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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Postings from the edge.

This was going to be a regular feature on the blog, but I blogged this about 4 months ago, never posted it, and I think postings from the edge will just be a one time thing.

Ok. I thought I would do something that was fun. I would gather some of my postings from various sites and just repost them.

Sometimes I come up with insightful or interesting postings and I never get to really gather them in one place. So I thought I would just take a quick scroll around the net and go over some of my more recent postings.

This was a posting from one forum, discussing the steps that America is taking to becoming like Nazi Germany. Here is my post, and here is a link to the site that sparked the discussion.

[quote]This is what I see happening. Hitler used snitches or Citizen Informants before he could come to power. We have the same here.
The fake fire. Then we have 9/11. I know just because the government planned a similar attack on their own country 50 years earlier, that involved terrorist acts on the American people, including hijacking planes, killing innocent citizens and blaming it on another country so that they could start a war with said country that is no reason to believe that they also did 9/11 right. Well it's no reason to not believe that they didn't. Operation Northwoods is proof enough for me to keep an open mind.

Let's see Concentration Camps, we do have Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay. But what's that got to do with anything, People being held without being accused of anything, and not able to see lawyers, or have trials, this being done by a democratic country, who would be the first to insult others for doing the same. People killing themselves because they have been held for years at a time without any hope of freedom or democracy in sight. Mistreated, tortured, and not able to have access to proper nutrition. How many have died?

Then at home, we have the hunt for Terrorists, and in the middle of this, hundreds of thousands of people complaining about being Gang Stalked and Electronically harassed. Picked out and targeted by this creepy snitching society for stuff that they didn't do. These people are exactly like the Snitch forces that have been set up before.

These are all things that went into making Germany what it was. The thing that the history books do not tell you about Germany is that many of those citizens thought it was one of the best times in their lives. Many loved the economic prosperity Hitler brought back to the country. They loved what he did for them, and if you had asked them if what was going on was wrong or bad, many would have had no idea what you were talking about. The same would be true for the Stasi that would come up in Germany as well.

At times like that, you think people would know evil when they see it, often they are part of the experience, but unless they are the ones being targeted, they do not seem to have a realisation of it.

It's a cohesive force, and people believe that they are on the side of righteousness, this is part of what blinds them to being able to commit the most horrendous acts on others.
Just some observations.[/quote]

This is from another forum, that was trying to understand if Gang Stalking was real. After I presented some good arguments about the Civilian Spies, the conversation turned to, what motivates people to turn against their fellow countrymen/women (and friends and family). What is the desire to be secret agent men and women. My answer is below.

[quote]It's more than just wanting to be secret agent man or woman. No this appeals to something deeper inside the human psyche. It's wanting to be part of something greater, bigger than yourself. It's belonging, finally fitting into society. Finding a purpose. It gives them a degree of respect, acceptance. You can't just look at the surface elements. The things that bind this together, and have in ever other instance are so much deeper.

Many of the Stasi in the former East Germany had no regret or remorse for what they did. They had no problem with the fact that they handed in their Son's, or best friends, or wives or husbands. The loyalty was to the state. When the files were opened, and many found out who had betrayed them, and had the opportunity to confront them, there were no apologies, for sending someone to jail, and betraying them, there was no conscience, just excuses and justifications. Somehow these people manage to justify what they are doing. I think a large part of it goes back to well everyone else was doing it.

Thus why soldiers are able to gang rape young girls, why gangs can commit some of these crimes, the herd mentality. Why societies can become like this seemingly over night. Why you get sororities with this bizarre hazing practices that are accepted and carried out for years. Why people choose to seek out and join groups.

The rest do it to be patriotic, they are serving the country, being it's first line of defense against the enemies of the state. They will destroy the enemies of the state if the state will's it. They will do it's bidding.

Others are of that unfortunate class, who did something wrong, and they were offered to turn Citizen Informants, get out of jail free, get the charges dropped, get this swept under the carpet.
Other are blackmailed, almost the same as above, others it's peer pressure. You have no idea how many in our society are doing this. I have some idea, but I have no legit way at this moment of compiling figures.

Those are some of the most obvious ways. I do agree that the stop snitching movement has gone a long way to bring this problem to light, even though when I first began the research I had no idea, and would have no idea till many months down the line that this was all related. However the movement has been demonised, and the police are now making it seem that if you are against snitching, you are helping criminals. Ethnic communities stated the stop snitching movement years ago, because of the police arresting members of the community, then turning them into life time slaves(snitches) of the state, and then sending them back out into the community to do whatever they wanted, which was the same crimes that they were doing, or worst, only this time, they would have the protection and the blind eyes of the police, cause they were now snitches.

This alone will not stop what is happening. I really don't know that there is anything that can stop this. I do think that we are going to see history repeat itself, but on a global scale.

The only thing I forgot to add to this post is that people also enjoy the secrecy. It's being part of a secret club, that only a select sect belong to.
Now there are more postings from the edge upcoming, but I think 2-3 at a time is more than enough for one day.

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