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Friday, January 19, 2007

Is this what's behind gang stalking?

Here is some more information about why I think this is gang stalking. I think gang stalking and this community policing is more than likely a source of one and the same thing. Here is a really quick and brief explanation of what I posted to someone else on another forum. I will agree to the fact that gang stalking, has nothing to do with mind control. It's a perfectly explainable phenomenon. Gang Stalking is no different than what happened in this article here.

The only difference in my book is that what I am seeing in my city and I believe is the same in other cities, is organised and being done by community policing, or some other kind of community mobilization initiative.

Ever since the RCMP and CSIS over here in Canada have taught the local police the dirty tricks of the trade, we have the snitches, businesses, politicians, the police and others all working together to control the state. The same thing is happening in the US. The CIA, FBI, have also taught the police what is called intelligence based policing. This is happening in many places.

Every observation that I can make about gang stalking can be backed up with articles or pdf readings that I have been able to find online. Right down to the one handed signing that they do.

There signaling is fully coordinated, I do believe the signing is more like the Talking Hands signing, than the stasi signals. Talking hands is a one handed sign language the police use to communicate, when they are covertly observing a suspect. This sign language is based on the language the police use is based on what the hearing impaired use in public to communicate.

This hand signing in some US cities, is being taught as a part of free courses that citizens can take. Also based on the RCMP report on intelligence based policing, they want to have citizens out everywhere keeping an eye on things. Eg. The article mentioned they want kids in parks, keeping an eye on things, people out walking their dogs, keeping an eye on things.

They basically want people to be out, covertly keeping an eye on things. They will look like the average person walking the dog, pushing the baby carriage, but they will be the spies and eyes for the police and the community. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. As far as I am concerned based on my observation, and research, this is being done by the state, and these programs, of initiatives we now have, such as. Citizen corp, weed and seed, city watch, community policing, Intelligence lead policing, etc. These efforts are happening world wide.

They even have initiatives to curb anti-social behaviour, and to decide what is and is not acceptable. In the UK they are now even putting people into "sin bins" for bad behaviour.

Just before Hitler came to power a lot of the same disturbing stuff was happening in Germany. The other theory I just came across is that these crazy groups, who seem to think they are on the side of the law, because the police do protect them, are going after people they think are mental. Really from what I can see they are provoking people, and even if people are not mental to begin with, they are trying to give them break downs, and I do from what I have read, now understand that companies can have people placed under covert observation, and even communities can have people placed under covert observation. This practices can make sense to a degree, but gang stalking goes outside of that, and you have some real problem people, trying to hurt others, getting them to act violent and then making it look like they were the problems in the first place.

Just like all other systems, this I am sure started with good intentions, but when you have a bunch of people high on empowerment and no rules to keep them in check, you are going to get situations like this. People are also so busy, many are not aware of these community mobilization programs.

These program reach out to youth groups, churches, senior groups, community watch, etc. That is why we see all these various sorts of gang stalkers. It's organised all right, and the people perhaps do not all realise that they are hurting innocent people. Some are probably doingwhat they are suppose to do, and just covertly monitoring people, but the rest seem to be going out of their way to provoke people, to see if they can generate a response, not maybe realising why that person is reacting the way that they are. Remember most of these people have average, or below average intelligence and can't understand why the color red upsets someone, or key's being jangled, or loud coughing, or specific words. In their limited minds such actions, must mean the person is crazy, many people don't understand classical conditioning or things like this, so if they hear someone is crazy, violent, a drug dealing etc, they don't have the reasoning or mental acumen to question any of it.

I firmly believe that abuse in these programs, which large chunks of the population are taking a part in, is what we are seeing behind gang stalking.

These people can signal to each other to let each other know who the target is, they also can signal and let each other know what the target is sensitive to. Then for some reason just like what we see in other forms of mobbing, some go out of their way to incite a reaction from said target. Others will work on creating a reaction to a stimuli that was not previously there.

I believe these activities is outside of the guidelines, mandates, and functions that these people are given to perform. However there is such a frequency of occurrence that I think the problem has become extremely widespread and it should be looked into by some governing agency, before their is an epidemic occurrence of this, just like the situation in Korea. 1 in 10 had reported that sort of harassment.


Blogger Anthony Brina said...

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Legitimate processes and procedures within governments and other social bodies are manipulated with the knowledge of your actions, conversations and intentions, by corrupt perpetrators. The book ‘Suburban Spies’ gives true accounts of such situations and the intended devastating effect on the victim. Be wary of the highly credible person who makes you out to be a liar.

The stakes are high. This is no joke and not to be taken lightly. As for actions of recourse, public embarrassment toward the public stalkers is a start. These stalkers, though they act anonymously to the unaware bystanders around them, are real people. They have a job, a family and an image they want to maintain. As Suburban Spies talks of, some of these perpetrators are protected by legitimate authorities for favors of money, sex or other.

Along this line of courses of action is exposure of these perpetrators to their companies. Their employers may not be aware that they are harboring corrupt, criminal types in their companies. With all things being so image conscious today, companies will likely be careful to harbor such corrupt and criminal types in their workplace when many people come to know of it.

I can be contacted directly via my contact information posed on the blog.

Anthony Brina
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Sunday, January 28, 2007  

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