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Monday, October 23, 2006

All connected.

Was there anything illegal going on? This was asked on one of the forums I

This is a good question and I have given it a lot of thought before

The Canadian Cable company that I was working for had a converged call center
that I went to work for. I worked there for about a year and a half. During
that time period they had something known as digital set top boxes. These
were great, they allowed people to order cable pay per view movies, without
the need for Satellite.

Unfortunately one of the offerings that this company had were porn movies.
That was bad enough but we actually had to see the titles of them. I normally
would not see the titles of such things in my own home, or a video store, but
here at this job I had to be exposed to such things. I always found that so
gross. Oh but that's not the illegal part, but it should be.

We had customers calling in, this was like six years ago, to say they had
been illegally charged for movies, not just any movies, the porn movies.
Those gross things back then were like $20.00 per piece or something extreme
like that. So it's like of course they were upset. Gross names showing up on
their bills, making them look perverse, and then getting billed for it.

So a few of us, myself included reported this a few times. We were told that
the customers were lying and that the charges were really theirs. This
happened a few times. Now I don't know about you, but when a 78 year old
grandmother who lives by herself says she did not order porn, you take her

We had other such credible customers back then. One woman kept the box locked
in her bedroom. Another was the only one who knew the pin code. I think it's
safe to say that after talking to customer after customer, we realised they
were not lying and that the boxes were at fault. The accounts were adjusted
and nothing was ever done to fix the box, we were only told later that if
they complain just credit the charges. This was happening a lot back then.
I don't think I really thought of it as illegal, I mean they were over
billing for airtime too at the time, and we again were just told to adjust
the charges. However recently I had someone point out that their customers
were suing them for this porn charge thing. Apparently six years later, it's
still happening. So I guess that's one thing. Plus if this has been happening
for 6 years, you do this to 50,000 customers per year or more, times six
years, times $20.00 that's like millions for the company.
The other things are just personal stuff, like when I complained a second
time, and they had to fly the senior HR person from T-dot to look into it.

After I gave my testimony and the tape was off, cause I insisted the session
be taped, he tried to pull, I want you to pretend this never happened and
just start fresh. It was done in one of those sleazy cover up ways. Like are
you kidding me? They were like take a week or so and think about it. I took
the week or so, and at the end of it, faxed in my resignation, and quit
because of the harassment being experienced there, and advised them of this
in the note I faxed to them, that I would not be coming back because of this.

That was the cable company. Now at the bank when I finally did start to file
the Human Rights complaint, or had the info sent out to file the complaint, a
few days later, my senior HR personnel and my senior manager called me into
the HR office, mid shift. I didn't have my tape recorder with me, and they
basically did this. If you feel the need to pursue this harassment thing any
further we are going to ask you to speak to Dr Brown, our company doctor. We
are concerned about how you are perceiving this whole harassment thing. So
basically after how many trips to HR, and finally a complaint outside the
company, they decided to pull this garbage. (I later learned this is
something called, make a stink go see a shrink) . This I am sure was illegal in some
way shape or form. The way it was done was out of protocol.
I asked for a copy of the session and they both refused. This is at the
Canadian Institution, Bank Corporation. They run for the cure, and yet they
are probably helping to cause some of the complaints in society.

I am still being eharassed. The harassment seems to be coming from the
neighbour in 1?08 beside me. They seem focused on this more lately, because
I am being more open about the past.

Also my calls from time to time get redirected. I first realised there was
something strange happening back in summer. I was thinking of doing some
courses, and I called one of the schools a few times, cause I had had no
emails back. I had Cathy answer the phone each time, for the American school.
She asked if I would like to leave a message each time.

I would later call the Canadian school and talk to Cathy and it was the same
person. When I got off the phone, I realised it was the same person, but how
could that be? One school is in the states, on is in western Canada. They are
not related. That's when I knew something weird was happening. Yes I am sure
about the two different schools.

So it would be sometime later that I would understand the concept of call
redirects. They have done this when I have tried to call Bell about my
service, service which I wish to switch, because whatever is happening seems
to be happening with my bell phone service. I have tried to transfer to
another company since September, but there are all these delays. So at times
when I call if they are asking for passwords and other info, I don't know if
I am talking to Bell or some redirected call pretending to be Bell. I
cancelled my voice mail 5-6 months ago, because it was being used to check my
messages. It was cancelled from my bill, I still have voice mail. I have
tried to cancel it 5 more times to no avail. So I still have voice mail.
So finally I just wanted to have no voice mail. I have flooded my voice mail,
and this will stop any unwanted crank calls. I don't use my phone so it makes
very little difference.

Also how many voice mail messages do you hear on there?
That's also interesting if you go to and look up their call answer


I never really talk about this. While working for the cable company in the
other city, I suspected the superintendent was illegally entering my
apartment. I could never prove it, but I suspected it.

One early morning, I work up. (I work up because something where I was
sleeping hit the floor.) It was still dark in my apartment. Who was in my
apartment? The superintendent. He was in my apartment, coming towards where I
was. Creepy. He was like, I'm sorry, I didn't know anyone was home. He backed
out and left. I was like what the heck. Needless to say, I had a locksmith
there by the end of the day and a lock on my apartment. The super wrote some
lame note about some repairs he had entered the apartment to do.

One, you have to give 24 hr notice, before entering an apartment. Two if you
were there to do repairs, why did you not turn on the lights as you entered
the apartment which are right at the front of the apartment? It was BS, but
the lock was on my door and that was the end of that. Plus I finally had
proof that he was illegally entering my apartment. (The thing that was scary
about that whole thing, is my company had been slandering my reputation
outside the workplace, and I am aware the slander had reached to the
apartment and him.) However at the time I had no reason to suspect he might
have had anything to do with the company I was working for, based on what I
now know, there is a probably chance that there was a corrolatin, and it's
worth looking into.

Later While still working for the Cable company in the other city, I had an
incident with the neighbours on the left of me, this couple that were always
making noise and fighting. One day I was in my home, but I could swear they
were reacting to my actions in my home, with what they were saying. It was
creepy. I thought could they be watching me? I started a check for bugs,
cameras etc. Knowing very little I checked where I could. The place where I
suspected a camera might be, this little vent, that was not really a vent,
but it lead to their apartment and if you were crafty you could access the

I couldn't get the thing screwed off the vent to check, but I pulled the vent
cover down enough to use a mirror to try to see. Without getting the lock of
visibility was limited.

Fine, but what's also odd is that within 48 of my doing this or less. The
super without real warning or reason, just left the apartment building. That
was the last time I would run into him. I put a cover over the vent, and
after I moved back to my original city didn't give it much thought. That was
like five years ago.

Online Stalking

I was stalked online for months before I clued in, it was when I became aware
of the online stalking, and that it involved people from the bank, that I
clued into the fact or started to suspect that other forms of surveillance
might be underway. I thought it might be as simple as maybe people seeing in
through the window, to my home being bugged. It would be months from when I
first suspected, till I finally had proof. During that time, I was doing
things to eliminate or include what might be happening.

At some stage I realised there was audio in my apartment. I realised that
person(s) present in the building had access to the audio. So I had a
workplace and building correlation to my surveillance. Only later would I
learn how widespread it had been, and that persons near to me, and in my
community had access to this info as well. Towards the end around when I
started the harassment site and just before I discovered gang stalking, is
when it all came out, or came together. It was shocking, but the pieces had
been there for months, and I had simply been shuffling them around, only at
the end did the pieces fall into place.

So this is where I am now. I quit the Bank. I had been sexually harassed, and
mobbed again. I had filed compliant after complaint, with nothing being done
or actioned. Since quitting I am happier than I have been in months.

I am still being gang stalking in the building where I live, and am still
under surveillance. The gang stalking has taken on the form of noise
harassment and eharassment. The noise harassment was present over the last
several months, but I had no way of know it to be attributed to gang
stalking, till recently when they started in extreme earnest, and started
using the other apartment(s).

I have worked on the noise harassment, with some success. The eharassment has
increased since starting to be more open about the past. I should have done
this years ago, I don't know why I did not.

So what can we learn from this? Companies are creepy and they
will do things that you would find shocking and abhorrent. They will lie and
try to cover up the truth and do a whole whack of other things. That is just
the start of what corporations are willing to do.

To let this stay covered up, has probably hurt others, and what I can do for
them, I do now, for my part I am sorry it's taken this long to come clean
about some of the stuff that has happened and was happening inside of these
companies, and outside with my harassment. It was a shameful dark scary
place, that left me feeling very alone, but I think that's the illusion that
they like to have that gives them power, you are not along, there are others
that are going through the same thing, and in writing some of this down, I
hope I can help some of those that are still out there in time.


Companies, people, anything, will get away with what they can get away with.
The single most effective weapon that I have seen or come across has been
exposure. These companies and the garbage that they pull need to be exposed.
Otherwise they can and will go after you for years, and they will not stop,
they will do all sorts of things to you, hurt you in all sorts of ways and
they will not stop.

These companies do not care about the people that work for them, they care
about their bottom lines, which is their dollars, and as long as they can get
away with underhanded stuff they will.

Exposure is the best bet when getting this harassment stopped in your life or
the life of others. Most times targets of these harassment's are too scared,
shamed, hurt, confused, or whatever to come forward, and yet the sad part is,
this is probably the best chance we each have for stopping the harassment in
our lives.


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