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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The snitches have no clothes

I have had the chance to observe the informants recently. They are like the story, the emperor has no clothes.

See they are slaves in a system that controls them yet some imagine themselves as free citizens, empowered citizens, deputized, partners of the state. It's the biggest lie ever.

It's funny to watch the slaves go into overdrive to defend and protect the very system that holds them bound. Some of them really are mental in that regard, in a frenzied type way.

At one point I thought that most people hated the violations this type of system caused, I mean this is what the Stasi did to it's citizens, but no, some love this. A generation ago, democratic countries were preaching about the evils of countries who turned their citizens into informants. Watching this system is like watching someone take a young girl, putting her out on the street corner, and watching her brag about the freedom of being a prostitute, and yet that is what I am seeing in some regards.

People that are slaves, but who are proud of their slavery, and will do what they can to defend it. Slavery for the people by the people. We would frown and look down on someone in the example above, and encourage her to end her slavery, and be mystified when she claimed to like the freedoms that came with being prosituted out, but that is what I see in some ways daily, and I am mystified by it.

I have spoken about this system before. It empowers citizens the same way the Nazi's were empowered against their neighbours the Jews. From the side of some Germans, it was a time of community, coming together, working together, protecting the fatherland, they were helping to get rid of what they saw as the bad element the problem for all their woes. Many wanted to be part of something that was greater than themselves, and so the power, the true power is given away and exchanged for something that looks shiny and effulgent on the outside, but that is truly as dull as brass on the inside, and most citizens do not know the difference, because in this modern day society of the haves and the have nots, most people do not have, have never had, and so they simply do not know the difference.

This is what they have, this is what makes them feel connected, special, purposeful, and the same way some of the Germans worked together, formed a sense of community, is the same way these people work together, to protect the very insane system that controls them all. It's replaced family, community and God. The system is what they worship, bowdown to, fear and give their allegence to.

Watching it up close and personal is interesting. I really do think this system has some form of mental illness. It's funny that they try to make targets look mentally ill, but in reality this system is what is unwell, and needs a cure.

This system has more wrong with it than right, but to see those at a ground level who would defend it is truly sad. I see members of society who have so little that they will protect their own slavery, who buy into a myth that they have become a part of something special, worth fighting for and defending, but that's a lie. From this side of the fence, I see truly insane people, who have so very little, they would fight to preserver their own slavery, because it makes them feel special, connected, powerful, it's their larger than something.

That special feeling, that having something, and belonging that too many people in society grow up without. I know not everyone wants to be enslaved, but the longer members stay a part of this cult, I think it puts them at risk of forgetting that there was and still is something greater than this cult, this controlled system they have given themselves to.

They act so proud of what they are, yet run and hide in the shadows at the first sign of light being shown on who they are and what they do. It's interesting. This system does not stand up to the light, how could it when it's a system of darkness, like so many others of it's kind, that has been seen before.

Many in this upcoming generation are growing up without, without a sense of moral right vs moral wrong, people complain about pedophile rings, and corruption, yet they roll around and take part, and are a part of the very system that allows such, and is designed to allow such to happen. Those evil things are the sacrifice to this evil system, and those who defend it are responsible in their own way. It's like those who harass targets, they get in one harassment here or there, but they are never responsible for the whole. They spread it around enough so that their hands do not seem dirty, but their hands are dirty.

Freedom is not free, not the way many have been taught, it's a lie and an illusion. I am learning a lot on this journey, and it's interesting.

The first thing is that if you want change, really want change, it comes from within first, and then radiates outward. I think societies enslavement is just comfortable enough that people are willing to trade it off for what might be real freedom, true freedom, but after all what is true fredom, when many have never really experienced it?

So I say it with all due respect, but the snitches have no clothes.'s_New_Clothes

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

These people are oddly proud of what they are doing. Yesterday around noon, I saw two guys just standing on the church grounds, just standing around, posing, holding their pose, for the longest time. I was ignoring them, looking straight ahead, but as I passed, they still had that smug look on their faces, as though they thought they were getting to my head by just standing there. Just think... those two older men, who could be helping their grandchildren with school or whatever, would rather be standing there like a could of kindergarten children, trying to get to one person's head. Actually, I was with someone else, but you know how it is... they target and stalk others TI's associate with.

I personally think our governmemt is collapsing, and there is another one taking hold. This has been going on for at least a decade now. The USA is no longer. We just live on the land where the USA once stood.

Well, there are Canadian TI's as well, but things are equally bad over there I understand.

I'm sure you like me and the other TI's have this feeling that this is our destiny, that somehow we were born different enough from the rest and stronger to be able to handle this life (I mean war).

Thursday, October 22, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said, dear one. Have faith and hang in there! The Archangels have got your back!

Saturday, October 24, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want you to get this book called Angels Companions in Magick by Silver Ravenwolf. This will help you get to know the order of them, who they are, and help you develop a relationship with them. This is the true sword to fight with. Learn how to wield it. You see I have been fighting so long and so hard that I pushed aside the mission I was on. I came to be blessed and be a powerful blessing but I ran into a gang of devils. It has been on every since. But now, I have been ordered to rest and heal, because those much more powerful than I have stepped in. Now I can resume the mission of moving as the spirit sees fit. Listen to groups like The Celtic Woman, Lorrenna Mckinnett,Lisa Regan, and Mahalia Jackson to keep yourself centered in a powerful light place instead of darkness from these people you are dealing with. I can send them to you if you do not have the money. Meditate and connect with the powerful spiritual being while listening to this music. They will come and they will help. I am already a target so don't worry about me.

Saturday, October 24, 2009  
Blogger gang stalking said...

Thanks, I will look into it.

Monday, December 14, 2009  

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