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Thursday, October 12, 2006

What is electronic harassment?

Non-lethal weapons is a broad category which includes devices for beaming various kinds of energy at human targets in order to temporarily incapacitate them, or to control or affect their behavior. -Source (

Electronic harassment with EMF is using electromagnetic weaponry to hurt or torture another person. These weapons emit beams or rays of electromagnetic energy and can seriously cause mild to debilitating damage depending on exposure, and the frequency the beam is set to.

The first article below which came out in July 10, 2005. discusses there future usage on the civilian population. However what it does not mention, and what many people are not aware of is that these weapons have been sold on the Internet for some time now, and can readily be purchased, assembled, and used against unsuspecting targets. Adults, children, animals, anything that's living that someone wants to torture, hurt or bend to their wills.,1282,68152,00.html,00.html

The symptom associated with it's uses include heating of the body, which makes your skin feel like it's on fire, or burning.

Wave vibrations which make it hard to sleep or rest. not visible to the naked eye.

Long term exposure can cause cancer, and other dangerous conditions.

Affected immune systems.

Head aches

These weapons have been banned in three American States, including Michigan.

In Canada I am not aware that they have been banned in any Province yet.

Amnesty International is aware of them, but they have not yet taken a stance, which I can only hope that they will do soon, because these are worst than tasers, which they have taken a stance on.

To give you an idea of what happens with these weapons here is an excerpt from the article.

[The hallmark of all directed-energy weapons is that the target -- whether a human or a mechanical object -- has no chance to avoid the shot because it moves at the speed of light. At some frequencies, it can penetrate walls.]

[Among the simplest forms are inexpensive, handheld lasers that fill people's field of vision, inducing a temporary blindness to ensure they stop at a checkpoint, for example. Some of these already are used in Iraq. Other radio-frequency weapons in development can sabotage the electronics of landmines, shoulder-fired missiles or automobiles -- a prospect that interests police departments as well as the military.

A separate branch of directed-energy research involves bigger, badder beams: lasers that could obliterate targets tens of miles away from ships or planes. Such a strike would be so precise that, as some designers put it at a recent conference here, the military could plausibly deny responsibility. The flexibility of directed-energy weapons could be vital as wide-scale, force-on-force conflict becomes increasingly rare, many experts say. But the technology has been slowed by such practical concerns as how to shrink beam-firing antennas and power supplies. ]

[Military officials also say more needs to be done to assure the international community that directed-energy weapons set to stun rather than kill will not harm noncombatants.][Such issues recently led the Pentagon to delay its Project Sheriff, a plan to outfit vehicles in Iraq with a combination of lethal and nonlethal weaponry -- including a highly touted microwave-energy blaster that makes targets feel as if their skin is on fire. Sheriff has been pushed at least to 2006.]

Many times people feel that there is little that they can do to avert a tragedy, or to make a change. These weapons are harmful and potentially dangerous. Though they do seem to have some good applications, they have just as many if not more potentially harmful ones. T

hese can be dispersed and used against anyone. Eg. It could be used against a crowd in the States protesting the recent bill that takes away many of their rights is one example. (If they decided to protest.)

These could in future be used against people protesting cuts to health care, and other essential services.If you are concerned about the use of these weapons or have just recently become aware it might be a good idea to write to Amnesty International or your local MP's, or Senators to let them know that you disapprove of the usage of these weapons.

Today they are actively being used to harass targets of gang stalking including myself, tomorrow they could be used quite legally to harass activist, dissidents or anyone who fails to agree with the government or the corporations.

These weapons have the potential to do a great deal of harm, and they are available where anyone can get their hands on them. I would ask that you consider taking a stance, before these are used to take away your ability to take a stance.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been gangstalked for at least 6-8 years. It started with entry into my home while I was at work in mid 2005..while my dad, a public employee who never took "hush" money from unions was dying. I, myself, was a union member who went AGAINST my own union when a member of 1199 (the biggest, baddest, most corrupt union around,) HIT a MENTALLY RETARDED CLIENT on the HEAD and was FIRED. I never lived THAT down. How DARE I defend the meek and helpless?? I also dated an RN who's CRAZY ex (at the time,) owned r guns...and also had a boyfriend of sorts who snorted plenty ofcocaine. The only guy I EVER found myself frightened for my LIFE of. A FELON with ATTEMPTED MURDER history! I started, around that time, losing friends, having friends turn on me. When I went home at night things were disordered in my home. As I type this, words are transposed to odd places and I am "asked If I want to Leave the Page." I have tons of computer trouble. Locked out of email accts, hacked everywhere. I was chased out of jobs due to horrilbe stress. The noise campaigns started in 2006...small children being awakened to scream at 8am, and power tools. Next apt, brightening all night,high beams through the Staten Island window. Staff where I worked vandalized my locker and scratched NEW purses, pulled threads on NEW coats..stole CASH from my coat. NEXT job, whispers, no friends (I ALWAYS had job friends.) Boss suddenly giving me badevals (always GREAT evals.) I had a roommate by now...the decline in income was starting..she was nasty, gossipy, threw "gangstalking" items around the house. The kids upstairs had cameras, and always knew what I was wearing. They either put something in the lobby in the shade of my clothes, the same perfume I was wearing, ANYTHING to make me know they were watching. I had street theatre at that time with old women I didn't know walking behind me out of the building stating, "I guess SOMEONE we know has the morning shift! hmmm!" By the time I made it to my dream job and dream apt, I was sick, physically, I had the early stages of colon CA, and now have a total colectomy and ileostomy, with permanent "bag" at. My adrenals have failed...can't figure if that's a game to get me to take meds to gain weight or not, but I am tired ALL the time and cannot work. I have had a second surgery botched so bad, I thought I was in a third world country I was treated so badly...and my brother came and smirked, because, as he has a mental illness and has never worked, he is prime target to be dragged into this lifestyle. If they gave him 20 bucks, he would gangstalk his stupid! He is a novice at this. Thinks me hearing, "no one likes you, you are BAD!!!," is going to pull me down! This is gangstalking EVIL class 101. He has no idea my oharacter or what I have overcome. Call him a loser, and he threatens suicide! If
I didn't know my place in Christ I would die. I have been through heavy physical and mental stuff. I am now pr-cancerous in 3 other places. But JESUS loves me! And EVIL will not prosper! I pray for ALL of you. Stand united and STRONG!!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012  

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