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Friday, October 27, 2006

Politicians. Tips and tricks. Combined post.

I was over at another forum talking my little heart out about gang stalking. I heard the door knock, and I was like not about to answer, but then my gang stalkers disturbed me, so I decided to answer.

It was a politician going door to door looking for votes. You know what I did, I asked the if I vote for you, what will you do about gang stalking? They didn't seem to know what it was, but I quickly ran and slapped some flyer's into their hands.

He of course would not answer the question, but I left him my official email and I will be very impressed if I hear back from him. Unless he's a gang stalker and then that would be bad.

But the timing was such, that I wonder if God is not finally giving me a solution to this thing. They are totally e-harassing like almost the whole day now. Ever since I got the noise harassment stopped, (95% decreased) and I went out the other day, long enough where I know they were in my apartment, the electronic harassment has gotten worst.

I really need a good solution, so it would be nice to see a politician taking on the issue. At the very least it was just nice to see a politician going door to door, that really impressed me.

So that's my daily share.

Also some nice tips and tricks for our activists that are going to read this.

1. Network, find those that have similar issues or the same issue and link in with them. Don't go at it alone if you don't have to.
2. Use the resources that are out there. Once I get my little video camera. I am seriously going to think about doing a video about this. I am just not sure if I am brave enough to be seen by loads of people, but I might do an audio tour of my gang stalking.
3. Use international conferencing to touch base with others. There is this great service called If you download this service it's like free calls within the US and Canada till the end of the year. That's amazing, but also you can do free call conferencing with anyone in the world. That's incredible.
4. Use forums and blogs to get the word out.
5. Hand out flyer's with info about your cause.
6. Start a newsletter.So take advantage of the resources out there.

There are also lot's of forums, and blogs, there are ways to be heard, you just have to continue trying. Speaking of which, they deleted my thread number 2. So I have thread number three up and it should be interesting to see if the moderator (who will temporarily remain unknown) deletes it again.


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