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Monday, March 02, 2009

Truth vs Fiction. Mind over Matter.

The good news? Insanity paranoid or gaslighting, still seem to be some of the best tricks of the trade that these people have. Sometimes it feels like you are almost dealing with Beavis and Butthead, but a very virulent form of the two.

Now I did do a few posts about my emails, and it's a good idea to try to fix the problem on your own, but then you also want to let other targets be aware of techniques that are being used, and that will be used, without sounding paranoid and crazy.

So how do you walk that fine line? Just tell the truth as best as you know it.

1. Emails bouncing. This escalated by about 80% since January. Is it possible that 80 plus percent of the people that I have been emailing have really bad mailboxes? Yes it's possible, it it likely. Not really. The frequency seems to be outside of what can be expected, from multiple email accounts in different locations.

It's not just any emails. The bounced emails have a specific theme to them. I have tested this out in several ways.

By sending emails that have to arrive right away. I will send an email and watch it not arrive. I will use another account and watch it arrive right away. Spam and junk emails arrive, important emails do not. It's an interesting test to watch.

I mentioned that I tested this with the gangstalking world email. I tested sending email. Anything that had a spam title made it through, anything that had a useful title or urgent title, either did not make it though, or made it through hours or days later.

Is every email failure going to be a part of the Gang Stalking? No not necessarily. What I would look at is frequency, different accounts, doing specific testing, etc.

I have mentioned my ability to post on specific sites are being affected. This happened before when I first started to post about Gang Stalking, it had not happened again till recently, but it's the same pattern of prevention.

Another thing I noticed, I have joined dozens of forums, over the years to talk about Gang Stalking. 99% of the forums I register to, you get through right away. Since the articles came out, forums that I join to discuss the articles, had a wait for moderation que, for the account to be approved, which did not happen in some cases. Now I can't prove this definitely, but 99% of the time, no forums had waiting for admin approval, then after the article about 75% of the sites that I tried to join had this feature. Might just have been a coincidence, but it's something to be aware of.

The other thing that I mentioned is that I joined one site as gangstalking, tried to post a reply, suddenly I had this message that the site was under construction and would be back in an hour. So I waited nothing. So I opened a new window. I tried to log in with the same account. The same thing happened, under construction. I then created a new account, with a different name, and was allowed to post, without the under construction sign. Yet if I tried to login again with the gangstalking name, the same thing happened. It was interesting so I took pics of it.

I find that it helps when you come across little unique things like this to try to explain what is happening.

As far as this is concerned, it's just their way of seeing what is working. If the target reacts, or complains strongly about something, they will do it the more, if the target does not react or complain, they will try something else. I find that you can use this technique against them, if you can get them to deliberately do something to incriminate, or get them to do something really obvious and record it then more power to you.

Otherwise blogging or posting about it will only feed the pigeons and there is no point in doing this unless you can document it in a credible fashion, or use it against them. So that's something to be aware of.

For emails that are missing. I find that it's nice to request a read receipt, this way you know it's arriving. Wither you will get it back is another story.

For the bouncing email, create other accounts. I do believe this is getting done quite deliberately. Again the military created the internet. We know that email communications are monitored, filtered and yes can be disrupted. Others have talked about it, but it's up to us to find workarounds.

I think what might be nice to do is have a little chat box on the site, so that people could confirm that email has been sent, so if you don't receive it, at least you will know.

So that seems to be it so far. The best they have is trying to still irritate that target so that they
will irrationally freak out and thus destroy their own credibility, when they are not trying to do it for you. Again it's just a matter of stepping back and relearning some of the lessens that you already knew, and just not feeding the pigeons.

The other subject that I wanted to address, mind over matter. They want to engage your mind so that your thoughts are on them. This way your thoughts are not on your kids, forming new relationships, having fun, living, they want to suck the etheric life out of you, basically. So if you can get your mind around it, over it, under it, you have a fighting chance. This again requires great, consistent focus. They really do want to become the center of your world, so if you can center your world, and find something else, something useful to be absorbed with, you have a greater chance of getting rid of them. They want you to forget that you are a great spiritual being, capable of great things. These people want to bring every interaction down to it's lowest common denominator, and we must no let them. So it's a matter of focus, mind over matter. If they can get you to worry, be stressed, then they are doing their job. If you are happy, going about your business, they don't like that, and that is when you know that you are on the right path. So it's just a matter of getting back that focus, and keeping it.

It's possible, but it does take practice. I have my moments.

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Monday, May 03, 2010  

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