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Friday, October 13, 2006


I really have to look back at where things were, and where things are, and I am a lot happier now. Something about truth. Not knowing for some is fine, but I wanted to know for the longest time. Sure the truth turned out to be something as weird as an X-Files episode, when I was like expecting something much more mainstream, but you roll with it, and you just adjust.

Even though this is scarier, and more bizarre than I could ever have dreamed, no not even dreamed, nightmared about, (I laugh as I write this. It's so surreal.) it's still truth and it's what I prayed for, for almost 6 years. I wanted this out in the open, and it just kept getting bigger and bigger as I realised more people were helping with the harassment.

What I never could have suspected is that it was deliberate, and that people close to me, that I knew my whole life, would go along with it. However my religious background was good preparation for something like this, and it's helped me get through this.

I notice this with targets of other harassment's, be it sexual, mobbing, gangstalking, or other. Many survived because of their faith. Sometimes it's the only thing that upholds us, when everything else fails us. (When all other lights have faded, faith is like our star of Earendil.) Faith gives us the strength and hope to carry on.

Who could ever imagine something like this. People going out behind your back spreading lies, showing fake files, telling people trash to the degree that your very friends and family, neighbours would help betray you. Had I not lived it, I could not ever believe this. Gang Stalking is a complete violation.

I am still so stunned sometimes, but it passes a little bit more with each day. People are like this, and they have always been like this, they will always be like this. I can't control what they do, I can only control my reactions to it.

That's where I am, and that's where I am moving forward from.

That's basically all that I can do. I could look at the things that I have lost, but they are all just a myth, cause if those things were real, they could not have been used to betrayed me like this.

I look at the things that I have gained, truth, it's like air to my lungs, how many others die without ever knowing truth. I know some of the truth around this, I doubt I know all of it yet, but I think this is as much as I can handle for now. I have heard that God never gives you more than you can handle, I guess I just have to trust that to be true.

So when I look at it from that perspective, I am in a place of truth, and that means I can start with a clean slate. Tabula Rasa.

I know that from here on in I have to be careful about those I let into my life, if anyone. I know that I have to be careful in so many different ways. I however can also help others, I am no where near where I was 3 months ago, 6 months ago, a year ago. If ever harassed in a job again. I know to speak to a lawyer first, go to HR give them the evidence, and if they even look like they are stalling, file suit, or take it to the commission, or whatever, but no delayed actions. So it's a long road that I have travelled when I look back from where I am here.


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