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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Online stalking, Deleted posts, and banned accounts.

This is a quick run down about some of my online experiences with trying to talk about gang stalking. I want to leave this so future targets can know what to exprect.

I started trying to talk about Gangstalking July of 2006.
Here is a quick run down.

Since coming online around July 15 2006. I have had 3 accounts banned.
3. All for no legit reason.

The first at July 11, 2006. This was at One thread was delted without reason, when asking for a reason, no appropriate response was given. I started a thread explaining that my posts were being deleted, that's why my account was suspended.
Webhosting talk is a good community and this is a place this topic needs to be discussed.

The next place my account was banned was Geeks to go. Another great forum, where people help each other with computer problems. The thread was deleted and banned because I used the word gangstalking in the thread, and I linked to This is a fully none legit reason, and I pointed this out to Kat the moderator who did this. She reopened the account, but said gang stalking is a work that could not be used. Below find screen captures of our exchange.

Today my account which was opened at back in July was just banned and the thread deleted. There was no reason given. I am still waiting for a response on this. You can see the original thread here.

Also my new account there with me asking why the account was deleted.

I have had threads deleted.

The opera thread was going very well. It was the first of many threads where they did not try to shut down the topic. I had a lot of opposition, people calling gang stalking tin foil hat and things like that, but I fought my way through, and it turned into a good discussion. During the course of that discussion, I left the thread for two day. Upon my return the thread was closed. A poster named starfishgirl had started a fight with someone claiming to be lagoon34. She had argued and argued till they had a reason to close the thread.

I think the reason they wanted the thread closed was because of some Pm's I recieved from a person I consider to be an Online stalker. Here is a copy of one of the pm's. Notice the little warning at the end of the post. After the thead was closed, it was deleted a about a week later. Usually a thread will be closed, but there was no reason for deletion except for my PM's in that thread.

The Pm is of interest because the poster mentioned my website, which was not ever mentioned in the thread, and a stranger would not have known about the site, because it was still very new.

From:H.das Arse

Hello GS,I am also a target.I just wanted to drop you some advice as you said you are quite new to this.

Please be careful where and to whom you post.I noticed on one of your posts you put a link on to harassment101.I and others strongly suspect that this is a bogus site built by someone who has multiple personalities,claiming to be gangstalked.Before you give out any info,ask who wants the info and for what purpose.

Check there is a postal address or telephone makes them that little bit more legit.
There are also other sites doing bogus surveys in an attempt to get more info from unsuspecting targets.They'll do this to mainly waste even more of your time,lead you up blind alleys,and if you give out enough personal info, use it against you to harass you even more.

Of course you don't have to take my word for it - it's just a word ofwarning.

Be on your guard out there !Good luck!H.das Arse.

Reply Reply with Quote[/quote]

***The above thread was not just deleted from, but when I mentioned this fact to my stalker in another thread, that the google cache was still available, the cache was gone from google in 48 hrs.

I find this to be of interest, because in the past I have seen closed and deleted threads stay in google for months if not years. However within 48 hrs the cache was gone from google. Maybe nothing, but a lot of little nothings add up to one big something sometimes.

The labour law talk forum I am still waiting to hear why the thread was deleted. This just happened today, and that is what prompted me to post the rest of these online happenings.

The other thing that happened a lot back then was that everytime I would post about gang
stalking in a thread, within 24-72 hrs, someone would always come and say, Oh I'm a target also. Or just mimic my story.


I have a fully legit concern that credible websites, that provide credible services to the online world, have elements within them that are deleting threads, and banning accounts for no good reason.


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