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Monday, March 26, 2007

Same coin, different sides.

Fast swift and sure, instead it's slow, sad, insidious and silent.

It's weird cause whenever anyone talks about the end of things and people's hearts growing cold and this and that, I always picture it happening over a really short space of time.
Instead what we are seeing is this slow and silent death of our society. Everything is silence and if people could only get their voices back it would be ok somehow, instead the gentleman have come to town and they have taken all the voices and they are stealing hearts one right after another with no one to stop them. It's so sad.

I see a lot of the things that are happening and I feel sorry for some people. Others I have no remorse for whatsoever, they will enjoy themselves when the true nature of this shows and reveals itself. Everyone is so busy looking out the front door for terrorist, that they have let the communist in the back door. The society has changed to an unspeakable degree, or maybe it was always like this and I just missed it? I don't know. I mean these spy agencies have been in existence for almost ever and they have it would seem always been spying on the unsuspecting public.

I feel so sorry for these people that so wanted security that they would give up freedom, and now they are bonded and bought slaves, who have willing sold their freedom, for preserved security. I don't know how to tell them it's not the truth and they have been terribly lied to. Oh well, who says that it's my place to. Ignorance is bliss for many and this remains true. People like living in bliss, just going along with whatever is happening. I read somewhere that the Germans of WWII thought that was a really great time in German history. Many of them did not perceive things the way that the rest of the world did at that time. I guess it's just like anything else, when you are on the inside looking out, you can't see clearly, but when you are on the outside looking in, your perspective is very different.

People are so jumpy and scared and nervous. We have well over 90% of our train population going along with this spy game, which makes me wonder about the percentage of Canadian society that has already been abducted into this.

I always wondered how a whole planet of people would subject themselves to being bound and marked, why there would not be more protest, but your break the will of the people first, you make it yours, you get them to control each other, social control. This is the only way that global dominance could be or would be possible. I see that now. I had always wondered what the conditions would be like in the world that would allow such things to happen and now I know.
I know that the human spirit longs to be free, but all too often people are willing to give over their will to something else, to others who they think know better than they do, even when something inside of them might be telling them that what is happening is not right, they are still all too happy to be going along with everything else, and everyone else.

I hear all these muted whispers from others that are going through similar, the ones who have never heard of gang stalking. End of the world stuff happening are the silent whispers. Most people unwisely don't believe in this stuff anymore so it's easy to slip this in through the door. What's that saying? The greatest trick the devil ever played was to get the world to believe that he doesn't exist. Something like that. Whatever you believe it, some strange things are happening in society and in the world, and it doesn't seem to be a coincidence.

I see these people and I realise that we are not that different, we all want to be safe and secure, we all I assume want to protect our society and keep those that we love safe, but where they are willing to take away the rights and freedoms of others, innocent others to make themselves feel safe, I am not willing to do this. I am not willing to give up my freedom for a false sense of security and I am not willing to stay ignorant when the truth tries to start peeking it's way through the dark clouds of ignorance. We are not that different in some regards, but in others we are worlds apart. Yet we are all bonded together because the fate these people share is the fate we all could share, because we are all human at the end of the day. I have by choice and reason ended up on this side of the coin and the others have chosen the other, yet we are still on the same coin, spinning and working it's will, and it does not seem to matter if it comes up heads or tails, because the human race is probably going to lose either way. It's already begun, boundless human slaves. There bodies are free, but their minds, souls, hearts and wills are all captive. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, but when you start watching, make sure that you know what you should really be keeping your eyes peeled for.

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