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Friday, October 10, 2008

Gang Stalking

The term Gang Stalking. A few years ago when I came online I learnt about Harassment, Mobbing, and then Gang Stalking.

Two years ago when I first learnt about this stuff there was one website that was doing a lot to help and had some useful information.

The other terms for Gang Stalking at the time were also not very popular in the search engines. Vengeance Stalking, Organised Stalking, Cause Stalking, etc. There were all names that were not fitting and at the time google and other engines were giving the term Gang Stalking the most publicity. I also like the professional looking nature of one of the more useful sites online.

One of the things I did before starting my own Gang Stalking site was to network with other sites in the community. Not in the Gang Stalking community, but in the outer world, the place where we have to bring the gap.

Because of my work on getting things like Harassment and Bullying exposed, I had made friends with several other sites and asked if they would be kind enough to link to that specific Gang Stalking site. The friends from many of the other stalking sites did not identify with Gang Stalking at the time, which is understandable. Remember in the harsh client of a couple of years ago, just to mention of any term associated with Gang Stalking would get threads shut down, or attacks of you are crazy, etc. This has changed with hard work.

The members of the mobbing sites which I contacted, I think there were about 3 really good mobbing sites at the time that I was in touch with. Two of those sites readily identified with Gang Stalking and were kind enough to add the link to the gang stalking site, which I was still referencing to a couple of years ago.

Shortly after this I realised that things were going very slowly and that many of the sites seemed to be be doing the opposite of being helpful. At that time I was still on the forums, and you can really learn a lot of those, but there is a price at times to be paid.

One discussion that came up was should the name of the cause be changed or should a gradual shift be made to use something else. Since Gang Stalking might be confusing for some people. At the time I was still open to the idea and working with others to see if we could advance this as quickly as possible.

Any articles that came out about the subject matter at the time had gone under the term Gang Stalking. That includes the Lynn stuter article, Sharon Weinberger and a few others. Some were good articles others were not, but that was the spoken or unspoken agreed to term.

At the discussion which I was a part of I suggested if a name change should occur, community mobbing should be considered, because people were at the time finally starting to understand the concept of mobbing, how it worked, how it affected the targets, and many in that community had also committed suicide, or workplace shootings. As you will see in later research there is a reason for this strong correlation.

Anyways I asked the person who was running a popular forum at the time this question. How does a name change occur? I mean who get's to decide if a movements name should get changed? Especially when we are a pretty disjointed movement. Just like tomorrow if we were calling each other Targeted Individuals and someone decided to change this, who get's to decide?

At the time there were several Gang Stalking sites, some hard to find, others impossible to find.

The person who is in my opinion looked upon as a community leader, said no one really decides this, we just discuss this and then start using the term and then take it from there. Really who get's to decide since many of those sites are not part of the forum? Ah I guess only the members of that discussion and everyone else get's left out.

I at this time decided that I really didn't think this was a helpful course and decided to leave the term Gang Stalking as is. Those a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet, if Roses are known as Roses today and we start calling them stink weed tomorrow, it will be an adjustment for the public. Eg. Let's try changing the name of Electronic harassment to shock wave syndrome, you basically almost have to begin from scratch and it wastes precious time in getting people readjusted to new terms and it does not move things forward, especially for activism online or offline.

The community really just needed education about what was happening. If proper content was used, in my two years online, people do understand the terms, and again with Gang Stalking citizen informants on forums fell into two, many three categories. The ones who automatically tried to discredit the thread as paranoid or crazy, and the ones who even after reading a thread still when, well I hate Gang's anyways. Most of the general public that I tried to introduce information to, are quit capable of reviewing the information and understanding it. It's the same as Cointelpro or any other name.

I really do not think the people who invented the term expected Gang Stalking to catch on so quickly, or for the truth of the fact that this was being done by the government to get out. Remember these same persons that I spoke of in this article, till not too long ago, still had people chasing vigilante gangs, and I think many of us still would have been chasing those phantoms if we had not branched out on our own and started our own research.

So where does that leave everything? Where it's always been. You have a movement that often have Citizen Informants or agents from what I have been told controlling some most aspects of the community. They have the share numeric capacity to control each other, and to control what get's said, what get's disseminated. Which terms become changes or moved around.

If they choose to go in a direction that is not helpful, you have to then stay on course. Remember for every step forward, they try to make sure it's two steps back.

Most people that are new, will not understand or grasp this concept at first, or really will never grap it.
So the preferred term for me and for what is happening to me, and still for many others is Gang Stalking, if I ever leave off using this term. My second preferred term would clearly be community mobbing. Which two years ago was very helpful in getting others to understand what was happening to us, because they understood the term mobbing.

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Blogger Rachael O. said...

Hi..this is Rachel from Ongangstalking. I was so tired from traveling I thought u were a man TI. I have been writing someone who contacted you a few times who told me u were a woman and seemed genuine. All I know is that u r everywhere and seem to put alot of effort into spreading info. You are one of the most visible activists and you remain sensible throughout.
I cannot deal w/ the activism route. I am not good at networking and am better at going it alone and analyzing things sort of from the sidelines. I stayed w/ a woman claiming to be a TI and was abused and gaslighted..sadly she is still out there and becuz no one has been alone w/ her like I everyone still thinks she is the TI she claims to be.(I was warned by her group covertly by emails however so people must know she's bs). The only proof I have is that she made claims that I can discount with documentation. This is why I feel there is little hope in trying to do activism for something so nasty and covert in nature. In a way I feel info should be hidden, so genuine TIs can dig and find the truth and the disinfo people cannot take valuable info and mess with it.There is much old school spying deception going on. I guess I view it way more as covert operations and dont quite know how to handle the idea that something so covert could ever be exposed...yet w/out the efforts of people like YOU, I would not be alive now. I think it takes all kinds of efforts from TI's who have different talents and ways of operating.
As far as defining terms words have a habit of morphing themselves organically. Words become naturally. Why gang stalking is popular has to do with the ease of which is rolls off the tongue of people who are under stress and in a hurry. organized stalking is much more sensible so why doesn't it catch on like gangstalking though it runs a close 2nd in popularity? Becuz it makes the perps sound to good. Like they are organized and organized intimates something good. organized=order the opposite of chaos in man made world.Gang and stalking are negative terms. And 'organized stalking' doesn't inflame the imagination either. We know that these bastards have a gang like mentality anyway and that is why the word works. Also 'gang' defines a group being involved yet 'organized' still begs the question "who is doing it?" at least with the other term the answer is they're "a gang of people". But often non TI's think it's strictly street/crime gangs.
Your task is not an easy one. You are trying to define something for a diverse and terrorized group of people as well as get the idea out to a willfully ignorant public.
I dont even try to get the word past other TI's unless someone asks me. Thats for me, we do need people to work outside the TI community to get to the public. Remember that its always sales and recall how you thought about reality be 4 u were hip to gangstalking, that u were not crazy or wrong becuz now it has a name. It has to be introduced rather gently: our minds have gotten used to this reality slowly. Some peoples minds would shatter if they jumped down the rabbit whole quickly. We as TI's have gone thru years of adaptaion and learning to get to where we are-damaged as we may be from it. Also u r asking alot of half way decent people to accept that the neighbor or co worker they have known for years has a secret life. You have to get around them having to feel they betray their own lives. Also, if people are this afraid of the system and feel deep down that its for the good of the country or the majority you are asking them to turn against some pretty dear stuff.
U r working against great obstacles JUST IN A NAME/TERM.
Mobbing is great and oh-so-polite as one would be at work but people can only conceive of mobbing in a controlled space comfortably. If u asked Joe Public to accept that people were being 'mobbed' out in open/public spaces or the opposite, their very personal/private spaces, it may be rejected by him becuz it makes him feel insecure about his enviro outside-a seemingly uncontrolled environment. And again no one can see a mob around a TI.

Community mobbing is too polite. These networks are criminals and include firemen, cops etc. The cops should not be doing what an unruly mob or community is doing. How are you going to get around that fact in the use of this term? I guess 'gang stalking' intimates that anybody could be in the gang. Its a rough term for a rough activity against a human being. So 'community mobbing' may be as confusing as 'gang stalking'.
I notice that when things become legal issues then the folk language is replaced w/ no nonsense legalese that really cleans up and defines issues. Then it smacks of 'Official'. That is why in a way the terms we use are actually of use to naysayers and deniers;if targets could find someway to make it sound very legal and definitive in the minds of those in the sciences of law and criminal justice it would have weight and crush peoples denial.
I am not at all versed in this kind of use of language. Its got to be something that while civil not polite. Definitive but not slang. Imagine you get the perps into a courtroom and they were finally on trial for thier crimes: This is the kind of atmosphere that the term should hail from.
The system needs to be held not be afraid to use it's language and words. They love the fact we are this kept down population that has to live like gypsies and create our own language even.
Give em hell girl and good luck. Keep up all the good work.
Thanx, R-

Tuesday, October 21, 2008  
Blogger Rachael O. said...

sorry "rabbit HOLE" is what I meant.
This is a term used to describe say...Russia in years past where alot of the daily existing was like our as Targets. 'down the rabbit hole' describes a world full of nonsense and essentially psychological warfare.
And I meant sensitive info should be left for genuine TI's and not made on a silver platter for disinfo creating perps looking for new material. Too complicated and more the info war view than the grassroots activist view. R-

Tuesday, October 21, 2008  

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