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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Black out.

I read an article recently that said that Black Woman were having less children.
Of course they are. There children are being decimated to an unspeakable degree, so why should they have more than one child. One less heartbreak.

This is how it seems to be working. Now the following is a highly stereotyped presentation. Your children, especially your male children will be filter and blacked out like this.

First in school. The zero tolerance programs. I keep seeing articles on how these mostly target minority children and how
it's being used to throw them out of the school system and into the arms of the criminal justice system.

The thing that only a few articles have mentioned is that some students, are using this to purposely aggravate and annoy minority students, cause they know that when they lash out, they will be the ones kicked out of school more times than not.

That is something that these articles are not covering. Just like workplace mobbing, your kids are being targeted in schools, and especially your male children.

When they are kicked out of school and banned from every school on the planet, undereducated, unable to get a job, some not all, will turn to a life of crime, this will of course through them into the loving and caring arms of law enforcement and a life time of slavery one way or another.

The rest left in the school, will have friends who are part of this programs who will purposefully try to get their friends into these programs, so they too can be enslaved. Misery loves company.
This is how it's working. If under 18 they will try to get them to become snitches for the civilian spy force. Since young offenders don't serve too much time, they might escape this trap the first time and be slaves behind bars for a short space of time. Others will choose this program and become slaves to the system for the rest of their lives.

The other kids will just keep going in and out of the system till they turn 18, unless you as a parent can pull them out and get them to go straight somehow. Working the 10 jobs that you might be to get them a better life, you might not have the time for both, but God knows you will surly try.

The others will again be offered this program or the lengthy jail time that comes with the new and improved minimum sentences for crimes. Again ensuring that they are likely to choose these spy/snitch programs and a life of slavery to the state, rather than jail. The ones who choose jail, might get 15 years, but at least someday they might know freedom.

If your kids don't manage to get into drugs, or selling drugs, not to worry, the CIA will import drugs into your community to make sure that they do. Should you get a lawyer who then tries to sue the CIA for this, your lawyer will be hounded via the Cointelpro style programs that are in place and be driven from one country to another, till they end up in Israel.

Then there are your children who will get through high school, college and turn out ok. You would think they would be ok then right? Wrong. They will especially with your male children, try to through some multicultural spy nookie their way. This way ensuring that someone always knows what the males are up to, or that their children are integrated into the new and improved multicultural society that we have in the making.

The rest will have baby mama drama, and or affairs, or something to keep them in a constant state of woo.

If you are black, male and you happen to survive and escape the snare of this system, then you are very lucky. If you fit into a category outside of the afforementioned, where the state or government has nothing on you. They have not put you through the system, have not integrated you into some spy force relationship, and you have no drama in your life, that could
be used against you. Congrats, and watch your back, they will be coming after you.

So black woman are having less children, and you wonder why?

Children if you are kicked out of the schools go to the libraries and public areas and finish your education online. It's worth it. Stay out of crime for as long as you can and as much as you can.
Stop snitching it's not just a catchy tee-shirt, it's the only way to save yourselves and society. Be good citizens, if you see a crime do the right thing, but do not become snitches for the state. It's a life of slavery and nothing else.

The other females, if you have managed to escape the single parent, baby momma drama, way to go. However if you have fallen into the societal whore trap, you are not doing much better.
For the ones who finished school, are working at decent jobs, not into anything illegal, not married to a perp, or bred by one, also not a part of these programs, watch your back, they will be coming after you as well.

That's the black out, and if you don't watch yourselves, you will become assimilated and eliminated.

Life a good life, eat your vegetables and stay away from the government. Simple formula, but how many will manage this? If you do watch your back.

If you think this is just a fairy tale, look around you, and don't expect any sympathy from your counterparts in society. I was just on a forum and people think you all should take ownership for your state of affairs.

So take ownership for the targeting you are getting, for the CIA importing drugs into your communities, for the systemic system that still purposely goes after some, the system that will not allow to rise any Messiah that could unite the masses.

Take ownership, make it yours and then rise above it. No one else can, and no one else will.

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