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Friday, August 06, 2010

The Glamorous Life

Just to clarify my blog post from yesterday, I was not implying that people should let the family and friends of those around them influence how they feel, or what they think. I mean it would be silly to judge an individual solely based on those around them, or who they are related to, if people did that, I don't think many of us would come out unblemished. I personally would try to not let a good friendship, or relationship go, because the people around my friend were shallow.

I think you have to judge people on an individual basis, but I do think people need to be aware of situations that they are getting themselves into.

Eg. As a target, I know what my situation is, it's a little Cointelpro, with a bit of Stasi thrown in. To the average outsider, who has not lived this, experienced this, or understands this, they might think that it's just a fun thing that I blog about, and afterwards go onto my oh so glamorous life, though I wish that was the case, I assure you that it is otherwise.

Since I am aware of my situation, and I know that outsiders are not, even when I try to explain the things that I do try to explain, most simply do not get it, and thus think that they can come play in my sandbox, when the reality is, most are not tough enough emotionally or otherwise to withstand what I am going through.

Knowing this, as I so well do, I have a little filter process in place, it keeps out people, but it's often for their own good. My world here, is not a pretty place. I know people come to the blog, and see all the postings and think, wow what a glamorous life, being systemically destroyed by the state, what fun. Living with the possibility of being driven to poverty or homelessness someday, or even worst if the snitches get lucky with their arranged accidents. Yes I know it seems glamfabulous to many, but it's not.

Knowing now that the state is not only going behind my back, and contacting those around me, telling them that I might be dangerous, and that they likely, quite wrongly have me listed as possibly mentally ill in some way. Totally tubular to be sure, but not something that most people can handle.

I see outsiders who think this is going to be a fun, cute thing, yes, normarilly my life did fit that description, but it has not now for the last several years, in fact closer to a decade now since the whole mobbing, then Gang Stalking started. So people have to understand this. I would no sooner let a child near poison, than I would let an unsupecting person near my world, if they did not know what they were likely to get into, and most don't. Most outsiders think that they have some idea of what it is like to be a targeted individual, but most don't, they really don't.

Let me again refresh people's memories, with a few of the glamarous highlights of this type of targeting. oh so glamourus, and most are oh so not alive to tell the tail, or they are in jail, or others not listed are likely in wards, etc. Not a glamourous life, and I am not sure most are ready for truly understanding it. Most that come even vaugly close, take a big woo nelly step back, as well they should. I am not blogging, because I am bored, or becasue it's something fun to do while I watch my retirment fund grow, I am blogging because it's been needed for my survival. I have not been doing all this research, cause saturday nights were so blah, I just wanted to stay at home. I did the research, cause me and so many others like me, are being systemically destroyed, and we can hardly get anyone to listen, understand or care.

So I just wanted to clearify this for those out there who think that being a target is oh so much fun, or oh so glamorous, it's not all that it's cracked up to be, and individuals out there need to understand this. I mean for me it's meant never letting people get close to my world here, cause it's for their own good, as well as mine. I hope in some parallel world I have the luxury of being a really nice, open, caring unreserved person, but here I do not, I have not, and I do not see that changing, with this system in place. Least not for this moment in time, even though I wish it was otherwise.

So I am still burning the candle at both ends, that remains the same.

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