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Monday, November 13, 2006

The creepy side of companies.

So today was voting day in the little hamlet where I reside. I voted simply because I wanted to see the Mayor of the city elected.

I voted went to the store where I have people again speaking Stasi around me, since I am very cognizant of it, and I can tell when it's being directed at me, verses when it's general.
I came back only to find that my apartment again had been entered illegally, once again. I have my own little system and it's nothing crafty, but it let's me know when someone has been in other than myself. So I really got angry. I mean it's really horrible what has happened over the last few days.

I have been electronically harassed almost 24/7, however whatever was happening the last few days was different. The neighbour below moved out on the 15th and since then they have been having a field day. There was some sort of heat or electricity being used in the apartment below me, which was causing what felt like electric shocks. Also the same thing that was being used was causing the floors to vibrate, this made sleeping almost impossible.

Then I went back to hand out some flyer's about Gang Stalking, to the people at the voting both, explaining about innocent targets being harassed for no good reason, etc. Then I had a politician one which I did not vote for, arrive at the voting both to thank the people at the booth. He stood a few feet from me speaking to another group of people. Then he came over our way to thank the voting booth personnel. As he is doing this, he is using the Stasi like signals, again pinpointing me as someone who needs to be watched. I assune he got the update from the group he was speaking to.

So going to my apartment I had these females who seemed to be enjoying my predicament. The thing that got to me is they seem very trashy and I finally had it, I mean here I am being stalked and harassed because some stupid company decided that they wanted to keep me quite.
Now I have been trying to find a good civil rights lawyer for a while, and there are not that many in the book. What I decided to do this time is call, criminal lawyers instead, since I am being treated like one.

I decided to try a different approach and dialed a few criminal lawyers. The first person I spoke to knew what I was talking about. I told him that I was being followed around and harassed by a community group, I said you know how some people in different positions have been asked to help out and keep an eye on things, etc. He knew what I meant and he was also fully aware of this.

I explained that my workplace had put me on this list because of the sexual harassment suit. I asked what I should do? He first explained that he was not the right lawyer for the job, that I need a civil lawyer, but what the civil lawyer would do is they would send a letter to the community watch group, and tell them to cease and desist or they would get sued. So he was pretty sure this would be the process, but he more importantly knew what I meant.

People in various occupations have been asked to help out and keep an eye on things, plus people in communities, along with our snitch force. So that's where the community element comes in, this on it's own would be fine, but then throw in some rich bank who wants to shut up some sexual harassment case and you have the gang stalking element. Working within this they are using and abusing what should be a good thing to help the city keep an eye on genuine hostile elements, instead it's being abused in this fashion.What is happening in my case is that, my former company is using elements of this to abuse me and keep me from filing suit against them.

After getting off the phone with another law firm, I received a phone call from a lawyer that I did not call. He said that a Mr back had referred him to me? I never spoke to a Mr Back, he said maybe you spoke to his assistant. Ok? So he wanted to know right off the bat, did you file with the Ontario Human Rights Commission? That seemed a little unusual, then he wanted to know about the harassment and if I could prove who had put me on the list. I began to go into what I did know then I stopped cause I thought that's weird. I said you know what, I don't want to go into too many details on the phone, I would rather meet in your office, then he did a back track fully. He was like, actually I am probably not the right lawyer for this, it was just a referral etc. However he was happy to try to have me spill all the details of my case to him over the phone.

More importantly he seemed to be fishing, trying to find out about my OHRC complaint against CIBC, and if I could proove who put me on the list. Also he never fully clearified who referred me to him. I think he called me trying to find out about my case, for the other side. (That's sleazy) So I then hung up and began to type this up. Within five minutes of that I get another call from another Lawyer, (when it rains it pores, last week I called and no one called back, and now within 5 minutes of making an appointment with a firm, I get two calls fishing for information.

This second lawyer wanted to know again if I could prove who had put me on the list? What proof do I have? I said I preferred not to talk over the phone. He said I could come into the office, but it's a $1500 retainer, however he's willing to go over all these lovely details on the phone? It just seemed too interesting.

So again, this all goes back to this company. For my troubles of being sexually harassed, they harassed me where I worked, and then made sure the harassment spread into my neighbourhood and then got me put on this list so that I could be harassed full time, too busy and tired to fight them, while they keep an eye on me. That is illegal and wrong, and there has to be a way bring them to justice. Meanwhile my reputation is ruined and I have people in all sorts of positions who think I need to be watched.

While in the course of this, they had people who were breaking into my apartment, doing small damage to my stuff, tapping my phone, and my home, electronically harassing me, doing all sorts of other things, just to keep me quit. This is a true and accurate statement, but even I don't want to believe it, because the implications are just so awful. How could they do this?

So it seems what is need now is to find a Lawyer who will help me compose a letter, and send it to whoever is taking care of the official, unofficial program for my area, or however this is getting run. Now the company because this failed, will really go for their dirty bag of tricks. This is really wrong. So now I have to brush up on companies and their truly dirty bag of tricks to see what they come up with next, meanwhile they still have access to what I say do and talk to, so they can try to know what I will do before I do it.

What this company did has done, is in the process of doing is just so wrong, and yet how is justice ever going to get done, when they can pull os such shenanigans?


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