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Sunday, December 24, 2006

The seven year itch.

I wasn't sure if I should post about this, or what I should post. I don't know if my stalkers will try to manipulate this post to use against me, but if it can help anyone else who is being harassed for no good reason I figure it's worth it. This is my post about the police file, that I didn't know existed, but should have, because there is a lot of corruption ongoing and I think this is one more example.

I was walking on the street, several years back, the police stopped me on the street, to ask some questions. Being still in favor of the police and thinking they were the good people, I decided to answer. They after asking these questions, told me that I fit the description of someone that was passing fake bills in the area.

I advised that it was not me. However that did not do anything, to stop them from requiring me to come back to the store with them to get this all cleared up. Now they did not cuff me, or read me anything, but they did put me in the car and take me to the store.
So in the course of waiting for the male officer to come back, the female police officer tells me, well the reason we arrested you was...

This was the first time I was hearing this word, arrested and I immediately got upset. I in no uncertain terms advised her that she had not arrested me, because the word had never been said, and nothing had been read. You can be sure that a lawyer would have been called, had the word even been mentioned to me, or anything else.

Anyways, I continue to get really upset. Her male partner comes back and tells me, oops we made a mistake, turns out the person they were looking for was 20 years older than me. I still looked under 18 at the time. The person also had braided or dreaded hair down to their back or lower, I had my pulled fully up, and it was sort of short. Remember they had apparently stopped me cause I fit the description, however it was a description they did not have till they got back to the store.

I was traumatised by the whole thing, and just angry with them for what they had done. They moved to walk away, without offering any apologies whatsoever, and that was suppose to be it. Well I gave them a verbal tirade till they did apologize. Got their names and badge numbers and station etc.

Also since they had never read me anything, I wanted to know how I could have been under arrest, when the word was never mentioned? So they did their spiel, said that nothing would happen to my information, left to go back to the dark, cold dimension that they had come from.
I stood their upset, freezing and traumatised, till my friend came and got me.
So to make a long story short, my harassment at work and things like that started the same year of this incident. Fascinating coincidence.

The interesting part is that when I tried to verify my police report that I had filed about organised stalking, there was no report, but one officer I talked to advised there is a report of an incident that shows I was arrested for fraud under. I was like what?

Apparently when these officers of the law, had done there harassment, and profiling of me, they weren't fully satisfied with what they had done, so they decided to violate my rights further. Somehow on the computer the first thing someone sees under my name is that I was arrested for fraud under, or counterfeit as his supervisor told me, when I asked to speak to one.
Apparently if you go by their new system this is what they see, when my name is pulled, with date of birth. Apparently if they go to a different, older system the full details are there and they match that I was the wrong person.

The supervisor tried to play it off like it was no big deal, but the first officer was dumbfounded, by what he was seeing, and he was like are you serious, and then he was like, you need to get this corrected. That's why he let me speak to his supervisor. Now the supervisor, even though he tried to play it off like it was no big deal, just a little misunderstanding, he even said that I better go get a copy of the record, and then write a letter to the chief of police to get this off my file. Yeah think?

So for the last several years of my life, I literally thought that I had this clean slate, apparently the corrupt cops, which pulled me off the street for nothing, because they didn't even have a description of the person they were looking for, except maybe gender, jacket color, and race, decided to traumatize me for nothing, but it would seem also did a bit of a frame job on me.
There is no way I would ever have found this out, except for this craziness that is happening now, and has been happening in some form for the last several years.

There is also something else that the officer alluded to that makes me think that there is more to this. Again I am just shocked that this is even on a file with my name.

So this could well explain their reluctance to help me, and this could also explain in part, why I might be getting targeted. Again this could just be a big coincidence that the harassment started around the time of this, but it's such a coincidence.

So now they expect me to jump through hopes to get my name cleared for what I can see, looks an odd bit like some kind of police cover up, or frame job, for their inept, and illegal actions.
It's only because I was looking so deeply to get this harassment stopped that I came across this. This leads me to wonder what else is out there. Also anyone that I worked for, or signed a lease agreement with, probably has some kind of access to this. I mean if I could call and give my name and dob, and get this info, who else has over the years?

It's all pretty freaky and upsetting, but I guess it would be more upsetting if I had not already been the target of intense gang stalking for several months, and realised that I am being followed and under some kind of surveillance.

So now I really have to find out what's behind this, if this incident contributed to it, or is the reason this was set in place, to cover their actions of that day, and the fact that they did something illegal and wrong?

It's all so much to look into, but at least it gives me one possible explanation as to who or what might have set this into place. Again could just be a big coincidence, but where I had written them off as a possibility, they are now huge on the suspect list.

So you see it's turned out to be a happier holiday season that I could have expected. I really believe that praying and meditating and looking for the truth is in part why this info was revealed to me, by this officer and for that I am glad and grateful.


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