taken out individual as this crime is, well, there is no clumping. People run from those with problems. Even from their own problems. That is why I would rather die en masses. Sure I can eat. I can move around currently. I currently have all my fingers and toes. My nose is intact, presently. But I know and others know the end result is the same. Also if anyone has read Camus's book The Plague, and remember how people are treated when they feel the need to share and express their misery? If not, read the book. Many answers as there are people. This is the perfect crime. Yet, it is true there is care everywhere. Many people having problems in their country of origin that is treating them inconsistent with human values and USA takes them in basically saying...that is improper and inconsistent with the human values we cherish. That is care. Care to the point it is economically difficult. Why? That shows good,no? Surely, I haven't the answer to why TIs in this country are ignored. Presumably it may be easier to point the finger at other countries than at yourself...your own. I don't know the answer to...the why or maybe it falls into one of those examples above. It maybe just business as usual and protocol of policy and not care. Government Job initiative thing.

Monday, September 27, 2010  

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