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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yvonne Hiller and Gang Stalking

The case of Yvonne Hiller demonstrates that many fail to understand the causes and affects of these workplace shootings.

Yvonne Hiller in my opinion was most likely a Gang Stalking target. What this means is that at some point in her work history she had likely been placed on a notification list. A list that would alert those around her that she had displayed violent or threatening behavior in the past.

Ms. Hiller did have a history of verbal and possible physical altercations in the last few years it's been reported. Many people will see this and go, well then the list works. Surly if she killed people then she was violent and it was right to put her on the list, but this is the wrong conclusion. The pattern that has been seen, and that is happening is the same pattern the mobbing community identified. Years and years of psychologically abusive targeting, will cause violent outcomes. Putting people on these notification lists, exposes them to years, and months of harassment. They are exposed to harassment such as being sprayed with chemicals, consistent rumours and slander, such as Ms. Hiller complained about. Harassment that is often very real, but so subtle that it's almost impossible to prove.

Ms. Hiller had made complaints about workplace harassment, being sprayed by chemicals and other items by co-workers. At home she had the same complaints that chemicals were being sprayed in her home. Her calls to fire departments, and police went ignored. The harassment is meant to be subtle, hard to prove, but this is the same type of targeting that is happening to many others that are listed under these workplace occupational health and safety notification lists. Remember you can end up on these lists via work, school, or the community. Once added your life becomes hell, a systemic cycle of abuse that is hard to prove, and even harder for others to imagine. Cries for help are seen as a sign of mental illness, and every complaint there after is viewed as a need for psychological help. The reality is that once placed on these lists, people are being harassed.

There is a system, a deliberate organized system that is connected, coordinated, and capable of destroying a persons life, with harassment's that are so subtle, the target can often not prove that any of it was ever happening, and that is the reality. Once added to these community notifications, and workplace listings, you almost create a self fulfilling prophecy.

TAG originated with the recognition that organizations and individuals need help coping with the irrational, abnormal, and dangerous behavior of others. Whether the problem is a threatening employee, domestic violence, stalking, a defamation campaign designed to discredit a product or person, an impaired executive or officer, an irrational neighbor or tenant, a sexual predator circling a loved one, fiduciary abuse of an elder, or a kidnapping, TAG meets the need for rapid, expert, confidential guidance.

Organizations such as this probably view cases such as Ms. Hiller and feel that their practices are justified, that their threat assessments do work. The reality is the very nature of these programs are often times driving the end results all over various countries. That is why Gang Stalking targets have popped up all across the internet, and in a variety of countries.

To date awareness has been part of the key to trying to combat what is happening. It took years for it to be recognized that bullying lead to school shootings, more years to realized that workplace mobbing leads to shootings, and how much longer will it take to realize and draw the correct correlation that putting people on these lists are leading to some of these violent community situations and circumstances? You can not put people on lists, and notify those around them, without expecting the harassment and mobbing that it inevitably creates. Individuals have a right to know that they are on such listings. Legally it would give them the ability to fight back, and be properly assessed, but that would likely undermine the agenda that is currently at play.

The listings are often deliberate, they target females and minorities above average. They also target whistle-blowers and those who stand out in some fashion, to a higher degree. Conspiracy sites and extremist sites, are starting to have members pop up with these complaints above average as well. The more outspoken you are, the less you are the type to go along with the status quo, the sad reality is that you have a greater chance in future of being added to one of these lists, by some member of some distant threat assessment team you have never meet. Using these occupational health and safety laws, your reputation and everything you worked for is open to defamation of your character, and the scary part is just like in the former Soviet Union it's all behind your back, you don't get to see the evidence against you, whither it's true or false.

In future as creepy as it sounds, they could even use what people are thinking against them, and it could have no basis in their actual actions. These remote assessments are junk science at best, and dangerous at worst. The reality is they often target people who are being victimized at work and in the community, etc. These assessments then put all the blame on the victim, saying that the events can't be proven, it's all just in their heads, when the reality is the harassment is often happening, and often very real.

The only way this will change is when these lists affect more and more members of society, and they start to encompass a wider scope of individuals, but until them, we are likely to face an increasing number of tragedies such as the one witnessed recently.

The only way this will change is if people speak out, stop keeping the secrets of this system, it's destroying lives, and it's causing these end results, that the society then pretends to be so shocked and horrified by.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's interesting that a lot of targets point out that they initially thought their status as a TI was relatively recent, like say 2-5 years. Then, they all kind of come to this conclusion that they must have been a target for many years, and that possibly they have been selected as a target even before birth. Hence many will realize they are lifelong targets of this abuse.

I believe that is true in my case. It's just that now, with the internet, targets can connect, and the information is out there about these abuses, which were previously kept under tight wraps, as it is a covert system. It took some time for targets to describe what was going on, and connect it to MKULTRA amd Cointelpro type abuses.

It so interesting that this truth would have been transparent to them before: they just thought they were incompetent, unattractive, lacking talent, combined with heaps of bad luck which caused everyone to treat them this way. To them, it would just be a part of their natural makeup of who they are. But now, targets can realize that the reason their whole lives have gone this way is because they were targeted since the day they were born to the present. Without the internet, they would not have known, because Encylopedias, books, and everything you see on TV and hear in popular songs was controlled by the System for a long time now. So the target then realizes he or she had been subtlely manipulated his or her entire life. They would never know, because you just can't get this information from the usual outlets, which are controlled by the System in the first place.

Of course, our recent harassment has gotten many times worse, compared to when we were born, as there is better tech. for the perps and their shills/informants to use to ramp up the harassment to insane levels that were never before possible. This also means the System is able to pull new victims into the fray, that weren't selected before birth.

As a small child, I always had the bast***s pumping me with insulting questions, and now I know the reason why. I had people that were rude, always trying to fight me or prove they were better than me, or try to get me to confess to things a troublemaker did. I guess it was the early days of my targeting. :-)

Sunday, September 12, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can leave me a message at
There are thousands of us who are fighting this abuse.
Anyone who is a victim can contact me at this email or look up facebook.
To all....peace, hope, and justice!
I'm also a targeted individual living in Toronto who is passionate and pro-active about exposing this.

Monday, September 13, 2010  

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