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Monday, March 26, 2007

Mindless Conformity.

Well I have had a couple more opportunities to test out the brilliance of the suburban spy force, who will from here on in be fondly referred to as the S.S. I think that title is very well suited for them.
The SS is what the German soldiers of a time past were called and now that is what these ones will now be called, because I think the name rather suits them.
Anyways I had an opportunity a couple of days ago to see if our spy force were up to their nasty tricks again. I saw some woman screaming at the top of her lungs, heading onto the subway. Now from a distance I was not sure if she was just another annexed victim of society or if she was indeed being harassed by our new SS. So I got on the same train car to check.
Well I could not see anyone around obvious that could be bothering her, so I left it at that. She was white, about medium height, short brown hair, red jacket, and I think she had colourful eyes of some sort, but it was hard to tell as she was screaming out her lungs about the end of the world and repenting. Now since I didn't see anyone obviously bothering her, I left it at that and got off the train when she did at the next stop. She headed outside and I figure screaming on the streets is no ones business but hers, so I left it at that. Plus since she was screaming about the end of the world, who am I to judge her as crazy? With all the weird things happening now, she could be on the right track, plus her screaming had subsided.
After I got off the train I then realised of course since my lovely computer is probably being tracked all over the city, I say this with good reason, that it might have shown me at the location and the brilliant spy force, and the masters pulling their puppet strings, might have chalked it up to me screaming at people on the train. God knows they are sleazy enough for anything. After that incident at the library with the frisky perp I think that they are capable of saying and doing just about anything. I am happy to say that in the 8 years or more of getting gang stalked I have managed to not have any sessions where I had to yell at any of these creatures in public. God knows the temptation has been there however.
The point with this clip trip is I didn't see any obvious signs that she was being bothered and since I could not see anything that happened before her outburst I could not predict if she was targeted or not, but I was tending towards not. Which reminds me that I still have not been able to follow up on the bug lady, whom I do believe is a target of this harassment. She is white, petite about her 40's, I came across her recently and I am sure that she is a target of this. I have tried to clue her in to what was happening, but I don't know if my message was received.
Also the coworker who has been placed beside me full time to spy on me, the one that I mentioned that use to be a target, but is now one of them, I just found out that he had a military background. I was not aware of this, and now it has me wondering if this is where his targeting might have started from? I have met many people who have told me that they had military connections. I can't recall what he said he did in the military, it has something to do with communications and weapons. Now there is another target who runs a gang stalking site and he use to be in the military.
So the force were in better form over the last couple of days, which is good to see. I saw almost marching poses, and straight backs on many of the ones who were stalking me over the last couple of lunches. Usually you get the ones with the dreadful postures, and they look just dreadful as suburban spies. The last couple of days they were in better form. However the ones on the train are still in need of work. No offence to them.
One really good mention that I found in particularly good form recently not only had the make up trick down pat, but she was also working with one of my favorite tricks, which I call TDRMT. Now as a target I use this one myself, so I can't go into any details, but she got top marks from me for the performance. She looks sort of eastern European, short dark hair, a SS if I ever saw one. The outfit to match. Now I know the SS force need to have people who look regular, but they really need to work on some of these people. Eg. The overly pushy female from yesterday. I love the ones that are so overzealous at what they are doing, that they end up being just so bad at it. This was here, and then she had attitude to boot. I clearly would not have given this one the red badge of courage or anything else. SS like this are irritating, not good at what they do, and oh where do I begin. I have seen many more people using the picking at the nose to mask directional signals, now again very effective, but can I just once again say gross.
I have seen slightly better coordination this week, but I can't believe that they are using these people for Suburban Spying. I see constant gaps, and things that they should be paying attention to, but because they are too busy with the harassment of people like me, they are busy missing these things. Being stalked and tracked like an animal has made me more observant to say the least, but it's also made me realise that these people are not going to save the city from anything, but themselves. At the core they are just average people, and they are keeping an eye out in the course of their day to day jobs, but only what they are being told to watch for. I could explain it, but why bother.
So the city in reality is no safer at all, and all that is happening is that we have people tracking the wrong people in my opinion. They are going after people who might actually be smart enough to help them should an emergency happen. These people are well left up to their own fate. The things they should be watching they are not, and the things that they should be not watching that is where their eyes are glued.
Busy bodies can be a good way to know which laundry detergent this and that person is using, and who is sleeping with who and who's child is wearing second hand clothing, but this information is only going to go towards black mailing people later on. I am not sure it would ever actually go towards saving the city.
Then you have the spy force that has to see which products targets buy, and which brands they use. This can be effective, except by now, much like the people who make home made drugs, real terrorist would have figured out a work around that these people would not be looking for I am sure.
Their flaws are obvious and just as easily exploitable as ever. I am glad I ended up on the hunted side of the blanket. I mean I am not glad to have my life interrupted this way, but it's made me a better person, I can honestly say that. It's given me more substance, something that many of these people lack or start to lack after doing this for awhile, and substance is what you need to see things around you clearly, not a bunch of scared mindless, conformist robots that jump at the sight of their own shadows.

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