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Friday, March 16, 2007

Spy Games

Just in case you missed it, I am being followed around the city and being spied on in unspeakable ways.

I have for fun decided to do a couple of things with my little uncoordinated and at times directionally challenged spy force.

I can't list all the games here, cause that would ruin my fun, but I can list a couple.
Oh and before I do that, I should hand out the worst spy of the year awards.
The masticating of the eyes. Can we please train the spy force a little bit better on this. Some do it really really well, but others are just so bad at it I really want to pull them aside and give them retraining. Did they really have training or did someone pull them aside and then say hey this is how you do this this and that, and then throw them out there, because that really seems to be the case with some of these people.

Again why my assets have been of interest for the last several years I have no idea, but that does not mean we can not play games with them none the less.
1. Spies love to go for a walk, just like dogs or other animals they do not like to stay couped up in the house too much and so you really need to take them for a walk. One day when you have time, and you really want to see how challenged they are, take your suburban spies out for a walk.

I usually will once a month, yes unlike dogs, you don't have to walk them twice a day, they are much easier to maintain that way. So anyways, I usually will take mine for a walk from one end of the city to the next. We will stop to see the sites, I will make several stops to help them regroup themselves. Since they at times can be slow moving, and they will at times throw in an elderly person, so to be fair, I will make several stops.
But I take them all over the place. We go on walks and all sorts of things. It's fun they love it, it give them a chance to work off some of those spy pounds they have acquired the whole time, sitting on their assess waiting for their spy phones, pages and other tech devices to let them know what to do.
So if you are a target, be nice think twice and take your targets out for a walk.

2. Freak out a spy today. Now because spies are overly psychotic and a little neurotic, oh wait that should say a lot neurotic, then it's pretty easy to freak them out and watch the expressions on their faces. Now don't do anything too outrageous. Eg. For fun however I just recently told M. the spy assigned to sit beside me at work that a huge explosion happened right outside the window where he was sitting in the sky, while his back was turned on the half an hour call that he took. Now aside from the earth shaking blast, the windows shattering, the debris, the fire trucks, the sonic rumblings, which you think he would have noticed this right, and realise that I was obviously joking and trying to freak him out? Apparently not. So after watching the end of the world look on his face, I had to seriously roll my eyes and recant what I had said. It's nice to have fun with them, it's not nice to mentally scar them, (least not much.) Perps are people too. Sure they don't think that we are people, but that does not mean that we have to sink to their level.

I think that M. is taking his spy job pretty seriously. I think M. might have been a target at one stage, and is now a perp. Sad but true. This is what happens to you if you succumb to the evil empire. They will use you to hurt other targets. Anyways, so yes, games that mess with their mental acumen, or lack their of is ok, but let's try not to push it too far.
There are other games that can be played with the spy force, but that is just a couple. If you are a target or you know someone who is, then write in and tell me about your favorite games to play with targets to keep them on their toes and to keep other targets amused while we try to get through these trying times.

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