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Friday, November 10, 2006

Where do we go from here?

After speaking to enough local politicians, local level and so forth, they have all said the thing to do was to go to the police. So I finally did that.

I called once again, and I spoke to an officer from the community today. Why do they always want to know where I live?

He said that there is nothing they can do. The onassis is on the target to prove that their home is bugged, or that they are being followed. He said he has had several reports of the same thing. He said one lady he just thinks is crazy because she reports that people are in the grocery store and they move things from her cart and replace it with other things. Now even after I explained that this is a typical gaslighting tactic he still said she sounded crazy and he had recommended she seek professional help.

He seemed at least on the phone to say that he felt what was happening could be plausible, however he was not able to do anything and the Onassis was on me to prove everything. He also said there is no neighbourhood watch operating out of this area. Then why is there someone on just about every floor who is aware of what's going on?

This is the thing, a target finds themselves in this very frightening situation, they finally find the courage to go to the police to get some help for this and all that happens is that they are told there is nothing that can be done, or they are told like the lady with the groceries being moved around to seek help. (This is after he spoke to the grocery store manager, who explained about her stories of people moving things around in her cart.) I think with proper training a police office could say, this is a case of gang stalking, however even with proper training, the police are still not doing anything to help.

So where do we go from here? I volunteered to leave my contact details so that targets of this harassment who had reported his to him could get in touch with me, it seems that I might have to try to take care of this myself.

For some reason he felt the need to assure me that my phone call with him was not being taped or recorded. I am guessing this means just the opposite and office John was recording our phone call. Interesting.

So you see if I was being stalked by John Doe and I said I think his person has bugged my home, they might have offered to do something.However because I have said that I don't have specific names, his suggestion is to video them. I asked what good it would do? He said at least they could then go to that person and ask questions. How silly is that though? I mean I am a stalker, I am harassing someone to drive them crazy, you come to me and ask if I am following that person, I do into a song and dance, about no not at all. Word of complete stranger vs word of target. Point to complete stranger. Even though I am being stalked and I know what's going on, even I would have to give the point to the complete stranger.

I mean our caring force has not even been compiling a record of these happenings. These people know that the police are not willing to do anything and they thrive on it. The police are not willing to do anything, because these people probably if something really does happen probably do provide them with some sort of information.

So let's see if my harassment becomes worst now after speaking to the police, this is something that has been reported by others, and I guess someone has got to be the live in the field guiney pig for this sort of thing. We need to know what is working and what is not working for targets. I know it seems that I stumbled upon this path, but it seems to me that no matter what I was doing in my life, this path or something similar would have found me. That curious Nancy Drew reporter like streak would have kicked in sooner or later. I never wanted to lead a boring life, and this has certainly taken things up a notch, but maybe a notch more than anticipated or expected, especially with the frying of the last few days.

I can handle most of what is going on, however this week, they really did turn it up a notch on the eharassment or whatever is going on. They literally tried to fry me in my sleep. I am pretty sure attempted murder is against the law. I mean they have been eharassing me since July, but over the last three days whatever they have been doing, has been actually melting the tape from the ceiling and setting off my smoke alarm, that's how much electricity/electromagnetic current they have flowing through my apartment, the last few days. The level that they had it at over the last few days, I would say was at a potentially harmful or lethal level. The fun thing is they try to wait until I am sleeping to do this.

Well why not go to the police you say? Oh wait I just got off the phone with them and was told, there is nothing they could do. Now for those who have been following my blogs, you have some idea of how frightening this would be for someone who had absolutely no idea of what was going on, even for myself who is now pretty informed it's still pretty out there, but at least I know what these people are trying to do, and I have some idea of the why. Imagine however a new target that has never heard of gang stalking, one that is stumbling in the dark to come to grips with the things that are happening with them. They go to the police and they are told there is nothing they can do, in other cases they are told to go and seek professional help, or they try to force them to get a mental evaluation before they are willing to assist them. This is cruel beyond belief. I think it takes an enormous amount of strength to go to the police, or to try to seek out any form of help or assistance for this form of harassment. Being told there is nothing they can do has to be like having a door slammed in their face.

How hard would in be to equip police stations with one or two working bug sweep devices so that if someone makes a report of illegal surveillance, since he has said he has received a few calls like this. Then if officers are sent out, they could just do a quick run down of the apartment. Give them some training, I mean they are not professionals, but it could help them then and there better determine what might be happening.

I look at my situation once again, and even with what is going on, the attempted frying/electrocution over the last few days, and I still know that I am luckier than most, because I at least know what's going on. I feel really bad for the person in the same situation who has reached out for help, only to be so brutally rebuffed. It's horrible and unpardonable. I see that awareness and education is the only way that this is going to be fought, but in a city with millions of people who is the information ever going to get properly disseminated?

I guess it starts with me and goes from there. What I really wanted to ask officer John is are the targets primarily woman, are they ethnic minorities? Are any activist, dissidents? Just to get some further statistics going. That one more thing that they could be doing, but they are choosing not to. So whatever is going on is officially unofficial. Meaning he is the second person to tell me that there is no neighbourhood watch officially operating in this area, and yet there is then something far more insidious comprised of my average citizens next door, who are more than happy to do, and let horrible things happens to the person next door.

Even on the phone I tried to educate this officer that in the case of revenge one does not need to have a deep motivation. I mean in today's society for cutting someone off on the road, they will follow you to where you live if they are upset enough. When leaving a night club if you rub someone the wrong way and they are in the right mood, that could be reason enough for them to pull a gun on you. Just because you brush someone the wrong way, could be enough for these people to start the game on you. Get their friends in on the act and try to gaslight you till your life is ruined.

So that is the report from the field today. Someone is going to have to take the first few steps to try to get this dealt with, and since I don't see everyone all lining up at once, it looks like it's going to have to be me.

So where do we go from here? Well folks, stay tuned for future reports and update for my mission to get this stopped.

Oh and for the frying/electrocution of the last two days, I did contact the landlord in writing, and I have contacted one other place regarding the matter. There is not really a hand book on what to do when you are being fried alive in your sleep, so maybe someone could start working on that in the mean time, while I pursue this matter.


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