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Monday, November 09, 2009

Too Much Truth

So I was on the INFJ's Forum. Found it on Google, but it was a live forum, where a Gang Stalking target was being ridiculed.

The thread started with a poster who wanted to talk about her Gang Stalking. She was mercilessly being teased and called crazy by the other posters.

She was busy trying to convince them that she was not crazy. It was not working and so finally I registered an account. I wanted to see what would happen, in some cases I am able to be of assistance. In others not.

I posted three information filled threads, which were enough to be able to rebuff the assertions that the posters in the thread had been making about her being crazy.

They had been calling her crazy, saying that the government would not stalk her and so forth.

The discussion started to go in favour of the fact that Gang Stalking is real and so they decided to delete the thread and ban my account, using the accusation that I was posting propaganda or something like that?

It's really funny. I have not had accounts banned in this manner in some time. I keep forgetting however that light still has to shine onto these types of forums. The civil rights movement comes to mind. It might not be attack dogs, and fire hose, but it's the same type of resistance, to seeing this brought out into the open.

Now if the problem really was that I was posting links, which I did, but they could have simply removed my posts, instead they deleted the whole thread, and banned the account, when clearly I was being a part of the discussion in a peaceful manner. This is what use to happen, and until Targets visit and enlighten these types of forums, it is what will continue to happen.

So in honour of Indigo Ribbon month, here is an example of what we are still against as targets.

Here is some of that discussion.

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Originally Posted by Satya View Post
I would say the probability is that...

1. You authentically believe that the government is after you with little evidence to support the assertion. This belief may or may not be indicative of a mental illness and only a mental health professional could ascertain such.
2. You are some person with way too much time on their hands who likes to go to forums and garner attention by making audacious claims about the government being after you.
3. You are a troll with really weak trolling abilities.

Which option sounds most plausible?
With programs such as Cointelpro being quite real, and most likely quite ongoing.

With things such as the violent persons registry, being a fact.

With the three threads of fully credible info that have just been posted.

With the former East Germany of living proof that this can happen in a society, why are those three choices the only choices being presented?

Maybe you are a

A) A Troll
B) Not very well read on the subject matter
C) Maybe you suffer from Gang Stalking Denial Syndrome and then need to ask yourself why you find it so hard to believe that this could be happening to someone.

Unlike what you are giving to this other poster, I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and go with option B) Not very well read on the subject matter, and then I suggest you read up on the topic, do some research before you go and judge this other poster.
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Unread Today, 02:47 #94

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gangstalking has not yet embarked on a study of the force

Originally Posted by Shai Gar View Post

Gangstalking. Stop harassing her. Now.

Cute, I am familiar with the Urban Dictionary definitions.

Here are some Amazon Books that you can read up on the subject.

It's also Indigo Ribbon Month. Shame on you making fun of a Targeted Individual during Indigo Ribbon Month.
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I just checked, they didn't just ban my account, they banned that girl's account as well. Now if the dispute was with me, why ban her account? I guess the dispute was really with the subject matter and the fact that you would not be left to pick on her as a group. This is what targets are constantly against. I am sure some in that thread were decent, but some were taunting her and she was trying to get a legit point across, and as long as they could make her look crazy it was all fun and games, but once that was not an option, then it was another story.

This is what targets are up against in real life and online. My deepest and sincerest apologies to the original poster of that thread. I watched them bully you, and sought to help. I never sought to have your account banned, or mine for that matter. Some days it's one step forward two steps back.

I think that little informants think it's three years ago when our threads could just silently be deleted and we would just go running for the hills.

It's a different day, and we have made progress. It's Indigo Ribbon Month. We have books, websites, and a presence in this place and we as Targeted Individuals will not be silenced. I can only hope the time will come when people frown upon your actions towards us, the way they do upon those who try to stop truth.

I never did figure out what that forum was about, but if it's so narrow that it can't handle the truth about Gang Stalking, it's probably not worth finding out. Here is one more option.

Some of you are just narrow minded, you don't like the truth, and you like to pick on those who are telling the truth. When confronted in a fair fight, you would rather delete and ban your adversaries than fight fair. You are cowards in the truest sense of the word and are dully representative of the other Informants that some of you likely represent. How is that for another option.

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Blogger gang stalking said...

I think what they did is disgraceful, considering what the subject matter of that forum is. I also think it's disgraceful that during Indigo Ribbon Month, when Targets need to be bringing awareness to these places. that we get such censorship from this type of forum. Anyways here is my email to the webmaster.

I joined your forum recently, I saw a poster getting taunted for trying to point out that she was a target of a practice that was known as Gang Stalking. I posted three long posts some with links, and defended her against some of the other members.

I posted about 9 posts. I was not spamming, I was having a legit discussion. One of your mods decided to delete my account, the thread, and the account of the original poster who as far as I am aware was not doing anything wrong, but trying to point out that she was being targeted.

I believe very strongly that this was an act of censorship on the part of your forum and moderator. If there was a problem with my posting, you could have given an adequate warning. If the problem was with me, why was the whole 5 page thread removed? More importantly why was the original poster banned? I went back to check to appologise to her, and she is now banned.

I believe very strongly that you forum is practicing censorship on a topic that is not forbidden. There are books on this topic, multiple websites, videos etc. subject Gang Stalking. Google and so forth.

I think in this time period to be so very backward on this topic, reflects very poorly and shamefully on your forum, which seems to cover a variety of topics.

I request an explanation as to why the thread was removed, why my account was banned, and why was the original poster banned, if the dispute was with myself?

I look forward to some type of adequate response. [/quote]

Monday, November 09, 2009  
Blogger gang stalking said...


Update, my account is still banned. cry But the thread is there and accessible, and her account is ok. The thread after I was accused of posting propaganda, showed invalid link and her account was showing the same as my account, etc.

So the thread is back, she is not banned and all is well in the world.

Oh except for my ban for all the Gang Stalking Propaganda that I was posting. Yes the truth about government surveillance and torture is considered propaganda. Well if posting about the topic of Gang Stalking is propaganda, to that forum, then so be it.

Monday, November 09, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Gang. My post is not meant to heap critism, but I feel I must state my view.

After reading the series of posts, it was obvious how you tried to help the other TI. However, as a TI myself who has been vilified in my so-called community, I have learned to stay as close to the truth as possible, so I will try to be as objective as possible in my reply.

Both you and "womb" are TI's talking to non-TI's, immediately creating a language barrier. What I saw from the non-TI's was not so much ridicule, as just plain incredulousness. It was obvious "womb" was unable to properly express her plight and you made a very good effort to resolve this, but I think you and "womb" had already lost your audience. They appeared to become completely defensive, totally unwilling to listen to what you were saying. This seems to happen at posts #10 thru 20, and then at #75.

Of course, there were a few strands of hope (post #65 by Mohican) which could have led the thread either way, but the volume of information that was then presented to them in your post (#72), seemed to have raised another still unresolved concern or issue among the non-TI group. Your post was relevant, very informative, and I'm sure in some way very effective. However, the "Eleanorian" philosophy appears to hold here (a term I coined from the approach Eleanor takes): A non-TI can be easily turned off of this subject given even the most miniscule germ of an excuse. I know this myself by living with an non-TI spouse.

This is not to deny that the influence of some "perps" was not at play here, but our efforts to educate the public is still facing a huge wall of subjective perception.

I applaud your continuing efforts, J.

Rob F.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009  
Blogger gang stalking said...

Hi Rob,

Thanks for your feedback. I think with thread what I try to do is watch and see how the TI is handling themselves. Most times I try to stay out, cause targets need to learn how to do this themselves, to do their own activism, but she seemed to be getting picked on.

She kept trying to convince them that she is not crazy, and she was getting ridiculed saw a way to try to help and took it.

I don't know if the info from Gang Stalking World was there or not still, but after posting, it seem to stop some of the ridicule of her which was my primary goal at the time.

Educating the audience not so much. I think after three years I find that it's not educating the general public about this. Enough know that it's a matter of making it normal to talk about this sort of stuff. Too many people are hooked on the phonics of this is a secret club that can't be discussed. Where the truth is the secret of this everyone soon to be enslaved club must come out.

I don't think my goal at that stage was turning off or on anyone, just trying to help out the girl. Anyways, my goal should have been both, but really it wasn't at that stage.

You make some good points. Depending on the forum, I might stop to give info or just post and go. If I had to do it all over again, I would post the same links, to the same info, but keep it to a couple less paragraphs.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the positive reply. I agree with your assertion in educating the public. But with what language? That may be the biggest challenge.

Thursday, November 12, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are no real gangstalkers. I threw this together to explain it all, you won't believe what they are doing, they've installed a BioAPI in everyone on earth. People can be controlled on demand. Its awesome. Truth is stranger then fiction.

Friday, October 28, 2011  

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