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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Then how is this ever going to get exposed? How are the unaware ever going to be made aware? I am tired of people being scared and tired, while people go along complacently with this stuff. It's too easy for people to be compliant. The police, newspapers, the media, friends, family, coworkers.

It's like the mafia, except worst. People are afraid to talk, these people have connections all over the place, yes because people are complacent and willing to go along with it and I am frankly sick and tired of it. How is this ever going to change if this is the case?
Everyone is just in a state of denial? This does not happen in a bottle, this happens because people are all too willing and ready to go along with this stuff. Do you know why people like you and me will never get asked to go along with this stuff, because we simply would just not comply.

These people know what they are looking for and they know how to work every angle. They know the ones they can corrupt, the ones they can buy, the ones they can bribe, the ones they can black mail and when you don't fit into that category then it's time to ruin you, because you will not join them, you will not go along with the insanity of it all, you will resist, and you will continually rage against the dying of the light as we all should.

However that is not the case, day by day, people are all too willing to sell out the values, they never had to begin with and all too happy to try to get others to do the same. They are all too happy to destroy the things that are good about this world, the things that are honorable and decent. They live in a world of deceit and treachery and they will not be happy until everyone else is there with them.

I often begin to wonder if the walls really fell in East Germany or was it a cleaver ploy to turn the rest of the world into what they had become, betraying, lying, backstabbing, corrupt, willing to sell each other out, and turn on each other.

So much pain and misery and for what? So these people can get a sick thrill. I mean do they know the anarchy they are creating in society? Do they understand the chaos that they are inviting in? The misery and heartache they are unleashing in peoples lives?

It's not ok, and it's not alright, and this does not need the media to put a stop to this garbage, all it needs all that is required is simple human decency, and compassion, and if that has gone so begging, so far off into space that there is none left, then I feel truly sorry for the human race.
I really just began to sit and think about this and it astounds me that so many people are blindly willing and compliant with this stuff. It is disgusting, and I am truly disgusted by it, and for the first time I am truly angry about it. What can these people be thinking?

I know it's scary and it frightening, but it's no excuse to sell people down the river, it's no excuse to betray those around you, people have to find the strength, the moral fortitude to fight against this. There is no big media on a white horse coming to save the day. We like in every other time period are going to have to do it ourselves, and it's worst now, because many people don't even know or realise there is a war being fought, lives being lost, lies being perpetrated, and deceit and betrayal being leveled out daily. People do need to wake up to this garbage, and they need to do it sooner, than later.

This is just crazy. I have seen these people, half don't know why they are going along with this, or what they are really going along with, the ones that do, seem to want out as badly as the targets do, and the rest for some sick reason are enjoying the little power trip this gives them, while people are being killed, destroyed, devastated, and decimated by this evil that's a foot. I really have to take pause and say I am sick and tired of it, and it's just time that people took a stand. I don't want to hear any more excuses. We are all scared, but we will be a lot less scared if we do something about it.

Waiting for others to save us is not going to happen, we have to save our selves, we have to help ourselves. There is no hero on white horse coming to save the day and if so then hero has been delayed, and it's time to get it into high gear. We just have to work together to stop this, to resist this, to say no to this, even if it's just in small ways.

Stopped being scared, think about what's coming down the line, this is just the beginning of this stuff, and if people don't take a stance now when there is still time, there might not be time later, I think I see this now, and it makes me more than ever want to be the master of my own moments, take charge, because I realise that no one else is going to.

We each have to see to our own salivations, it's nice to hope that others will be there, but that just does not seem like it will be the case. Too many of these organisations that we should be able to count on, in this desperate time are turning away, and too many others are involved up to their ying yangs. It's shameful and wrong, and decent people have to band together to get this stopped one way or another. It's the only way, because how else is this ever going to get stopped?

There are hundreds of targets worldwide if not thousands, but how many that know are out handing out the flyer's, or blogging or getting the word out? We are the best change that we have for getting the word out, we have to get our stories out in credible fashion, so that the world can understand that this is happening, if we don't then it might be too late by the time the world wakes up.

That's all that I know, there is a time for every purpose and I would say our time is now, and not 10 years from now, sooner not later.


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