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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Total Recall

There are so many movies out there with the theme of revelation. Where the main character starts off leading a fairly regular, boring, even mundane life, and then the character discovers that things are not quite what they appear to be, or things around them are not what they thought.

Eg. In the movie the Matrix, Mr Anderson discovers that he is not truly an accountant, but that he is infact, not even existing in the Matrix reality, he is someone else existing fully in another reality and the Matrix is just a f aux existence.

The main character till then had lived his life with the false belief of who he was, and who the world around him was. Now I often tie the whole Gang Stalking thing into this movie, because this or the Truman Show are two good examples of this. (No I do not in any way shape or form, believe that targets have the Truman Show Syndrome, I just think that referencing that movie is ok, in some ways for this example that I am trying to make.)

Truman show the main character again has lived his whole life in one reality, but starts to be suspicious of things around him, he then uncovers the truth that his reality is a lie, and the world around him is something quite different.

In the movie the Bourne Identity, Jason Bourne wakes up, not knowing who he is, what is going on, and he discovers that his identity is one of many. He goes searching for the truth of who he is, only to discover many strange twist along the way.

In the movie the terminator Sarah Conner discovers that she is not just a waitress, no she is in fact a target, she is targeted because she is to perform a specific duty in the future and that the terminator has been sent back in time to destroy her and stop the future from happening. She goes overnight, not even overnight, in a split second from a boring life, to one that is quite out of the ordinary. Struggling for survival, in a nightmare that will not quite end, no matter how hard her and the character Kyle try to terminate the terminator.

In the movie Long Kiss goodnight, Charlie discovers that she is not who she thought. Even those she has some idea that the life she is living is not who she was in the past, and that she has a case of amnesia, she does not realize that her past is something quite spectacular. She has an accident and eventually has total recall over who she was, and what she use to do. Quite a good movie for those who have never seen it. We watch as she has flashback, after flashback piecing together the pieces of her life, and incorporating those back into the boring reality that she had come to know and believe.

Then there is the movie total recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Remember when he use to do movies vs politics? Anyways another good movie. He starts off having this boring life, with this wife, etc, etc. Only to discover that who he thought he was is not the truth, and he finds himself in a fight for his life, the wife trying to kill him, and he has to connect with his former self to survive. Only there is also a twist, who he thinks he is, is also not the truth, the truth is something different, and he finds out sometimes you can't even truth yourself. I won't spoil it for those who have not seen it, but also a good movie. Lots of language and scenes of violence advance warning for anyone who has not seen an Arnold action movie.

All of the movies above are pretty much good movies and worth watching, but the point that I am trying to make is that sometimes life starts off boring, and you think that you know the truth about everything around you. With an event such as Gang Stalking, you soon discover that the world is nothing like you thought it was. Those around you are controlled. Things around you are controlled, the society is controlled. A co-ordinated symphony and orchestra, that you had no idea existed. Think how many times people meet, marry, mate not on their own accord, but because the system, created the opportunities? Creepy controlled system put someone in their path. This is one of the first things targets have to tune into, and something many of them have complained about. As a target here, that was something that I caught onto right away, putting certain friends in my path, people in my way. All of which were avoided.

Now that is well and good, you can control the factors around you, but what if you had factors you could not control? Well if those factors caused any hurt or embarrassment to those around you, or those that you cared about, you could ofcourse apologize, and an apology would be owed. The only thing that you could do is be aware of those factors, and then try to find ways to lessen any future issues that they might cause.

I think it would be the worst thing to think that you could trust yourself, and those around you, only to find that your actions, or the actions of someone you trusted had hurt another. I would feel horrible, even remorseful in both cases. Being able to have faith and trust in ones self, or knowing that others can as well is very important, it's been a consistent theme in my life, and in this realm, I have for the most part always been able to control this factor. What I am doing now however realizing is that you can not control ever factor all the time. You can not always be omnipotent, but you can do what you are able, and hope for the best.

For me as mentioned before, this means to put yourself into a state of readiness for anything that might come your way that you were unaware of. Eg. With Gang Stalking, I did not know what was happening, but I put myself in a state of acceptance, for whatever might come. I knew it was going to be strange, did not know, or have a clue, it would be this weird.

I think it is always a good idea for individual in general to try to be in a state of preparedness for anything that might come their way. I don't even believe that you can truly be fully ready, but I think you can try to be in a state of awareness, and acceptance, that the world is not one dimensional, and strange things might happen from time to time. The more prepared and open you are, the more likely you are to encounter those things along the path. What I have now done in short order is put myself in a state of readiness, acceptance, thus if weird factors do come my way, they will not be such a shock to the system, and if no strange factors come my way, it never hurts to prepare.

Quick recommendations. Check out the movies, most of them are really good. Know that as much as we might want to control all factors in life, even with the best intentions, we might have factors in our lives that we were unaware of, or are not fully in control of. If those factors hurt those around you, cause people to feel that they can not trust you, all you can do is apologize in short order, and hope for the best in the future. For future events be in a state of readiness as best as possible, and try not to let things shock or overwhelm you too much, if weirdness does come.

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