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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Zero tolerance rules to be reviewed.

Zero tolerance to be repelled, but what will be in it's wake?

I want to be cheerful and happy that enough light, court cases, or cries for justice have been brought to this very discriminatory policy, but like others I will hold my breath and wait and see.

The Safe Schools Act, also known as zero tolerance, which some say
[quote]unfairly targets black youth and drives them into gangs.[/quote]

It not only targets black youths and drives them into gangs, but then when the police raid those very same gangs, they covert many of these young people into their slave army of snitches, so if they are not a part of one gang they are a part of another gang. The last seven years has given the state and endless supply of young slaves who have no choice but to snitch for the state, and when they try to leave the State gang their punishment is just the same, either jail if they are lucky, or being gunned down on the street, because they realised that they were nothing better than slaves for these programs.

Still the fact that this racist and discriminatory program is finally under review is something to be hopeful about, but people need to be vigilante. They can't think that just because this program is under review, another will not come into affect to take it's place. Remember the effects of this program have given the state an endless supply of forced snitches, who then make sure the State do not have to hire enough police or others to keep an eye on communities, because these kids are then used in the monitoring and spying as extensions of the state.

[quote]"You have kids who are expelled for accidentally touching someone, you have kids who are expelled for stealing pop and chips," he said. "It criminalizes them and it diminishes their choices. Those kids are not going to be able to go to university or college."[/quote]

The idea is to criminalise them and diminish their choices, because then you have them, exactly where you want them. Parents need to do their part too, even if you are working two jobs to get by, and this program or one similar to it goes after your children, you need to make sure they finish their education online, and find some way to keep them on course. It's no accident who was targeted by this program, and it's no accident that so many kids were caught up in the sneer of this program.

[quote]Worse, Pieters said those students often fall into the hands of gangs – something that has led the Safe Schools Act to be called the ``gang recruitment act."[/quote]

Gangs who are increasingly being controlled by the state snitch force? Because after they are arrested for the illegal drugs and guns, which children have no network of getting their hands on without influence, they are then propelled into the other system. See how it's working?
[quote]While some members of the Conservative caucus urged the Liberals not to "throw the baby out with the bath water," Conservative Leader John Tory admitted the act needs some tweaking.

"We have to find better ways than expulsion to deal with young people who have got into trouble in school," he said. "If you expel them from school and say that's it, you have almost inevitably destined them to a fate that is going to be trouble for the rest of their lives."[/quote]
Only because so many articles have been written on this and so many parents have fought with you all and taken you to task on this, or else you would continue doing this. Of course this needs to be reviewed, because it's not working, and you are causing more problems in society than you are fixing with this act.

[quote]But NDP Leader Howard Hampton said the Liberals have had almost four years to make these changes while the act discriminated against visible minorities and low-income students.
"The evidence has been there for three-and-a-half years," he said. "This is like another promise from the government on the eve of an election when they have, in fact, done nothing."[/quote]

It's true, this was implemented by the Tory government, and what else could you expect? However the liberal government did have years to fix this and choose not to. It says a lot about the people that are being voted in, and the things that that they care about or rather don't care about and that would seem to be your children.

At the end of the day, it doesn't seem to matter which party is in power, because anyone of them could have had this amended. At the end of the day, parents need to be watchful and vigilant, you can no longer assume that your child will be treated in an equal, fair or unbiased manner, by the school or the state and it's policies. You have to be more vigilant and you have to find workarounds for your children, the cards are deliberately stacked against them and for a reason. This program was working for someone and that is why it's still in place.

It's good to see them reviewing the program, but I wait to see what will replace it, or if any real changes will come about because of the spotlight brought to it. Policies are just words, the people with the mentality who were enforcing the programs will still be in the schools and will still find a way to get your kids kicked out and on the wrong path, that does not lead to success. Parents still have to be the beacon that finds a way for their children to succeed, now more than ever.

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