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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Rachel Hoffman Deadly dealings.

This is a seven part series on Rachel Hoffman. The series covers how she became a confidential informant and how she died.

These types of activities are happening in America and other democratic countries. Most times you never hear about this, even when things go wrong you usually don't hear about this, but in this case, Rachel's family and friends have done a good job of publicizing what happened to her, and bringing awareness to the plight of confidential informants, and the state of these deals.

I have to be honest some parts of this story are troubling to me. The informants that Rachel was to sell or buy drugs from, sound like they might have had prior convictions, which means they would have already been a part of the informant program in most likelihood. A quick check might have revealed this. Yet the cops choose these men to be the pigeons for the sting?

What I do know, from the stories that I have read, Rachel was very open unfortunately too open about her role as an informant. I have heard other stories of how informants who break the code of silence are dealt with. I just think that there are some parts of the stories that are odd, and because we were not there we might never know.

The men she bought the drugs from, had no drugs, and they shot her and killed her for the money? Yet why not just beat her up and disappear? She didn't really know them, they could have gotten away with it, so why was she really killed?

There are a lot of questions that I have, sometimes the store is just what it seems and sometimes there is more to the story. Anyways, here are the links to her 7 part series.

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Blogger MJ said...

It's a tragic story all around. You may be right about Rachel being too open about her dealings with TPD. But, the question still arises about legal representation and putting a non-violent offender in a deal with a gun from a guy who had just gotten out of jail on an assault charge.
(I'm Rachel's stepDad.)

Friday, April 17, 2009  
Blogger gangstalking said...

Hi MJ,

Again I am sorry about Rachel, she seems like she was a really good kid, and you can see her spirit in her pictures.

The problem with this is that the police constantly do this. She is fresh to the fight, most of the violent offenders would not know her, or better yet suspect her, the police had just what they were looking for.

The problem is they do this all the time, and had previously done this, that's why it wasn't a problem for them.

They don't regard these people, these kids as people once they become confidential informants. They don't care about their lives the way they should be expected to, just about getting the next sting, getting the next person to become an informant. It's the way the system is and has been for a long time.

I like that there is this effort to get Rachel's law passed, but unless the provisions are all implemented then this will happen again. My recommendation is A) An awareness video one that could be posted to all the social networking sites. Something to let people (kids) know what can happen to informants, how Rachel died, and what their rights might be if they get arrested. The police won't let them have this information. They get them when they are scared, they don't give them time to think, and all these kids what is out, when the reality is, becoming an informant means you are in for life. They need to know this before hand.

My other recommendation is a phone number that kids and others can call to get the facts, a 1-800 number. I even have ideas of how the line could almost pay for itself. People could call the number and it would mostly be voluenteer, parents and others, who have lost people to this drug war, or who have people in jail. They could all get involved with helping the public, and giving support to kids caught up in bad situations.

I think if you do an awareness video it should be something that maybe an officer could show to an informant before they agree to become an informant. Since they won't give them the right to a lawyer, then maybe they should all be forced to carry the 5 minute video on their cellphone, and be forced to show it to these kids, so they have an idea of what they could be getting into.

I wish you, her parents, and friends all the best. I do hope the law passes with the stronger provisions, but I still think that will not go far enough, and I think if we can make these kids aware ahead of time, give them options, then we might be able to save some.

Friday, April 17, 2009  
Blogger MJ said...

Rachel's Law is a reality in Florida since May 7 (implimemnted July1) We will be back this year to try and add some more strength to it via amendments.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009  

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