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Friday, October 03, 2008

Questions, Questions, Questions?

[quote]Lt. Michael W. Pigott, 46, a 21-year veteran of the NYPD committed suicide on Thursday Oct. 2, 2008 (his birthday). He leaves behind his wife, Susan, two sons and a daughter. He was the police officer who gave the order to taser Iman Morales, 35, who subsequently fell 10ft off the ledge of his apartment building and died.[/quote]

It's weird the officer who ordered the tasering hit of the naked unarmed man, was so distraught that he went and borrowed someone else's gun from a locker and then took his own life?
I had questions about Morales to begin with. Now when I hear that someone is deemed mentally unstable and they seem afraid of the police, I try to find out if there was any hint or trace that Gang Stalking was involved.

[quote]Mr. Morales was described by neighbors as a quiet, polite tenant who formerly worked for a [b]financial company,[/b] but in recent years had received public assistance and taken medication for a mental illness. They said he paid his rent on time, kept his one-bedroom apartment clean and never caused trouble.

In the days before his death, however, neighbors said Mr. Morales became increasingly distraught. He was heard shouting and agitated, having stopped taking his medication. His mother called the police, and emergency services was summoned. He climbed out his third-floor apartment window when officers went to his door, and, failing to get into a window on the fourth floor, climbed onto the storefront ledge.

With Morales, I admit that I have not had a chance to look into it further. I saw one blog posting of a friend of his, who said he talked to him a couple of days ago and that Morales was planning on moving, but that does not tell me what I need to know.

I had found it strange that they ordered the tasering of this unarmed man. I mean if you have seen the video he was not an immediate danger to them on the ledge. Logic had to dictate to someone that if you taser him, he is going to fall and get hurt or worst, but none of the 5 or so officer present seemed to have had the presence of mind to realise this, and we all know the story he fell to his death? Do we really all know the story? Don't know.

I found it strange that the officer had given the command when the guy was just a few feet off the ground, wielding a fluorescent light which is pretty harmless most times. It didn't make sense, and I had personally wondered if it was just a lack of foresight on the part of the officer or something more deliberate.

With other things on my mind I had left the story and forgotten to blog about it, till this happened.

According to the reports, he had his badge and gun taken away and had been assigned a desk job, not fun for an officer of 21 years.

He was also maybe going to be charged for the death, but from what we have seen in former cases, would this have been a real issue? Don't know, most police seem to not get charged in cases such as this, and with his 21 year standing, it's hard to think that he would have been dismissed, but anything is possible.

He did apologize to the family, but then the next day, on his birthday none the less, he is apparently so distraught, and emotionally disturbed, that he goes to head quarters, get's someone else's gun and takes his own life?

[quote]The lieutenant, who had been stripped of his gun and badge and placed on desk duty in another unit after the Taser incident, killed himself with a single shot to the head from a 9-millimeter Glock handgun taken from another officer’s locker at Floyd Bennett Field, a former airfield in Brooklyn where several police divisions are located, officials said.

The lieutenant’s body and a suicide note, alongside pictures of his children, were found about 6 a.m. The text of the note was not disclosed, but a law enforcement official said the lieutenant may have believed that he might face charges in an inquiry and did not want to bring disgrace upon his family.

Lieutenant Pigott’s death came on his 46th birthday and only hours before the funeral of Iman Morales, 35, who died in the confrontation with officers in Brooklyn. [/quote]
It's weird because he has a wife and two kids, that he leaves behind, and there are so many other ways he could have taken his own life.

I was lying there, and going over the story and I just had so many questions, a lot of it did not make sense, but since I am the only one asking the questions, is there any point? Am I really ever going to be able to get the answers, especially if no one else is asking any questions? Does it really matter?

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Blogger Wotanssen said...

I'd say it's equally likely that this could've involved gang stalking or avoiding humiliation. We're in the police state now, so it's impossible to know.

Friday, October 03, 2008  

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