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Monday, March 26, 2007

The snitches shall inherit the earth?

It's amazing that you can teach people to spy and snitch on each other, but you can not teach them common courtesy. They don't look out for each other. They have not learnt to respect each other, only how to betray each other.. They do not look out for the needy and the poor of society, no in fact this has given many an excuse to turn ones eye down and look down on others, who are perceived as different, or less superior. They do not look out for the mother and the child in need of a seat, oh no, they are too busy looking for the depraved terrorist amongst them, or the crazy person. Maybe take a look in the mirror people, do you really like what you see?

We have taught them to follow orders without question, to betray moral decency and basic civil humanity, but we have not taught them to give their seats to the elderly or disabled. There eyes go to and fro to everywhere but not to the things that really matter or that have consequence.

They can teach the child to snitch but not to behave or have basic respect for their elders. They now spend so much time focused on the inconsequential that they have forgotten to focus on the things of consequence, the things that had value and meaning, the things that made them human. You can teach them many things, but apparently to love and respect one another is not one of them.

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