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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Suburban Spies. New Gang Stalking book?

There is a new book out called Subrban Spies. It's about gang stalking, now whither the target is real, or just another perp pretending to be a target, I can't say at this moment, but since it's my job to keep you all upto date on the latest in the community. I thought I would post the review that the author has provided, with a link to their book. Read and believe at your own discresion.

Subrban Spies
When he realizes he is surrounded by a collusion of people trying to ruin his reputation and destroy him emotionally, he returns to his family and friends for help. To his astonishment, they too had become part of the false life which had been shrouded over him. Anthony flees Canada to begin four years of travel in search of safety and a normal life once again. He battles the secret collusion which follows him to Japan, Italy and China where they riddle his life with difficulty, while he tries to piece together clues to the mystery. In a search for justice he appeals to the Canadian Embassy, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and The United Nations in China where he finds corruption and cover-ups. The collusion of covert espionage makes an attempt to frame him for illegal activity and threaten him with deportation from China. With the assistance of a reporter and foreign governments he manages to escape communist control to safely return to Canada.

In Canada, Anthony speaks with authorities including Canadian Intelligence to see that the iniquity continues, and discovers a Global Surveillance Network which has been secret to the world. This true story is an account of Anthony Brina`s incredible events since 1995, which include a threat on his life, a planted suicide note in his residence, and false accusations of a Police search for him. Who is behind this collusion of espionage activity? Is it family or friends, a government, or perhaps corporations are behind this international mystery? Can you determine who is behind it and why they have chosen Anthony as their victim? As you read his story you realize this could happen to you.

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