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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Change can happen

So I spent the last two day contacting my local politicians, heck I contacted anyone who had an email asking them what they will do about the issue of gang stalking if elected? I received some really good human feedback and for that I am glad. Many had no idea the topic existed, others were willing to read up on the issue, and yet others were willing to offer ways to counter the issue. It was really good to get the feedback.

Today I finally had to write that note to my landlady, you know the one about electromagnetic frequency weapons, that we all look forward to writing, just never quite get around to. Well today was the day. After being fried for the last week, almost consistently round the clock, I just really said enough is enough. I mean they have been doing this since July, but the last week they were going for Olympian status, is there a gold metal for electro-magnetic harassment? I mean I should be able to walk on the floors in my room without them vibrating right? It's hard to explain, because the vibration can be felt when you put your hand to the floor, you can feel it when you are lying down, sitting down or walking on the floor. I sat on my kitchen counter and you could still feel the vibrations, but noting in the kitchen was shaking, so it's not like an earth quake vibration. When I turned on the heater in another room, the area around it was just jumping.

It's really weird. Anyways I explained to her that this was going on for the last week consistently and that it was making me ill and that I was holding the building responsible if anything happened. I explained that it was either something electrical or some type of EMF Electromagnetic frequency being used and both were dangerous. She was all like that couldn't be the case. Without checking or anything how could you know? Anyways she said she would look into it. 30 minutes later I can say for the moment the floor jumping has stopped. Fascinating.

Ok so I have been speaking to local politicians. There is an election coming up and you know they are always receptive at election time. I say this because my local MP who I voted for and who was most receptive around election time to my letters, has failed to email back after 2 attempts. One last month and this month.

So I just got off the phone with the local politician for my area who is looking to be re-elected for council. Poor thing had the worst cough, I think it must be the stress of the election.
Any-who. He has said that he will be happy to review the cause of gang stalking and at least publicly (pretend to) support the cause. It's times like this that I really do realise how far spread this thing is and that even if we make public advancements like the civil rights movement did, we will still have a really long way to go privately.

What people say and do publically is so different than what they do behind closed doors, and what they are willing to go along with. You never know who is on which side, except for the times they make it so abundently clear, and for those times I am really glad, because then at least you know.

I really don't know how this issue is going to ever get stopped or changed. I mean too many people are willing to go along with it for this to get stopped over night, there will have to be some deep motivating factor for this to ever change. It will have to be done on a grass roots level. All the laws in the land won't fix this, only an awakened human conscience that says this is wrong, will fix this. That's the only thing that will.

Things do change and that is what I am focusing on, and moving towards, change for the better. Again just like with the travesties of the past, I believe that these people will only get away what you let them get away with, so let's not let them get away with this stuff anymore.

Oh and when I called he politician back to give him the gang stalking websites, you will be delighted to know that his cough had cleared up.

Speaking of change, some really exciting and interesting stuff is happening in the world. The American electorate just voted in some Democrats. I don't know if that will really make a difference, but it is change, and change is interesting. Britney dumped Kevin, finally. I am not a Britney fan, but even I think he was bad for her. And Dougie Howser MD, came out of the doctors closet, and it seems he likes Bob's not Beth's.

It's been an exciting and interesting week for change in the world, it just shows that change can happen and sometimes when you least expect it.

So I am off to try and bring more awareness, figure out where to go from here and see what can be done to affect change for the better in my life and in the lives of others. Peace.


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