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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A little understanding

Cranky Posts

I want to say sorry to my blogging audience. My posts have been a little bit more cracky than I am use to. You would think that I would be use to the remote torture by now, but apparently not.

I think it's easy at times to take the anger that is meant for the douch bag snitches out on others at times, and for that I am sorry.

Something about the torture that targets go through and that need for understanding at times is just vital. I do get a bit angry when people don't get it and treat my life like it's some fun little joy ride, like I am here blogging, cause it's some fun little past time.

This week they used something that was remotely capable of fibulating my heart, now they are back to using heat for confirming my location in my home. Heat which is capable of causing body burns.

For me personally if others can't understand this, or get this, then really it does not do me a lot of good. Right now I do need understanding. People to understand what is happening. I do believe that people who genuenly care about you, open themselves up to understanding, and they find a way to get it. Others never will, and that's ok. This is not the type of targeting that I really want others to get, but at other times that understanding is almost vital for survial.

So again if I am angry, cranky, it's the informants that I really want to direct my negative emotions towards, and not anyone else, so I can only try to work at placing the anger where it belongs, and work to get past it like I usually do. For those around me, I can only hope that they come to some sort of understanding of my circumstances.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mood swings come with the distress we face so that is entirely understandable. Please, however, be aware of the danger of allowing bitterness and anger to simmer within you. That will damage your health and emotional balance. It is best to forget yesterday's anger and consider each day past a battle that is won and over, and each morning a fresh start.

Friday, August 27, 2010  

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