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Monday, November 20, 2006

Snitches and community programs.

In trying to understand gang stalking. I have been doing a lot of research on the snitch programs being used around cities. I started doing this after I realised that some of the people taking part in this were on the wrong side of the law, but they were helping out and signalling like the others.

I know in the States the snitch programs have become so bad, there have been several articles written about them. It's so bad that criminals have more power than prosecutors and their have been a few people who have tried to shed light on this, but not enough people.
From what I can see, I believe that people who are getting caught up in small to major misdemeanors are being asked to take part in these programs, many without the benefit of seeing a lawyer first or someone who could give them legitimate advise. These programs are a lifetime sentance that you do outside, and there is no freedom, you are trapped once you become a snitch.

I also believe that gang stalking is being used to set people up to get them into these programs. Eg. If there is someone that you want to hurt, and you can't get to them, you go after someone close to them. If you can't find something illegal to use, or some way to black mail them, then you try to get them into an illegal situation with the law and then you have them.
I also think that some of the people getting used for the snitch programs are being abused. Abused in the sense that they really didn't know what they were getting into and many do not know how to get out. Many want to get out, and feel scared, and trapped, others have tried and meet with very bad results, which served as a future example to others who want to walk away.
Recently I saw a young white male, who I very much believe was a part of the snitch side of this program. He seemed to be on a first run and he seemed to be scared out of his mind.
His handler or whoever was tricking him out for the program, was all like I am just going to be right over here. He walked off a distance to watch. The young male looked like he wanted to fall into the floor.

It really put me in the mind of a young female prostitute being tricked out by her pimp for the first time. He watches nearby as she picks up her first John, making sure she does not try to run, and that she does not screw up the action afoot. Except this is not a prostitute in the physical sense, but the results seem very similar, in the sense that some part of this person will be lost over time.

I remember watching a documentary once about young prostitutes in Vancouver, and what I recall most, is one saying how it wears you down, like your soul is striped little by little, till you are like not a person anymore. Anyway what I was seeing put me most in the mind of this.

What does it really say about a city when it's the city pimping you out? I mean if you are working for criminals it's one thing, if you decide to stop the drug selling, you can go to the police, flee to another city etc. When you are turned snitch, and you go back into a community to continue to sell drugs, or do other crimes on behalf of the police, so that you can basically entrap others, who can then do the same thing. Who can you turn to when you want to quit?

What does that say about the morals of the society? I mean when you are out selling drugs for the bad guys it's one thing, but when you are out selling drugs for the cops, under the guise of helping out the police and keeping an eye on things what does that say about our society?
Some of these snitches are being given a free range to go back into society and further corrupt it, with the assurance that they have the police protecting them. This does nothing for society and often times these people end up doing other crimes.

I really feel that these programs should be voluntary period. If someone is caught for a crime, then that should be handled as such, I don't think that we should be putting people who commit crimes into these programs. I think in one regard it turns out more criminals, and in another regard it entraps young people into these programs and they have no place to turn when they want to get out, because it's the police that are handling these programs. If they are then asked to do anything extra that is illegal or wrong, they just go along with it further because they have full immunity from the police, and who are they really going to turn to?

I think there are those who are fully aware of this, and are working these programs for their own benefits. I really think when someone becomes a part of these programs it should never be tied in with lowered sentences, get out of jail free deals and anything else that could even be used to corrupt the people in these programs, or the society at large.

If you want to read more, visit these sites or read these articles, they were a real eye opener.




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