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Friday, March 16, 2007

Remains of the day.

What will be left after this is over with? Will this be over with? Will anything be left?
I mean once a society falls the way of spying and snitching on each other, is there any coming back from that? Is that like trying to get your 13 year old who has been a prostitute for a year to obey a curfew? Possible but not likely. once a snitch always a snitch and you would have to wait for a new generation to bread out the snitching and spying habits.This is the perfect way to control a society. Let them think that they are in control, meanwhile they are just slave drones/droids for the State. This form of social control has worked for many societies and it looks like it will work to keep this one under control when the time comes. The people become their own worst enemies. Everyone wants to be free, but no one knows who to trust, and everyone is too scared to act on their own. I always wondered why the love of men's hearts would grow cold towards the end, and now I think I know. It was times like these that were described.

What are the remains of the day going to be? I mean the only way this could have come about was to raise a Godless, immoral, conformist society, where this would not be a problem. The last few decades or so have been spend doing that, and now for the final show, the government will continue to do that, but they will be in your life and the lives of your children almost from the cradle.

I think in the society that we had before people might have been too moral to go along with this, except for at time of war, at least that is what I tell myself, but who knows.
I know now is what is here. I was on the train this morning and I was trying to find the best word to describe our civilian spy force. I came up with a lot of words, but the best and most descriptive word seems to be a form of mindless conformity. I like to think that there was a period not too long ago where people would have objected to this, to going along with what everyone else is doing, and with being like everyone else, following the crowd. I think there was a time like this where people wanted to be individuals, but again I am not sure. All that's left now are these blank canvasses waiting to be written on, waiting for others to tell them what to do, think and feel.

On the weekend I had thought things were tapering off and got a little bit worried, but today the citizen spy force were back in full force, in fact they now have a couple of spies on my floor, who tried to escort me downstairs. I don't know why, it's not as if I am going to get on the elevator with your spy force, who can't be trust. Lunch time was fun, the quite little area that I found the first few days now always filled with suburban spies. It's so nice to have lunch by yourself sometimes. The State is all about taking away individual freedoms and powers, so why not time alone and time to think.

I am also not found of them when they try to find out information. Where are you going? Where are you headed for lunch? Oh did you do this that and the other? It's very transparent and it's like like go away suburban spy. I also hate it when they get people that I use to associate with to come and talk to me, and I know that they are suburban spies or just looking for info. It's like can you get away from me, and just go perp yourself. It's like I wish I had a can of Judas begone traitor spray.

I was on a forum recently and someone asked if Jesus would approve of all the Spying and gang stalking going on, and I was like, if he lived in this time period he would be gang stalked, what are you talking about.

His family asking him to stop preaching cause the town people were thinking he was crazy or possessed with a demon. People trying to spread rumours and slander about him. Close friend betraying him, and asked to keep an eye on him. Also people knowing his location like every two minutes. The State wanting him out of the way or dead. I was thinking that he would so have been seen as an outspoken dissident that had to be "dealt with." To answer the question I do not think he would have approved of all the spying that is going on in our societies.

What will be the remains of the day for this society? I don't think it will be much. It's a wasteful society that has twisted values. The things we should value and care about we don't and we spend our times in useless unfulfilling materialistic pursuits. We have not built great pyramids which will marvel future generations long after we are gone. Unlike societies in the past who could build and leave behind such structures like that, to confirm their existence and their advancements, we won't even have that. What will be the remains of the day for this generation?

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