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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Protecting that which is sacred

Protecting that which is sacred

Sometimes you have to draw a line. See people complain about the coming new world order, rights and freedoms being systemically removed, and that is all happening, but where do you draw the line?

Do you sit back and cower while these are all being taken away, grumbling in your keyboard, or do you do something about it?

The thing that I have learnt most about being a target is that you have to fight back. You have to be willing to try to protect those things that you hold sacred, or the dogs that they have yapping at our feet will try to destroy that.

As targets we see our lives systemically destroyed, some targets experience such fun things as people breaking into their homes and sabotaging the diabetic medicine for their child. Other experience car accidents, some fatal, some have had car accidents meant for them affect a loved one. We see some strange deaths in the community.

Some of the women in our community speak of being sexually assaulted while in their homes. Activists like Ramona Lopez, who tried to stand up to drug dealers in her community, only to discover that they had the full blessing of the police. Once she tried to stand up, she had her whole like torn apart, including these types of assaults. Others have even made it to the news for the same reason.

Others have been so damaged by the weapons that they use to monitor us that they have had to have eye and other types of surgery. Some have other medical problems due to long term exposure to some of the technology used for monitoring.

Most of society really does not care. They either really don't understand what is happening, are too shallow to really get it, or they just have never experienced the kind of evil that we see, feel, and are exposed to. That's fine, but then all that evil needs is for good men to do nothing.

Most people would be shocked and outraged if they were being watched in their homes. Monitored 24/7 like a prison movie, but many do not seem to understand that if it's not acceptable for them, it should never be acceptable for anyone else. To be monitored in your home, is to give some lowlife individuals access to your person that they would not otherwise have, and it's just as violating on many levels, as having consistent home break in's.

Then when it come to partnerships, most targets if they are not already in a relationship have to ensure that they people that they do come across are not intimate infiltrations. People hired to enter their lives, and monitor them on the inside.

If you are lucky enough to find a good partner, then you have to hope that they are sensible. The thing that Cointelpro liked to do the most, and that these programs do is they try to break up relationships. Remember they go after the things that are important to targets. Their friends, families, their financial well being, their ability to support themselves, or those that they love. Their reputations. They will spread any and every type of rumour, and the target hardly ever has the chance to defend themselves.

With new technology they will be able to try to manipulate the dreams of people. There is technology now, that could potentially implant characters, events into dreams. I am not sure how advanced this is yet, but in future you might dream of complete strangers that you don't know, only to have real life versions of those people manipulatively cross your path. Your subconscious might then be tricked into feeling comfortable around those people. Making them friends. The technology could be used to implant other images, other scenarios. These are sacred places that the state should have no access to, but want to.

As mentioned many times, they are working on mind reading technology, and have even hinted that they wanted to have these installed in airports. It's scary the technology that is coming up the pipeline to an unaware population.

The thing about resisting and fighting back is that the system does not like it. Be it William Wallace, or any other such character, when you fight back against the system, they see that as an affront to their authority. See the system wants people to cower, to bow before them. They liked scared victimized people. People that are so traumatized and so broken that they will go along with anything. The system is not accustomed to fighters. To people who will hit back. They like to come out with their groups and legions, they love it when it's not a fair fight. They love to have dozens of informants against one target, and they hope in most cases that target is going to be wimpy and break. What they do not like, and often do not expect are people who will fight back, who will not cower before this system. Yet people like William Wallace, even Jesus for his time did just that, and changed the course of history for those around them.

People can have change, but they have to be willing to fight for it. Targets are in a battle for their existence. The system will and does use every dirty trick out there. They go after our reputations, lives, and the things that we hold precious, sacred. If you thought this was something simple, or that these people are harmless trouble makers, think again, cause you would be severely wrong. These people are destructive, and targets have to do everything that they can in their power to fight back, and to protect themselves from this evil horde.

They are the same now as they have every been, and the only real way to survive, is to fight back, and resist this system in every way possible. It's not enough at times just not go along with evil, at times you must openly oppose it. The system like cowards, yes men, people who will and do grovel at it's will. Evil people get advanced, because they will give their full allegiance to this system. Good, decent people get destroyed, they get pushed to the way side, and if this system is every going to change, then people have to stop being unwitting agents in this regard and capacity. They must not assist evil in anyway.

This battle will not be won by sitting back and cowering. I am not even sure people want to win this battle. They like the things the system gives them, just go to the downtown core in any major city on the weekend. The things of this world keep people enslaved, but they like them so much, they would almost be willing to sell their souls for the things of this world. The system can change, but only if people want it to change. If there is not that will, not that desire, then things will remain the same. As long as society keep allowing themselves to be pacified with the things of this world, turning a blind eye to the evils at hand, then the world will be like this, and then you really should not wonder why it is like this. The answer is already there.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lot of people seem to hate targets anyways, so of course they approve of all of this. I'm not sure if I'm correct on that last point or not, or if there really ARE that many people getting manipulated into stalking a target or gathering info from a target or playing some other skit role around the target.

A lot of these people seem genuinely hateful, or for some reason feel compelled to stalk or play some sort of role the stalkers planned for them. It's like this one girl at the college where I teach, seemed kind of blow-off-ish and cold and unfriendly like so many people I come across. Later, as I was walking past the hall where she was standing, mentioned out loud "I hate him!" followed by some laughing. The laughing is a tactic that they use to let me know I've been "had" by a perp skit. That's what I mean... little things like this girl saying "I hate him!" as I walk past in her private conversation count as a perp skit. And there are so many perp skits. It's brutal how many of these I encounter on my daily walks or commutes. I come across at least 25 of these, usually a lot more.

I guess they are trying to get me on their side, as they are expending an extraordinary amount of effort and time on working on me.

So it really does seem that people don't fight it, because they simply like the control over a target. Or in their minds, they enjoy seeing a person getting sacrificed, ravaged, beaten by the mob. But a lot of these people have this "anonymous boogeyman" vibe to them, like you're posting on a forum, and some faceless, nameless harasser comes along and starts trolling and flaming you. They like that anonymity, of enjoying being one of the faceless mob harassing a target they know so much about. It's like a consequence-free free-for-all for them, so of course, they are not going to fight, but rather work hard to make sure the victim is discredited so they and other faceless mob wannabees can continue this beating.

Saturday, August 28, 2010  
Blogger peterpm said...

Gang stalkers and people cookers are murderers, the crimes they commit belong to the worst crimes in history

When you are a victim of gang stalking (organized stalking) and/or electronic harassment/electronic torture

Directed energy weapons (DEW) are used at the moment by our national secret services to murder and steal. These new weapons based on radiowaves have become very advanced the last decade, they cook (like a microwave oven cooks meat!) and burn through walls at distances up to hundreds of meters from devices mounted in houses and cars, even planes. But also can zap you from small devices carried in handbags or shopping bags. DEW are part of electronic weapons that include mind reading equipment (sub-vocal is quite easy) and equipment to put voices into your head.

Our fascist Western governments cannot use bombs against their population but now have the perfect weapons of control, silent and leaving no evidence. Probably the most horrible consequence of these weapons is that you can NOT protect yourself, your children, your loved ones anymore. You can no longer say: stay in this room, you are safe here. Attackers simply look and cook and burn through walls. Police cannot protect you, security services cannot protect you. That is why these electronic weapons must be banned!

Site by Mark Rich:

Monday, August 30, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is my opinion and i have not heard one person mention this but......victims of gangstalking lives r insured. I was trying to b tricked into marrying a guy who was using a false identity that my very own family knew about n tried to talk me a result of finding this out n refusing to go along w it my family became abusive n gangstalking began immediately.

Monday, May 13, 2013  

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