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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Counting our blessings.

Saying Thanks.

This post is just to say thanks to all those who have stopped by this year to read my blog, make a comment, or just let me know that you disagreed with what was posted. Thank you for taking the time to let me know that what I am writing, saying and thinking is being heard.

This year was an interesting year for me. It was the year that I finally understood the extent to which I am being stalking, harassed, manipulated and lied to by those around me. This was the year that I finally learnt the term gang stalking, and for this I am so grateful.

It was so hard trying to understand the things that were happening in my life, and why those around me where helping with what was going on.

It also helped me to understand and prepare for the term electronic harassment. Getting harassed by something that you can not see, hear, touch, or taste, is pretty bizarre. The only think you can do with electronic harassment is feel it, and it's painful and it makes your skin feel like it's burning or on fire, but think how much worst it would be to be electronically harassed and not have a clue about what was happening or why?

This was also the year that I learnt about Cointelpro, McCarthyism and Gaslighting. These are all terms that helped me to understand what is going on around me, and help me to put into perspective how something like this could happen, and that others have gone through things like this before and they have survived. So for these new terms in my life I am also grateful.

This was also the year that I opened not one, but two New forums to help deal with the harassment that I was going through. These forums not only allowed me to help myself, but they might have allowed me to assist others who were going through things of a similar nature. For this I am also grateful.

I am also greatful that I started blogging this year. I have found others that are going through similar situations and I have found people that are willing, receptive, and giving with their advise and experiences. For that I am also thankful, because it let's me know that I am not so alone in the blogosphere.

I am also grateful for the forums who were willing to let me talk about gang stalking to my hearts content. I am grateful for the people who were open minded enough to treat it like a normal everyday occurrence and to offer me advise, feedback, and just support when I needed it. You have my deep gratitude.

I am also happy that some of the support forums, away from the disinformation, also offered some useful information and advise that I could use to further help me in my fight to get gang stalking out of my life.

I am grateful for all that I have learnt this year. I have gained so much knowledge this year it's incredible. I have gained so much on a variety of issues. I have also been reacquainted with many issues that I forgot about and for that I am also grateful.

I have learned to really enjoy life once again. I think before I was unhappy because I had lies and harassment all around me. The problem was I didn't realise how deep everything went, now I still have harassment all around me, but I also have truth, and I am not bored like I use to be. I am fighting for something, I am trying to make a difference. This experience is helping me to become who I am meant to be, and I guess if this is what I had to go through to help get me there, then I am grateful for that too.

I am getting my activist groove on. I care about causes again, my natural inclination to strike out and rail against injustice has been rekindled again, and that is also really great, I feel really wonderful about this, and for this I am also glad.

I think the stalking and harassment has helped my spiritual side to a degree. I think it's highlighted that it's not as deep or rich as it could be and it's given me something that I can work towards, something that is feasible and possible.

I am also really not bored. I know that sounds silly, but before this, I was leading a fairly normal average and what I thought was a somewhat boring life, and now I find out it's just the opposite. Even if I read this in a book, I probably couldn't believe what I have gone through over the last 6 months, or seven years, but I have and it makes my life a lot less boring, and it also gives greater meaning to things, than they had before.

I also realise how precious trust and truth are, I also still believe it's possible to find them. I just realise that it is going to be harder than I thought, but it's made me more aware of this, it's made me more cautious, something that I should have been aware of anyways, but it's really opened my eyes up to this, and for that I am also grateful.

I feel hopeful. Like I might actually be able to get this out of my life and start living again, but more importantly I realise that wither this is in my life or not, I am living anyways. I am alive and surviving and just really more in tune with my life around me. I can't exactly say the world around me, because this experience has left me very isolated, but I think that is what I need right now to do my healing.

It's made me really be grateful for so many things, and hopefully there will be many others to be grateful for. So I look forward to the New Year and the new challenges that it will bring. This has helped me to because the sort of person I always knew I could be. I have had to be strong, and resilient, just to even believe that something like this could happen in the real world, but it's also helped me to become a more accepting person of the fact that the world that I live in, is just not what I thought it was.

The harassment has given me a wider scope of things, and it's given me a place I can go to, a challenge that has to be meet and conquered, so it's given me a different sort of meaning that I didn't expect, but am willing to roll with, and make the best out of.

So as the year ends, there is a lot that I find that I am grateful for, or choosing to be grateful for, and there is a lot more that I am hopeful for.

I really do think that the glass can be half full or half empty, for the moment I am choosing to look at the glass being half full.


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