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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Not all the laws in the land.

Suing some stupid company for harassment, does it even make sense? Like those who have gone before it does, because that's how laws are made and how precedents are set. Companies get sued, laws get made. Then what?

The Companies I worked for had laws, they had things in place to prevent harassment, discrimination and a whole lot of other things, but these all failed, and these will continue to fail until there is a moral entity strong enough, unbiased enough, and yes independent enough, to stand up to these companies, but I don't just blame the companies for these harassment's.
These things do not happen in silence, they do not happen in darkness, no they happen because the people in those companies let them happen. With or without laws, the people in these workplace social setting have the ability to allow or disallow certain actions, and events to occur. When people sit idly by or encourage these actions to happen then how can we as a society ever expect to get these behaviours under control?

Woman and man are the perpetrators of these crimes against others, human vs human. As much fun as it is to blame some large megalithic corporation for everything that happened, what about the individuals in those situations? The ones that sat by everyday, knewing what was happening and did nothing or took part? There were too many to mention and too many instances to count. People will get away with what they can get away with.

Too often it is these very same good, upstanding people that will cheer and applaud the target who sues the corporation and wins, yet they were the very same ones, helping the corporation carry out the harassment. These companies have a responsibility to ensure a safe, healthy and productive environment. They failed in that ability to the full extent that was possible, then they tried to cover it up. However these companies can not succeed on their own, it is the people that help them do this. Those little things that they go along with, encourage, and enforce every step of the way.

For too long, I watched the people that I worked with sit quietly and enjoy what was happening around then, not lifting a finger or a hand to help, and at other times shamelessly going along with the happenings around them. These things do not happen in silence or in shadow, they happen because the people in those environments are all too happy to let it happen. They encourage it, and to they go along with it. They are the ones that help to perpetuate these behaviours.

Only when it's their turn do they really understand, and even then most just crawl back under the rocks where they were happily hiding, happy to put up with the harassing behaviour. I have no doubt that the environment that I left behind is a hostile work environment, and I have no doubt some people in that environment will suffer, but not just because of some megalithic evil corporation made out of brick and steel, that feels nothing, cares for nothing, except for the bottom line, which is there profit. This harassment happened in part because of seeing, hearing, feeling human beings who could not care about anything outside of themselves. People who were all too happy to sit at the right hand of the devil, than be in his path. It happened because people who could have taken two minutes to say, stop that or knock if off failed to do so. Such simple gestures, would have made all the difference in the world and did on some occasions, but they happened too few and too far between to make a true difference in my life.

The system failed me that is true. It lied it covered for itself and it practiced all the deceit it could muster, but it's not just the system that failed me it's the people. I sat waiting for an ounce, a drop of humanity, decency and still it would not come. I held my breath waiting for human kindness and and it never came or arrived just a little too late. Just after I had exhaled my last breath only to realise that it was not coming.

I can blame a cold hard merciless system that does not give a damn about the people that it employees and most likely never has and never will, but that would not be the full truth. The full truth is that the people that work in those systems, the living breathing humans, have and had all the power to make a difference and still they did not and would not. The hope that I had in humanity, and the people in those systems failed me more than the company ever did. At the end of the day, corporations are nothing better than bloodless, soulless entities. They might spy on their workers, and listen to all that they do, but people have veins, and through their veins flows blood. They have hearts, minds and souls, but this all does very little good if they will not use these faculties at those oh so critical moments then they are needed the most.

Call me hurt, angry, tired, disillusioned, but the way I see it is, I can sue this mindless, soulless, company for watching out for it's profit margin which is the only thing it knows how to do. I might win, but then it will never render accountable the living breathing beings, who sat by day in day and and watched all this happen. The one's who did nothing, said nothing, or took part, it will never render these people accountable for their actions, and so therefore, the mechanisms that allowed these actions to take place in the first place will never fully see justice. Thus the systems that let this happen will be steady and in full force waiting for the next target of harassment. Something needs to be done and changed, but on a more elemental level than this. You can have all the laws in the land in it will not make a difference if you don't have the heart, mind or morals to back it up.

So you will have another pointless case in court, the future of all targets hanging in the balance when the truth is, the future of all lies in the hands of each others, it's up to each of us to look out for that person in the next isle. It's up to each of us when we see bad behaviour to say, knock it off, or just cut it out. These little gestures in the past have and will continue to make the biggest differences in the world. Way more of a difference than these law suites, that set precedents one day, which are thrown out or ignored the rest.

As for these megalithic corporations, they will continue to run for the cure, or whatever cause tickles there fancy one minute, while sending out ruffians to harass, gang stalk, electronically torture, and probably cause the very diseases, they are helping to find the cure for. They will continue to care about the bottom line, and nothing else, which is their profit margin. The rest of us though have choices and we can do better and we can make a difference in each others lives. That's the only thing that truly can. Laws are good to have, but they can only be enforced by a society that is morally conscientious enough to enforce them.


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