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Friday, April 24, 2009

Bridging The Gap 2

Bridging the Gap.

This book is now available at

You can now purchase this the Hardcopy of this book at This book is a great way to help you and others understand what Gang Stalking is, and why it could be happening in society.

The book will answer a lot of the questions that get thrown out at targets. Why would the government do this? You are just not that interesting? Who would spend that much money to track and stalk you? How could so many people be taking part? You are just paranoid? Has this ever happened before?

It really should help to bridge some of the gaps between the regular population and the targeted individuals community.

Below are the chapters. Again the book is now available at and you can find it by using this link.

Table Of Content

Table Of Content


Introduction I

Table of contents

Table of contents III

1. Bridging the gap

Bridging the gap 1

2. What is Gang Stalking

What is Gang Stalking? 2.1
Community Policing 2.4
Goals of Gang Stalking 2.5
Who gets targeted 2.7
Who takes part 2.9
Why people become informants 2.10
Common Techniques used 2.10
Funding for Gang Stalking 2.12
How do participants communicate 2.13

3. Covert Techniques

Covert Techniques 3.1

4. Obedience to authority

Milgram Experiment 4.1
The Stanford Prison Experiment 4.3
Strip Search Call Prank 4.4

5. Informant System

The Snitching System 5.1
Alexandra Natapoff 5.3

6. Conspiracies and history

The Secret Persuaders 6.1
Operation Gladio 6.2
Red Squads 6.4
McCarthyism 6.7
Cointelpro 6.9
Stasi 6.11
The Buzzsaw 6.14
Fusion Centers 6.17

7. Are Canadians being Watched

Secret Databases 7.1
Spying101 7.2

8. The Set Up's

Conspiracy 8.1
Paying the price 8.2

9. Chain Reaction

The Game 9.1
Understanding the game 9.3
Stopping the chain reaction 9.7

10. Infiltrations

Online Infiltrations 10.1
Offline Infiltrations 10.2

11. The final pieces

The Final Pieces 11.1
Checks and balances 11.2
Unwelcome truths 11.3

12. Coping

Coping 12.1

13. Closing Thoughts

Closing 13.1

14. Resources

Movies 14.1
Videos 14.1
Books 14.1
Articles 14.2
Cointelpro 14.4
Websites 14.5

15. References

References 15.1

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