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Monday, November 06, 2006

GangStalking. My history in brief.

Gang Stalking. My history in brief.

This is a brief summary of my story. I am also a target of gang stalking. I can't even believe this happens. This past summer I learnt that all the harassment I had been experiencing for the last six years has been deliberate, coordinated and funded. What I thought was just slander being spread from within the workplace to my community at large, was a much smaller part of a larger operation to destroy my life completely. I was caught up in a game that I had never asked to play. A game that I did not know the rules of, nor who the other players were. The only thing I knew was that this was a game I could not afford to loose. My opponents were playing for keeps, and if I was going to survive, I would have to learn to adapt and learn the rules of engagement faster than I ever dreamed possible.

I was not only a player in a potentially lethal game, but I was also a soldier fighting for my survival. The shock was hard to explain. For months I had suspected that my home and phone might have been bugged but I could never prove it, then a short time before I learnt the truth of my situation I acquired proof. What I didn't know at the time was not only was my home bugged, but there was some sort of video surveillance happening. I had also at some point realised that my computer was being hacked, but not wishing to jump to conclusions I was doing little things over time to find proof of this invasion.

I first became aware of my harassment six years ago while working for a large Canadian telecommunications cable company. While working there I experienced sexual harassment and workplace mobbing. The mobbing became so bad that I would eventually quit the company due to the harassment and mobbing that I was experiencing. The company had just covered up what was happened and done a phoney investigation, that primarily consisted of asking my harassers if they were harassing me.

During my harassment there I realised that the harassment had also started happening outside of the workplace, at the time I assumed the harassers from work were also getting their friends to play dirty and take part in my harassment. I didn't recognise the people outside of work doing the harassment, but they often seemed to recognise me.

I left that job in August of 2002, and since then the harassment has never stopped. Even after I moved my harassers followed me back to the original city where the harassment had started. The harassment started in the community where I live, and at the jobs where I worked. The most recent being for a well known Corporate Institution that's a Bank Canadian.
Dealing with what I thought was simple harassment was bad enough, but this past summer I would discover that I was in a web that was far more insidious and bizarre than I ever suspected, or dreamed possible.

Just before I gained the confirmation that my home was bugged, I realised that I was being followed on the street by strangers. By this time I had started an harassment website to help myself and help others with what they might be experiencing. It was while scouting for links for this site that I came across a link that finally helped me put all the pieces of the puzzle together. What would unravel for the next three months of my life was nothing less than something out of an X-Files episode.

What I would discover is I had been followed ever since I had quit the job. The harassment outside of work and inside had been very orchestrated. My neighbours that had moved in beside me and above me were spying on me and being used to noise harassment. At some point later I would discover that my other neighbour had somehow been talked into supporting this campaign against me. The superintendent had fully cooperated with whoever was pulling this off.

My home was audio and video monitored. My computer was hacked. I have also since then learnt that they were not only going behind my back and spreading lies and slander, but they were doing so at stores where I shopped bought groceries. I run a small business they talked to my customers, spreading lies, and trying to get them to leave my business. On top of this I have learned that relatives were aware of this, contacted and cohered into taking part.

Some of my telephone calls were being redirected. This means when I thought I was talking to one person from a specific company, I was really talking to someone pretending to be from the company. I was being stalked online. Some people that were approaching me online pretending to be other targets, were just perps trying to have conversations and get close to me. Lastly, unknown to me at the time they moved people into my apartment building with the cooperation of the landlady, so I had my stalkers in my apartment building operating next door to me, and above me. They also accessed my apartment while I was out.

Below is a list of some of the things that have happened to me that I am aware of.


When I would go out in public once they realised that I had caught on to the gang stalking. They would attempt to sit in what I call box formation when I would be out in public. Or they would follow me much closer and be more obvious about the stalking than they had before. I have been followed for the last six years and I had no idea. I don't know if the stalking had been 24/7 because until I tuned in, I had no idea. There were a few times I noticed that people were overly interested in my conversations out in public, but I chalked it up to overly nosy strangers. I never gave it a second thought, and now I see that I should have.

Directed Conversations

In the months before I found out that I was a target, they would have direct conversations about things that I had talked about on the phone, or done in my home. The degree was outside of the realm of coincidental probably.

Directed Energy Weapons

Since July of this year shortly after the whole thing came out they have been using these on me. The first time they used these on me I had a nose bleed for three days. The next time they used these, my skin would experience a burn that lasted for two weeks. There was never any burnt flesh on the surface, but underneath it felt like the skin was on fire. There was a lot of heat in the areas on the side that had been hit. I had to use cold compresses for two weeks to draw out the heat.

Since then they use these weapons quite consistently. At first they used them once or twice a week on me. Now they do it consistently. As I write this, it feels like I am being fried in my bed, but that's just part of this strange new world that I didn't know existed and that I am just adapting to.

Fake Files

Based on feedback and somethings that have been said by various people, it seems that some sort of fake information of files are being shown to stores where I shop, and to people in the communities where I live. This is being used to slander my reputation, and it's being used to help induct strangers to harass me. It was also used to try to get my customers to leave my small business that I operate.


At work they would always do and say little things to try to make it out like I was being paranoid. They have come into my home and cut holes in clothing. They take or they move around tiny items. I have never noticed furniture moved. They tried to use people close to me to help with the gaslighting.

Illegal Entry

They have entered my apartment illegally. This was the only way the monitoring could have been set up. Don't get me wrong, since the superintendent is going along with this and cooperating they could have given them access, but I have an alarm system and after the fire drill one day while I was out. I started noticing the entries then.

Illegal Surveillance

I am followed every time I leave my home. I have had audio and video surveillance in my home, and my computer has been hacked into consistently. This would come into play when I went to file a harassment suit, it seems the people at the bank where I worked, were able to stay one step ahead of me, because they always knew what was being said and done in my home.

Illuminating Targets

All I know is day or night they can see where I am in my apartment. Whenever I move to a new room, I can hear the signal being given. They do this quite openly to let me know that I am being watched. I have seen what I believe to be sensors in my home, like a red little beam that flashes for a second at times, but this does not explain how they can seem me in the various rooms at night time.

Intimate Infiltration

I realised in time that some of the new people that were coming into my life at work and in the community were a part of this game, and were coming into my life for the sole purpose of finding and gathering information on me.
I also learnt that at some point, my former relatives had been approached and inducted into assisting with the destruction of my life. Oh I am sure it was not presented to them that way, but had this succeeded that is what would have happened.


They have done a good job of removing my support network. I have however always been very self reliant and it's just serves to further enhance these traits and bring them to the surface.

Mail and Email tampering

Long before I realised that I was a target, I noticed that important mail would go missing and not arrive, and was in fact being stolen. When I found out it was gang stalking I realised why.
Since learning I was a target of gang stalking I have had my email interfered with and blocked. This has since changed and my email seems to be back to normal.


They use to do things like throw out the garbage at the same time and leave when I do. However they seem to have toned down on this practice.


From what I am learning it seems my profiling for this harassment goes back even further than I first thought. I am learning this as I seek to find who put this into play. Someone decided that it would be ok to do this to me, and I seek to find out who, and find out why. However I suspect once I confirm the who, the why will become all too clear.

Random Encounters

I used to always have strangers on the street stop me and ask me where I was going, or what I was up to. I never really thought much about it. Now that I know the signals they use to communicate, I see that what I use to think were random, were in many cases not random at all.

They have also used this approach to get strangers to ask me out.

Ruined Relationship

Whenever I would like someone new, a new spree of rumours would start and they would keep going until that relationship was ruined. This has been consistent with friends and people that I liked romantically.


Do to the sexual harassment at my workplace. I would become sensitised to an everyday stimuli, which would be used repeatedly to harass me out in public. I had become classically conditioned and they used this to harass me, consistently. They also had friends and family participating. This was something that I again knew, but could not prove until after some of this came out.


I knew I was being followed, but I also know that large groups of people don't just follow you in that organized a formation, and consistently know who you are without some form of communication. I thought they were all just using their cell phones at first, but after observation I realised they are using little signals while out in public to coordinate the harassment and stalking. Some people call them baseball, or military signals, but they are most similar to the Stasi signals used by the former East German citizen spy force. In many cases they are a hybrid of all three.


For over the last six years I have had slander of some sort following me and being spread about me. I just thought people were hateful gossips. They are, but it was also a part of this campaign to destroy my reputation and my life.
I spent most of my life living within the law, doing what was right legally, but also morally and ethically. There is nothing in my life past or present that these people could find to use against me. I lived a moral and upright life and for that someone decided it would be ok to go after me and everything and everyone in my life, and yet without the people in my life who made this possible, none of this could have happened.

People will believe lies and slander about you, not because they are forced to but because they are willing to. No matter what the lie, or the slander, most people will willingly accept it as truth and never question if there could be any falsehood or deceit behind it. That is one of the things that I have learned about being a target of this insidious evil called gang stalking.

Strange Encounters or Street Theatre

I have seen a few instances of this in public. It's always done in such a dramatic fashion that you do realise that people are just acting or putting on a show for your benefit. Let's just say some people are better at acting than others.

Some of my telephone calls were being redirected. This means when I thought I was talking to one person from a specific company, I was really talking - to someone pretending to be from the company. Like when I called one University in the U.S. Cathy answered the phone. I called a few times and always the same person. I got to know her voice and tones very well. Some time later I called another University in Canada. Cathy answered and gave me all the info I needed about my registration. It was only when I got off the phone and realised that I had spoken to Cathy, the same Cathy that I had spoken to from the University in the States. I knew something was terribly wrong with this senario, but it was only later that I would learn it was telephone redirects. I hope Bell Canada realise that they have a few new workers.


The first few days that I realised I was being followed, I tested the theory out. I needed to know for sure. I was followed above ground, below ground, on the subway, on the underground path beneath the subway. I travelled from one end of the city to the next, just to test this out, and I was followed everywhere. It was bizarre. These people and their citizen stalking groups are vast and well organized. They also have a variety of people. Male, female, young old. Various races. I could not understand how that many people were being used against me. I now realise that these people patrol the city and they are used against other targets as well. So if you go into the area they are patrolling they are alerted to your presence and the harassment begins. It's bizarre. I have lived in the city for years, and I had no idea that this sub-culture existed, or more importantly that I would be caught up in it's web.


When I moved from Ottawa to Toronto I had my stuff in storage for a year or so. I retrieved my stuff to discover that it had raccoon feces on some of my items. This never made sense it was a storage locker. She assured me there had been a raccoon problem in the summer, but it looked like something that had been done deliberately. I knew it seemed odd, but this would be many months before I knew about gang stalking. It must have been similar to the movie Carrie, with the pigs blood. My stalkers throwing raccoon feces on my stuff. It just goes to show the pathology of the people involved who are taking part in this harassment campaign.

Wrong Number Calls

I get this a lot. I used to really think it was just wrong number calls. However when I changed my phone number the calls stopped for a bit, and then when I updated my phone number with the bank where I worked the calls began happening all over again.

I have had every aspect of my life touched by this, but the worst part is it has not only affected me, in their quest for my destruction they have destroyed other innocent lives along the way.
This is what gang stalking is like. I was a target for several years and had no clue. I really thought it was just the jerks from work, getting friends to do this stuff. I had no idea till a few months ago.

Now for my part I seek to find out the full truth of who set this into play in my life. I always assumed it was the company that I worked for six years ago, because someone somewhere with money is funding this. Whoever is doing this I seek to expose them and what they are doing.

This needs to stopped in my life and it needs to stop in the life of others. Too many people have had their lives ruined because of this, and too many others have ended their lives because of this. Others are institutionalised because of this lie, or have been threatened with being institutionalised if they seek help. I see to make this phenomenon known for myself so that I can gain my freedom from it, but also for others who are imprisoned in this game they did not ask to play.


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