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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Normalized. A Gang Stalking update


Several years I came online to look up information about my workplace harassment, only to discover that my workplace situation was something called workplace mobbing.

After finding out about the workplace mobbing, I found out that my situation was something worst, it was really something called Gang Stalking.

After staying on some of the support groups for some time, I realised that the groups were run by the other side, and I left. However one of the things that had been discussed was getting Gang Stalking normalized in society.

How to get Gang Stalking normalized? The groups had talked about contacting helpful organizations, sending out pamphlets, etc. All the usual routes, but unlike mobbing, or bullying, most people did not want to discuss the topic. Remember this was the day of forum accounts getting banned, for starting a thread on the topic, legit threads being closed. So how do you get a topic normalized that is in essence taboo?

One of the first things I did was to start to use resources, like the urban dictionary. See there are two ways that things can get done. The traditional way, go to organizations, hand out pamphlets, etc, or the other way. Start using it online, use it in the slang way, until the term get's popular. If anyone has studied modern society, they realize, that things tend to work in a reverse pyramid type of way. They trickle down to up. The slang of today, are the normalized everyday words of tomorrow. So when the traditional route did not work, my strategy was the other.

So four or five years later here we are. The term has made it's way into our cultural dialect. The news stories in the paper use the term, and they use it correctly. The parodies that the community have had done in regards to Gang Stalking also use the term correctly. By going the less traditional route, the term has come a long way.

Along the way the Indigo Ribbon campaign was added. A symbol that Targeted Individuals could use to identify and support our cause along the way. November is Indigo Ribbon month, so don't forget to wear your Indigo Ribbon buttons.

Along the way, I have had to personally fight to keep the term alive. There was a campaign to remove the term some years ago, a campaign which failed. A campaign which would have seen the movement start from scratch. In taking a stance, the Gang Stalking World website has been targeted by some, placed on their hit lists, or rather credibility lists, but it's been worth it.

Along the line, the vigilante myth has been explored many times, and outed. The vigilante myth that still keeps going even though the truth is out there. Recently I had the chance to do some more investigation on David Lawson, I found out some interesting details, but I won't post most of it here, for now. But needless to say, it's a network system, and the other side tends to control most of what the public believes or what information is disseminated, despite all the good information that is out there.

I am also not sure how many are familiar with Mr. Lawson's first book on satalight piracy. It's been pointed out several times, that the government back in the 90's set up website to catch satalight thieves. Mr. Lawson just happened to have such a site, from whence that book and several others on the topic were sold, along with his terrorist stalking book ofcourse.

The truth of this has been exposed time and time again by, but as long as the other side keeps selling the vigilante myth, that's what the people keep swallowing. Feel free to search the blog, it's been discussed many times.

Remember there is one specific person who has helped keep this myth alive. While denouncing legit websites, this person who claims to have meet David Lawson, or spoken to him, continually supported, and touted his book, without ever requesting proof, that what he was saying was the truth. This same person however had a very different criteria for websites who pointed out government involvement. A different criteria that is for some websites that pointed out the government was involved, other sites saying the same thing, were oddly enough left alone.

Either way, today some progress is being made. Years ago, the Lawson book is all we had, then the Naylor book. Today there are several books about this topic, and targets have a lot more variety and choice.

As an individual who had to take on the role of activist, I am deeply happy with where things are today. I can look back and see the road that has been travelled, and the progress that has been made.

Internally I am in a really good place, and am happier than I have been in a really long time. The scary thing about this system is that they want to paint targets as depressed, suicidal, unhappy. Many targets might not socialize the way they use to, or hang out the way they once did, but that does not make them happy. I can only speak for myself, but anytime spent away from the creatures that are involved in the destruction of innocent lives, is time well spent. I put a lot of effort into my activism, and it's paid off. I am many things but unhappy is not one of them.

Financially, sure my activism has not made me rich. The full time job that this has become is as mentioned before more of a volunteer position than anything else. Rich in spirit, and not in much else right now, but I am really happy, and in a good place.

See as a target you see so much up and down, each new crew that they get interpret things the way they would act. I had a conversation recently about how unhappy I should be about neural monitoring, and the other person was expressing how depressed they would be, but I pointed out that I would view that as an opportunity. If someone was remotely neural monitoring me, I would use the opportunity 24/7 to let them know what I thought of them, and their system. For me I have learnt to not even let the thought of such faze me. I have learnt through this to have a really upbeat attitude most of the time. Sure there are the odd days that are worst than some, but I like who I am becoming on the inside. If nothing else this targeting builds character, and I have gained plenty in droves. If I didn't have character before, I sure have plenty now, and I really like who I am.

Finances, I think about them, but I don't worry. The amazing thing is that overnight you can lose a fortune, but you can also become one of the wealthiest persons on the planet. Several years ago, J.K. Rowlings was literally on the dole in the U.K. she could not support herself, and then she started writing, today not only is she the author of one of the most popular book series ever written, but she is one of the wealthiest women in the U.K.

So these informant tend to project a lot, oh the target must be depressed, yes if you were in my situation you would be depressed, but thank God, you are not me, and I do not think, function, or do anything like you. Stop projecting your ineptness on me. Unlike you, I have been there done that. These people have messed with my life so much over the years, I just don't care. I have been tortured, fried, shaken, burnt, had their radar guns, laser guns, you name it used on me, over the years, and I am still standing. So really where most of them would have cracked by now, I am sure, I am not them, and each day that goes by, I am eternally grateful for that.

So there are some improvements. Nothing in life is perfect, but I like where some things are going, and I look forward to activism in future, and yes writing the next Harry Potter type series would not hurt either, but hope does spring eternal and that is what counts. My sense of humour is well intact despite all this, and I do hope, even thought things at times do look dark at times, I do hope.

(1 And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint;. Luke; 18:1)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

They seem to have a global system of applying e-harassment, delivered to a specific target. I imagine they can do this via cell towers, satellites, or via the power company or other means we don't know about. There is a large network of perps who work for places like power utilities, cell providers, and private contractors that operate satellite communications. I feel like they are messing with my bodily functions a lot of times, without anyone actually possessing this equipment. I did have a perp for a next-door neighbor that was operating microwave weapons, and I was getting blasted awake with that, and sometimes seeing stars.

Can you imagine, that in the future, this may only get worse. When you disobey the mighty State, people who "know too much" are considered "out of line" and must be "punished" with their global e-harassment system.

A lot of these people involved just have this personal thing with me, too, and see this as an opportunity to get even with me. Another example are students I have who go and run and complain to the Director every time I run into a problem during a lecture I give. I do have a lot of students that give me pretty good recommendations. Even got a nomination for Outstanding Teacher. However, there are a few, like 2-3 students, who make it their life's work to go and complain to the director about my "bad teaching" every time they don't understand something, instead of just asking me, and I provide my home phone and email if they have any questions.

Yes, a few disgruntled liars seem to have lots of power, more power than they should.

If people are somehow jealous of you, they will make you out to be an incompetent piece of work who needs to be fired every opportunity they get.

Friday, October 08, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Normalizing/popularizing the term gang stalking...guerrilla advertising...decals, mugs, bumper stickers, T-shirts. Walk around the mall with a shirt that has gang stalking on it. The mall is the best place, that is where the masses go. The Internet is not the sole battle ground. I just discovered the term in 2010. I experienced workplace mobbing too. That was the start. But that didn't explain my other experiences either, I kept putting in search terms. Hit! The closest I got prior to knowing term of gang stalking was watching Namie on youtube. He had a woman say that she was 'bullied' in the workplace and well, if transferred, the perps would try and restart at new location. There was an effort to destroy the TI so they are never employed anywhere. That is the closest I got. Hearing 'real' stories has been the most helpful and enlightening. Knowing what someone has actually 'really' experienced will help other TIs. Problem with the Internet, perps are mixed in with TIs. A person has be be able to mediate who is telling truth and who is lying. Unfortunately, there are no organizations TIs can turn to at this time.

Sunday, October 10, 2010  
Blogger 777haze said...

dear normal women of 2010!!!!!
same here im from nh and the cops are stupid!! just keep calling them anomomously!!! it will work
check out this i foubd today along w/ your story!!!
a story on kidnappers that convinced a bunch of people shit that was a lie and falsely imprisoned the father eye opening and peopl in oklahoma found all about it its now called criminal threatening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010  
OpenID said...

Wow, great information about gang stalking, thank you for writing this!

We just did a full episode about gang stalking on our show. I invite everyone to please give it a listen and let us know what you think of the episode.

Thank you for helping spread information about the gang stalking problem. We hope to raise awareness about gang stalking and hopefully bring an end to it someday.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014  

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