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Sunday, February 04, 2007

NOw your 11 and 12 year old daughter can be STD free. :-o,8599,1579707,00.html

NOw your 11 and 12 year old daughter can be STD free. :-o
The drug prostitution firms of the State have found a new way to make some money. In Texas they just announced that they will be making it mandatory for 11 and 12 year old girls to get a 3 part shot that will prevent them from getting the human papillomavirus. (Human Pap is a sexually transmitted disease)

Though this virus can be a health threat to woman who have sex and it can lead to cervical cancer, it should be up to the parents or the girls themselves to choose to get this shot, they should not be forced under state laws to do so. There are a high percentage of sexually active adults who have human papillomavirus. It's primarily harmless to men, but can be cause devastating cervical cancer for woman.

I think it's great that the drug companies have found a way to make money and possibly save lives, provided that we don't find out in 10 years this drug is responsible for other complications, just like thalidomide was. The State however in no way shape or form should be stepping in and telling parents that they have to get their 11 and 12 year old daughters inoculated with this 3 part STD shot. (The drug is approved for girls as young as 9 years old.)

When will the state stop superseding the rights of parents and telling them what to do with their children? I find it outrageous that they want to force school age girls to get these STD shots. I think parents should object on the grounds that it's sexually discriminatory and when they come out with a shot for boys then we can talk, although I would still object to having this fostered on school age children without choice. Personally I don't think the state should be telling parents what to do with their children at 11 and 12 regarding possible future sexually transmitted diseases.

I think the shots are a great idea, but just like the choice of going on the pill or other contraceptives it should not be a forced choice. The government is trying to draw comparisons of this 3 part shot for STD to just like getting your kids inoculated for polio. Polio is communicable via everyday contact which can often not be controlled or prevented. Catching Human Pap is another story. I guarantee you if your 11 or 12 year has human pap is will not be because someone sneezed on them.

I don't see these preventative measure as necessary, I do think that the drug should be available on demand, and when women go in for birth control the suggestion should be made to them, or girls could be taught about this as part of their sex ed classes and then make the choice about what they want to do with their bodies, but to be forced to have this shot is outrageous, and I would hope if any parents were forced to have their daughters get this shot, they would protest that it was discriminatory and unnecessary until at least a later date and time.

The only thing I see the government trying to do in this case is proactively line their pockets, and ensure that their friends in the drug industry have a future supply of customers. Much like any other pill pusher or dealer, they seem to lack any moral or ethical considerations, and they don't care that the young and vulnerable might be affected in an adverse way because of this.

How many young girls might think because they have this shot for one STD, that they are protected from other STD's? How many might think this is a substitute for the pill and go and get pregnant? How many might feel compelled to have sex after getting this shot because the state has told them that they will someday be sexually active, and therefore they must take this STD shot at ages 11 and 12. What does getting a pre-emptive shot for an STD do psychologically and emotionally to a girl that age? How does it affect her future decisions about sex? Sex education is difficult enough for children that age, much less the government setting in and forcing their views and values on these children and their parents.

The other thing about the vaccine not be reported is the fact that it does not protect against all forms of human pap virus. So your young daughter(s) could be forced to go through this for nothing, they could walk away thinking that they are protected against all forms of the human pap virus and this is simply not the case.

Woman over 18 are not being forced to take the vaccine? Maybe because woman over 18 can not be forced to have others agenda's foisted on them the same way a young girl can be.

I think if you live in Texas, it might be a good idea to write to your local constituents and ask them what they are thinking. In fact wherever you live, it might no be a bad idea to preemptive write to your local member of wherever and tell them what you think of this new initiative that might be coming to a town, city, country near you and your prepubescent daughter(s).

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