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Friday, August 06, 2010

Sweet Slumber

I was thinking about some of my recent posts, and I hope that some of my more gentle readers were not put off or offended by my forthright posts. I figure a little embaressment, beats a great deal of misunderstanding.

As a Targeted Individual, I find that there is often a great deal of misunderstanding towards intentions, and meaning, too often have I had to clearify what was said, vs what was interpreted, and thus I have learnt to be very direct. As it stands targets have not had our cases heard, by being meek and gentle, most of us have had to fight for any recognition of our cause, against great obsticles at times.

Today or yesterday was one of those days where the needs of others came up, a great many, and none of them mine, and much more than what I was prepared for. A few unexpected senarios also crossed my path in a most unexpected manner, and I had to act accordingly, to bring those senarios back in place.

Upon reflection, I do see that my posts were very direct indeed and to the point, and can only appologise to those readers who are not accostom to such forthright speech, it has become needful at times for me, as a target.

Well I am going to give the candle burning at both ends a bit of rest for the next few hours, and try to get that long denied sleep that I have so thristed for and longed for today, but that would not quite come. Mayhaps in slumber, I will find that which was denied me while awake.

Goodnight gentle readers, till next time we meet.

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