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Monday, March 02, 2009

Weather Manipulation

Weather Manipulation

I am just going to do a quick blurb about this. Now I have been meaning to write about this for the last six months or so, but since I am being careful about my blogging, I thought I would wait till a bit more proof presented itself. Now there are some that have been talking about this for years. The government can to some degree control the weather.

China the other day made it snow again. It's the second time that a news story came out that they did this, in recent times.

[quote]China's artificially induced snow closes 12 highways[/quote]

This ability is important because there is some speculation that this was used during Katrina. Also with this is the accusation that the levees were specifically blown in addition to this fact. I am going to stay off this topic, because I have not researched it enough, but it's something to be aware of.

[quote]Could Hurricane Katrina and other Catagory-5 hurricanes have been artificially created? The very idea that someone or some agency did this sounds utterly impossible and crazy to most people. Actually, it seems incredible to those who have never entertained such notions before. To others who know that the weather can be manipulated and the feds are up to no good, then the concept of unnatural weather disasters does not sound so fantastic.

The real news is that the government can manipulate the weather to some degree, probably more than we know. This has been something that was possible since as far back as 1972. The two part radio show that Darren Weeks did about this a couple of years ago is really interesting.
If this is the case, which it is, they can manipulate the weather, there is a great deal of potential for good, but like nuclear energy there is a great deal for bad. It could be used to create rain in dessert areas, prevent droughts in Africa, but it could also be manipulated to cause hurricanes, snow, rain flood, and other devastation to targeted areas.

I think as usual the science that the government truly has vs the gap of what we know about or are willing to believe is very broad. Just something to be aware of.

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