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Thursday, September 02, 2010


I found this little pdf and wanted to share.

When I was looking at this stuff for the U.K. the information was easy to find and locate. For Canada and the U.S. it's been slightly different, but I lucked out with the Canadian search.

Now remember 5 years ago when the average target first came online, we didn't know what was happening. I was harassed at work, decided to file suit outside of work, and the next thing I knew I was being harassed within the community, and the next several years being electronically harassed and monitored. I can now look back and realize that my employer likely set me up, and placed me on a listing. When I say set me up, I know that I complained constantly, gave mean looks to my harassers, etc. I was being mobbed to the extreme, and I now believe that was used to set this process into play. Do I believe this was the inception point, no not really, but I do believe that employer was the escalation point.

In trying to help myself I learnt a lot about what was behind this harassment. Five years ago online, targets were scared, confused, and concerned for their health, well being. Targets were being locked away, driven to suicide, and dying under unusual conditions, and circumstances. Imagine finding yourself in such a predicament, and trying to formulate a plan to survive, and figure out what was going on, why you were suddenly enemy of the state.

At first the organized stalking groups seemed like a God send, but for savvy individuals many of us realized that a lot of the groups were run by people that were a part of this. Individuals that would later go on to set up other groups, forums, chats, etc. All the while cleverly leading targets in the wrong direction, making sure noting ever got done. Fighting amongst themselves, then later on trying to discredit legit sites. Having us look at stalking, and other dead ends. What some did like myself is that we left the groups, I started to do my own research.

How could such a system exist, that could turn those against you, that you trusted, friends, family, strangers? Why was it systemic, how were they doing the tracking and the monitoring? I am not going to relive the last 5 years, but key points, were the time I looked at the Gang Stalking phenomena and realised, what if everything you thought you knew was wrong? Since I knew that targets were being mislead, the question was why, what was behind it. Why were they able to get my accounts closed down at so many different forums, how were so many a part of this.

After some local work, the realization came that this was some type of neighborhood watch type thing, but all requests to police, about local neighborhood watch programs turned up as dead ends. Denials that such a program existed, until I had to go super sleuth, and get some answers. Which I did, as you know over time, the pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

The research was not easy, job loss, after job loss. Moving, all the things targets go through, pull oh yes the electronic torture, so bad at times, that I survived, but by the grace of God. There were times, my shielding did not hold up, times that I was injured, but I heal well.

Over the years community watch, community policing, cointelpro, etc were all looked into, and none were quite right, then Jane Clift came to light. At first I was seriously skeptical, and thought yet another dead end, but the more I looked, dug for her case file, the more key components matched, and then I was able to find the corresponding attributes in other areas, then it slowly came together. I went back over some of the old research, which had escaped my notice about the psychiatric reprisals, and finally it came together. You would not think that occupational health and safety laws, could have anything to do with community harassment.

The worst part was, so many had lied, mislead, perverted the laws, and misused justice. People in authority that should have been trustworthy. Even after the correct information came out, the disinfo agents on every forum, or whatever they have going, their extensive, neatly connected network, have still kept the lies going. People on forums still pull a lot of the same old garbage repackaged.

The other annoying element is the silence. On forums, people have racial debates, share their views, they discuss the holocaust, their questions about that event, 9/11, conspiracies, elites ruling the world, pedophiles in high places, etc, but when it comes to these listings they keep silent. That is the worst conspiracy of all. People talk about being enslaved, but I see a lot of self monitoring, social peer pressure, and collective group will, because in some way this works for a lot of those involved.

So that was how the information came to light. The research was time consuming, this is in no way shy of a conspiracy, all that is done to targets. It's not right, it's not well, and this aspect of the system needs to change.

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