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Friday, December 29, 2006

Hang em high?

feel that hanging Saddam Hussein is wrong. I don't know why I feel this way but I do. Don't get me wrong I fully think that he should pay for his crimes and sit and rot in jail, but I feel that hanging him is just wrong.

I think there are people in the world, leaders that are far more culpable than he is, and they will never pay for any war crimes that they have committed, which are more numerous than the crimes that Saddam has committed.

I am also really worried that this could send Iraq into civil war. This will not only cause the shedding of blood for more innocent Iraqi civilians who I think have suffered enough, but this will cause more unnecessary deaths among US and other troops over in Iraq.

The other things that has been running through my mind is the thing that one person on the political spectrum said about the Iraqi people identifying with their leader. I mean will they really cheer if Saddam is killed or will they feel that a part of them, and a part of their history is going with Saddam?

I am sure there will be no one unanimous opinion on this count, but I think it's important that the world stop and think before they take anymore rash actions.

We have seen in recent times, many people including former president Gerald Ford, not only question the need to invade Iraq, but also the motivation behind this war. I think it's imperative for the world to think what they are doing before taking this step, because once they do they just can't take it back.

I know this point of view might not be popular, but to sit back and say nothing about something that I feel is just so wrong on an elemental level would be equally as wrong. I do think that this dictator should pay for his crimes, but I wholeheartedly feel that hanging is the wrong thing to do.

You have tried him and found him guilty, let it be up to God to decide his fate the rest of the way, I just don't think that this additional action is right or necessary, and I really do worry that this could have even more devastating consequences than anyone has thought of or foreseen.

I am concerned that with the elimination of Saddam Hussein, that Iraq could really fall into full civil war, and if that happens the whole region could become destabalized, and if a war happens in that area of the world, the west should not think that we would get off Scott free. By this I mean the world is one big ripple affect and what happens in one place, will eventually affect other areas of the globe.

The sad part is this war in the East has not made the world safer, from all the articles and reports that I have read, it's made the world a less safe place, and even more ripe for the terror we sought to fight, when we went into these places in the first place.

I hope that we will really consider these actions, and take pause, before we do something so rash, but something that I also feel is incredibly wrong, not just for this dictator, but for the unforeseen consequences, and and impact that this could have on the future.

I just think that it's good to look before leaping. This action instead of fixing more of the west's problems, might actually help confound it and honestly, I think enough mistakes have already been made in this battle that is not likely to be won.


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