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Thursday, March 22, 2007

To serve and protect.

This is your hard earned tax dollars at work. These are the people that you are hiring to serve and protect you. Now he wasn't on the beat at this moment, or else the woman in this video would probably be dead.

She is 115 pounds, 5-1. He's 260 pounds, 6'1. On refusing to serve him more alcohol this was his reaction. Now since he was drunk he probably mistook her for his wife or something and pounded the living daylights out of her.

Had the camera not picked this up, he would have gotten off with a misdemeanor charge. Lesson number one, when dealing with the cops make sure it's caught on tape. They will get away with it every time unless it's caught on tape. 12 years of being on the force and this is how he acts, can you imagine what he has done to others when he was in uniform with a gun and a badge?

We always here that cops are just people like the rest of us, but you know what, the rest of us are not carrying guns and do not get off Scott free when we do things like this in society.

Many people will say well he's not getting off Scott free, and I say that's because the camera said what could not be said, otherwise he would have.

This is the most disgusting thing that I have seen in a very long time. To watch this guy beat her like she was a piece of meat and knowing that this is who is suppose to be helping to serve and protect the citizens of Chicago, it's just mind numbing and this is not isolated to a few bad apples, it's just unless it's caught on tape like this, so we can really see what's happening, you would have had a misdemeanour charge.

It's more than a few bad apples, and these people have to understand, that though they are human and they are entitled to a bad day, and they do a stressful job, that does not give them the right to act like this in any capacity, and the fact that he was not on the job, or drunk does not excuse the behaviour, I am sure if he acts like this in one capacity, he is fully capable and able to act like this in other capacities.

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