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Monday, March 02, 2009

Rachel Hoffman. Disturbing thoughts

Some disturbing thoughts. After watching the seven part series here are my thoughts. The men did not intend to sell drugs to Rachel. They had no drugs with them. This means that they either intended to rob her, or more likely kill her. There was no intention to sell her the pills and cocaine that the police had tried to set up.

This also means that in order to rob or kill Rachel they more than likely intended to get her away from the park which might have had witnesses, to the deserted located where she ended up.

Why did her communicator stop working? She was only a mile or so out of range so why did it stop working and why did the police not triangulate her location using her cellphone? When others go missing this is what they do.

Second thoughts. The men had prior convictions for drugs and other things, they were walking free on the streets, which means they were most likely already a part of the informant system and had an idea of how it worked. It also means that they were highly vulnerable for manipulation or for forcing them to perform specific actions.

Lastly Rachel was very open about her confidential informant status and several people knew about the drug bust she was going to help set up. It's a small world, and you never know who knows who, but also in other cases where informants have spoken out about being informants there are cases where they are set up to be eliminated. These are all disturbing thoughts.

I know we like to think that someone this bright and talented would be treated differently, but from what I have seen, when people become confidential informants they treat them all very badly, and treat them as pawns to be played with as they see fit. They also don't have a tendency to value their lives the same way.

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