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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Gang Stalking. Something funny for a change.

Something funny for a change.

This is something funny for a change. I found this video on the Internet. I don't think it's a real gang stalking video, but a video designed to show how annoying gang stalking is. It's really well done however and it's too funny. Now it's in German so it's hard to make out the words, but I love when she says's, get a life. It's too funny.

I also like when she says this is more than stalking. I think this little video is such a wonderful illustration of what gang stalking is like on the light side. Mind you for the target their is no light side to this, it's just annoyance after annoyance. The stalkers keep in character in this video very well, and the girl playing the role does such a good job and is so incensed by her idiot tormentors, that it just comes together so well. I thought I would share this with other.

Now this video is just two minutes long, but it shows how irritating this thing can be, now imagine this for 24/7 after months and years, done by multiple people. Except you would also have this stupid music happening when you open email. Crack calls with this music, and multiple st anger with the same song playing as they drive by in cars, on bicycles, on foot, on the train, etc. Now insert anything that the target has been sensitised to, in place of the stupid music and do it in a subtle manner that is hard to prove and you have some idea what gang stalking is like, on the annoying level.

This video also does not show sleep deprivation and other things targets go through, but for some reason this short little two minute clip, does show how being followed can be irritating for a target, while keeping it on the light side.


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