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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Gang Stalking Police Report. Part 2.

My decision to file a report firmly in hand I went to the nearest police station to where I was at the time.

First thing I realised when I entered the police station is that I don't think I have ever really been inside one. I really thought I had, since I see them on television all the time, but in reality I don't have any memories that I can pull up of having been inside one.

My first impression is that they are way quite compared to what's on tv. I was expecting it to be kind of noisy, with lot's of people milling around, not so. (At least not the one I went to.) It reminded me of a hospital waiting room, more than anything else.

I walked up to the front desk and told the officer that I had to file a report, she asked what for? I said organized stalking. From her expression, she seemed to know what that was. She seemed to question the need to file a report, but I insisted that I had to. She said there were no officers that could take the report and one of the cars would have to be called in. She told me to have a seat.

There was a guy with a dog who was waiting around to speak to the officers. I know the guy with the dog from somewhere, I have run into him before, but I couldn't place him. When the officers came around to talk to him, first it was something like no one will help me, I keep having to make complaints, that's why I had to speak to a supervisor. He said that he was having trouble with his landlord and the landlord had threatened him and had locked him out from the back door. Basically he said he feared for his life. They basically said we will talk to the landlord about locking him out, but we don't feel that your life is in danger, and he was like, but my landlord has a key to my apartment, and they were like, well there is nothing we can do for you.
So then he went to leave. The weird thing was he was in a wheelchair and the door had no button to press to open the door. I don't see how he was getting out the door. So I got up to go and open the doors for him. I was sure public buildings like that all had to be accessible to people in wheelchairs.

So then a person entered the station and he was subtly doing stasi signals. He then came and sat down saying he had to file a report for fraud. He would be the perp that was there the whole time i was. After there would be another one who resembled Bill Murray a little bit. (He was waiting around for no apparent real reason, and would eventually leave.) He would communicate with the officer, and with the person sitting beside me.

The man sitting beside me had a cell phone with him Motorola. You know the sleek kind that takes pics and what not. So I wanted to kill time and perps can be good for a laugh, plus the phone kept being turned towards me a few times. So I was all like does your phone take good pics? He dined ever using his phone to take pics, but said he might use it for that in the future. I think I also asked if he was with Bell. He went into some ramble about Rogers. He's like no Rogers is no friend of mine. (OK the question was about Bell, but ok.) The next 30 minutes would be spent on his dislike of Rogers, with the name being mentioned like 25-35 times. I guess he thought I was going to chime in on the whole I hate Rogers, but I have made my peace, I will do my best to never use their services, and the company acted dishonorably, and are most likely the instigators of my gang stalking, but I can't waste my time on them. During this stage is when the Bill Murray perp entered the station. There was one primary officer that they seemed both seemed to communicate with.

so this went on, I talked to the perp about a wide range of stuff, including his phone, kids, and society. After about an hour waiting to speak to someone the tall officer they had been communicating with, tells the Bill Murray perp that it won't be much longer, and also the guy sitting to the right of me that it will be about another 35 minutes. He totally ignored the fact that I was there. So after about another 15 minutes. I go up to the desk and the blond female office who seemed to know what organized stalking was is there. I asked how much longer it would be, and point out that her co-worker had failed to inform me how much longer my wait would be, but that he had informed the other two gentleman. She did a oh, I am sure it was fully unintentional. (Almost like meaning the opposite.)

Anyways shortly after this the Bill Murray looking perp left. Shortly after this an officer came to take the report. I went up to the desk, he asked what I was there for, I said to file a report on Multi Stalking, organized Stalking. He said he could take the report. Around this time, the shift change had happened, I think it must have been near 5:00 pm by this time?So he stood at the desk to take the report. Like at the front desk where people walk in and out? While the other officers are all suddenly standing around nearby. It had been almost empty except for the two other officers, until then. He seemed unsure what to do next.

They seemed to be put off by the fact that I wanted to make the report not in the middle of the front desk. Anyways we used a small room off to the side. He had a note pad, and I guess a small flip form for taking the report? I don't know, cause on tv it's like a large form. What I did note during the report taking session is that my personal info like where I lived, place of birth, date of birth, and things like that were of interest. The rest of the report, he seemed to care less about. He also wanted to see if I had any id, like a drivers license. He wanted the home number, cell phone.

I stuck to the stuff that was illegal. Like mail, email tampering. Being followed, stalked online and offline, illegal entry, illegal surveillance, Noise disturbance. He said he had never heard of organized stalking, multi stalking or gang stalking. I pointed out that I think parts of the city watch program might be getting used inappropriately. He wanted to know if I had ever been in trouble with the law. He would talk about other programs, but city watch he stayed away from discussing. Eg. I advised that I was on their website and it said they were municiply coordinated and I wanted to know if this was correct, he was like I can't answer that question. That was kind of odd. Then he said there is nothing we can really do. If the neighbour makes noise, he said I can call in a report.

I asked when could I expect a call back or follow up, he was all like I can't say. I was all like well what would be a reasonable time frame? A week, a month? He was all like it could be tomorrow, a week from now, I can't say. I was like well if I don't hear anything when should I call back? He was like I am going to pass it on to my supervisors, and they might pass it on to the community liason officers, and one of them might call you back. I was like might? Then I was like is there the possibility I won't hear back? He was like, to be completely honest with you, there is that possibility.

Then I recapped all that we had discussed and I also asked, how to help make them better able to take reports of gang stalking, or mulit stalking? So that if a target comes in with a complaint they know what the target is talking about. He said he did not know. I asked if there was anyone that I could speak to about that, again he didn't know.

The other interesting thing was that when I told him that my floors were vibrating, excessive heat was emanating from the apartment below, which is suppose to be empty. I can hear like a humming or oscillating sound, and it's giving me headaches, nausea, dizziness and other symptoms, he didn't find anything out of the ordinary with this. He did suggest moving from the apartment. He did take the time to come over and read the stuff that I had taken off the Internet about transducers, but that's about it.

I got his badge number, which is 5 numbers. Most cops have 4 I think? I got his name and wrote down the date before I left. I asked if he had a business card, he said he didn't have any on him. I asked if he had an extension and he said, just call the general line and they will put you through to my voice mail. Like I almost felt I was talking to pretend cop for a day. Maybe he was just new.

The whole experience was what I expected more or less. I just had to see for myself to be sure.So that was about it and then I went on my merry way realizing that if this is going to change it's going to have to be done on a different level and the boys and girls in blue are not going to be the one's to help get this changed. I was good with this, cause then you can look for real solutions instead of wasting time with none viable solutions.

Gang Stalking Police Report.

Today I went into a station and filed a police report. I feel so much better after doing this. Not because they were helpful, cause they really weren't. not cause I feel that they are going to do anything, cause I really don't. I feel better because it's who I am. I hate sitting back and doing nothing. I hate watching the suffering of others, and most of all I hate not knowing what the heck is going on. So I went in face to face cause I wanted to be sure what is going on.

I went because the harassment is really getting bad with the transducers or whatever they are using and it's causing some physical problems. Also it feels like I am on a grill all day long, along with the vibrations. Plus from what I have read this will cause long term damage over a period of time. I think it's safe to say this might be the case that is starting to happen here, so since I would rather live my life than let a bunch of useless people take what is mine, I felt something had to be done.

I also went because it sometimes takes so little to take some action, even if it really did not help, I felt better about doing something. I wish it had been more effective, but at least I know where things stand on this level.

My other reasons for going to file a report, is that one person on my website was threatened for posting and she wanted to have her information removed. I was really sad to hear this because Gang Stalking targets should not have to feel threatened, just because they want to tell their stories. People should not have to live in fear for their lives like this.

The other thing was reading the blog of a woman who has a small child and in addition to her gang stalking she has to worry about the stalking of her child. She is scared and often tired because of this, and it's hard to read these stories, knowing that we live in a democratic society, yet many of us are afraid to go to the police because they won't help, or worst they will try to get us institutionalized or I have heard cases of backlash.

The other reason for going is because I had to know for sure how involved they were. This is why I feel so much better. I think I can say now without a doubt that they are involved, and I doubt very much they will do anything to help, however I don't feel ambiguous anymore when I say the police are probably involved. I can say it and not feel bad, because of this experience. For me it's like a burden lifted. Again is every cop involved? I don't know, but I doubt it, however enough can be involved or aware and not willing to do anything to make going to the police useless and ineffective for many targets.

I however wanted to make sure that someone mentioned to them that the City Watch Program might be getting abused, this way there is a record of me having made a complaint about gang stalking and having provided this information.

Have I left myself wide open for retribution? I know other targets have reported increased harassment after going to the police. I don't know if my report will be used against me, but from what other targets have reported, I will be vigilant. I also want to know that reports are being filed. He said he had never heard of gang stalking, multi stalking, stalking by proxy, or organised stalking. He also said he had not had any other reports. The detective I spoke to at another division said he had had many reports, but there was nothing he could do.

I advised that I have been followed by strangers, I advised that I believed that part of the city watch program might be getting abused to help with gang-stalking. I advised of illegal entry, noise harassment, email and mail tampering, online stalking, offline stalking/ community harassment, I also had to show him my research on transducers, or whatever is being
used to try to fry me alive in here. I explained my concerns about my health and that it might be transducers. (I let him read the information, I had put together.)

He said that he did not think they could do anything. He would however take the report and hand it to his supervisors. When questions about the city watch program he closed off right away, except to ask if I had ever been in trouble with the law? He said that if I felt my health was affected that I could move, I explained that gang stalkers just follow where you move to.
I left him a website to visit and I went over all the information, got his badge number, name and today's date. I can say that I truly feel that it confirmed my feelings about the police, and their lack of willingness to help with gang stalking. I feel at peace with saying this now, and I feel so much better. I wish I had better news, but this is what I have for the moment.

I asked when I could expect to hear back from someone, he said he could not say. I asked if there was the possibility that I might not hear back and he said yes there was that possibility.
So I went to the police and expressed my concerns about online and offline stalking. Illegal entry, mail and email tampering, being followed by the citizens group or strangers that I don't know. Also advised of my health concerns, and all this to be told there is nothing they can do. So you are getting this straight from the field, it's not speculation or hearsay, it's the facts for the police station that I went to. It's also I am guessing the fact for other police stations. Now if anyone remembers the Raven1 site, based on her off the record conversations with the cops, it's usually the supervisors who advise the cops to stand down and not investigate gang stalking, so I doubt his handing off the report will be of any help. More than likely just the opposite.

Officer Leo was ok to deal with, I am not saying the cops are a part of gang stalking cause of my interactions with him, it was my hour and a half wait and time spent with perps, and watching officers communicate or do other things with perps, that has made me feel secure in making my declaration about police and their involvement or awareness of this.

I will write more about this another time.

What are transducers?

Someone suggested that the heat and vibrations in my
apartment might just be caused by transducers. So I
did some research and here is what I found. Long term
exposure can cause a lot of health problems and it's
not meant to be a fun device. Gang Stalkers are out to
hurt people and if they can't do it one way they will
do it another way.


What are they.

A transducer is a device which transfers one form of
energy to another. Modern vibration measurements
employ transducers which convert mechanical energy
into electrical energy. A most suitable transducer for
human vibration measurements is the accelerometer.
This produces an electrical output (ie charge,
voltage, current or change of resistance), that is
proportional to the acceleration (as well as
displacement and velocity : see the first lecture in
this course) to which it is exposed. The most common
types of accelerometers are piezoelectric or

What are they used for.

a) Vibration Testing
Vibration testing, in brief, is the shaking or
shocking of a component or assembly to see how it will
stand up to real world conditions. It is used in
applications ranging from circuit boards and aircraft
to vehicles and household appliances. Conducting these
tests in the field or the laboratory involves the use
of data analyzers, climatic chambers, controllers,
instruments and vibration exciters. Brüel & Kjær has a
complete product portfolio to provide you with the
whole excitation and measurement chain to establish
proof of quality according to national and
international standards, such as DIN, ISO, BS, MIL,

b) Tracking

The next set of applications would involve
piezoelectric cable. Piezoelectric cable behaves much
the same way as flat piezoelectric transducers only
the cable is much cheaper. The cable resembles the
standard coaxial cable that plugs into the TV, but the
piezo cable has a layer of piezoelectric polymer
wrapped into it. This cable could be used to create a
grid across the floor that could generate power from
people walking across it, or the more viable purpose
would be for tracking. These cables come with varying
degrees of sensitivity. The cable could be used to
track both the location and the orientation of a
person in the house. Based on the way they walk, the
floor might also be able to identify who the person


You can select an accelerometer based on requirements
for Number of Orthogonal Measuring Axes, Sensitivity,
Dynamic Range, Frequency Range, Electrical Output,
Temperature Range and Weight. Or select from different
application-oriented groups where further
specifications are given: General Purpose; Structural
and Modal Analysis; High Temperature; High
Sensitivity; High Frequency; Miniature and Shock or
Human Vibration. Cables, mounting phase response and
environment specifications are other issues to be
considered when selecting an accelerometer.
Human health effects.


Severe, prolonged exposure to vibration can cause
injury to the body. The parts of the body most likely
to be injured during exposure to whole-body vibration
depend on the magnitude of vibration, distribution of
the motion within the body, and the vibration
frequency, direction and duration.

As mentioned before there is a shortage of conclusive
evidence to establish the probability and extent of
that injury or to provide a definite dose-effect
relationship between whole-body vibration and injury
or health damage. From the epidemiological studies,
subjective data, biodynamic models and a knowledge of
the physical properties of the body it is possible to
establish some of the health effects:

Spinal column disease and complaints: These are
perhaps the most common diseases associated with the
long-term exposure to whole-body vibration, where the
back is especially sensitive to the 4-12 Hz vibration

Digestive system diseases: Often observed in persons
exposed to whole-body vibration over a long period of
time. Associated with the resonance movement of the
stomach at frequencies between 4 and 5 Hz.
Cardiovascular system effects: Prolonged exposure to
whole-body vibration at frequencies below 20 Hz
results in hyperventilation, increased heart rate,
oxygen intake, pulmonary ventilation and respiratory

MOTION SICKNESSVibration at frequencies of about 1 Hz and below,
which occur in many forms of transport, might induce
motion sickness (kinetosis). It results in nausea,
dizziness, vomiting and can affect the safe handling
of vehicles or the performance of other tasks.

The symptoms are worst between approximately 0.125 and
0.25 Hz, and only rarely occur due to frequencies
above 0.5 Hz.
Motion sickness in ships is believed to be caused by
vertical oscillation. Some form of air sickness are
also due to vertical oscillation of the body, but car
sickness is believed to be caused mainly by horizontal
motion and is associated with acceleration, braking
and cornering manoeuvres.

To find out more click on this link, and scroll three
quarters down.

Friday, November 24, 2006

What is the power behind the perps?

What is the power behind the perps?

I know if the book the craft again written about Mason's and their ability to ruin some one's life they touch on these elements of how some one's life could be ruined, again however would lawyers, police and other public servants go along with this?

I know some gang stalking sites have time and again stated that yes this is the case, but I really want to examine all angles, to get to the heart of what is the power behind the perps.
I mean where is the money really coming from? There are volunteers, that's clear. There are snitches, that is clear to me.

However there seem to be some people that are getting paid. I have heard that some people get paid because of favors such as sex, drugs, jobs, just belonging to such a large network, but other must be getting cash, or some kind of compensation and it also does not explain how they can afford to pay for some of the things like people moving into apartment buildings.

Many targets have indicated that they are aware of illegal dealings that these people are into, such as drugs. I don't know if this is true at this stage. However whenever you want to find out about something in this world, they always say to follow the money trail. So by following the money trail.

I have seen regular citizens take part in these groups, fully under the impression that they are helping out the city. I have now seen people lend out their homes for these gang stalking groups. I have seen what I would say is corporation form elements that are in public service. I have seen these people use their influence on friends, family, customs, and stores keepers. So if it's just ruffians why would so many people take part? I know in some cities the mob or mafia were able to wield such power and corruption abounded, but is that also what we are looking at when dealing with gang stalking?

Is it a pre-step for world dominance? Are some people being systematically eliminated to make room for what's coming down the line?

Is that what's behind gang staling?

Are community programs being abused?I mean if some parts of community programs are being abused it would be nice to know about it right? Let's start with the neighbourhood watch programs, and look into that angel.

So depending on who you talk to most police, seem to be deny flat out that there is any kind of neighbourhood watch program happening. It's funny. I spoke to one officer who didn't know what was going on, she put her male colleague on the phone and he went on to say it's not being run by us. OK but that means a) You know it's going on, and b) It has to be run by someone

Spoke to another officer who deny the COPP's program, till I started reading from the manual for the program, that seemed to jog his memory. Then he was all like oh that program was running, but there are only a couple of people still in it, it's almost non existent now. (Yeah apparently to the degree that you didn't even know it existed?)

I have other examples, but I won't sport with my intelligence or yours. Based on the conversations I had, the program is not being admitted to unless you already know enough about it, where they can't deny it.

The other indication I got is that if there is a program it might not be run by the police. Eg. It might be happening from some sort of government level. This got me looking further, because I seriously think aspects of some community programs are being abused. Impossible? Why? A few years ago we had so many of our police that were dirty it was not even funny, they were going to stores and getting like protection money, drug selling and other fun stuff. The person who was heading up the force at the time who was removed, 4 years later is back and hotter than ever. Since he just got some really cool position higher up than he had before. It's a really interesting world we all live in.

Back to the are these program being abused. I kept looking and this is what I found. In addition to the many COPP programs out there, which are sometimes called watch on wheels programs.

Various cities around the world have different versions.

In Canada Bell Canada actively donates phones to these programs, and free air time.

We donate reusable cell phones to Canadian charitable programs. Many reusable phones will be donated to more than 130 women's shelters across the country. Other non-profit groups, including Communities on Phone Patrol and various registered children's charities, will continue to receive donated wireless phones.

The CityWatch program brings together City workers and professional emergency services staff to create a safer and more caring Toronto for everyone. The program encourages City workers to be more aware of and alert to what is going on around them during the normal course of their work day.

Under the program, municipal workers get involved and obtain professional help when they encounter problems in the community involving health, safety or security.

A co-operative effort by the City, its agencies and municipal labour unions, CityWatch provides formal recognition of employees' good deeds.

How will CityWatch benefit community safety?

Enhances safety on the streets and in neighbourhoods through the increased involvement of City workers Encourages staff to take informed action to prevent and reduce losses associated with crime, injuries, accidents, health problems and hazards

Who benefits?

The public Children and families Seniors City workers Emergency services departments Why and when was it formed?

In 1998, the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 416 contacted Crime Prevention Association of Toronto (CPAT) requesting the organization's assistance in developing a program called Neighbourhood Watch on Wheels. The Local 416 executive approved a proposal from Crime Prevention Association of Toronto that focused on overall community safety rather
than crime.

Local 416 has approximately 9,000 members who work in the community and are well positioned to provide assistance. They felt strongly about having a grassroots initiative to formally acknowledge what their members were already doing to improve public safety.
In March 1999, City Council approved the final report of the Task Force on Community Safety called, Toronto. My City. A Safe City. The report identified community safety as a top concern of Toronto's residents.

The report recommended that the City implement a range of community safety initiatives, including the establishment of a program involving City workers. CUPE Local 416 had also presented its concept to the task force.

In June 2000, the Commissioner of Corporate Services extended invitations to selected agencies, boards, commissions, City departments and their labour partners to participate in a working group to explore, develop and implement the CityWatch program based on best practices (e.g., TTC's Transit Community Watch).

How does CityWatch work?

CityWatch encourages employees who, during the normal course of their work, observe unusual or suspicious activities affecting community safety to immediately report the incidents: through their work unit's normal procedures by phoning 9-1-1 or by phoning the police non-emergency number 416-808-2222. Employee participation is purely voluntary.

Is CityWatch designed to fight crime in the City of Toronto?

Our emergency services departments are very clear that they do not want people taking risks or endangering themselves or others.

Who is involved?

The CityWatch program is supported by

CUPE Locals 1, 416, 79 and 1600
Toronto Hydro
Toronto Police Service
Toronto Professional Fire Fighters' Association
Toronto Fire Services
Emergency Medical Services
City of Toronto Administrative,
Professional & Supervisory Association Inc. (COTAPSAI)
Toronto Zoo
Toronto Parking Authority
The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
City of Toronto departments
Toronto Transit Commission
Toronto Public Library

I was trying to remember but I think I read that these unions, agencies, etc involved comprised over 80,000. members. I mean that would be a really cool citizen informant force to start with. I would fully support an initiative like this to keep the city safe, but can you see how this could be abused?

I mean this started like 8 years ago. Before 9/11. However since 9-11 I can only imagine that this program has taken off.

Also yes the police would be right they don't handle a program like this, it's handled at the municipal level. However who is a part of this program? Toronto Police Service, so it's not like they don't know about this program. Now this program started with city workers, but since 9-11 I would take a guess and say that their families have become aware of this program, their
friends, and others who want to fight crime and terror in the city. If this started with 45,000 members, then how many people do they have taking part now? Bell provides phones for this program and free air time.

Unlike the COPP program which requires a background check, and a confidentiality waver being signed, this program does not require anything of that sort.
I mean this has been happening in the city for close to 10 years, and I had no idea. Also the COPP's programs or the Watch on Wheels programs have been happening for a long time also. In many cities in the US and Canada. In fact it started in the US if I remember correctly.

Now we know for gang stalking many people are told they are helping keep an eye on someone who is dangerous, a drug dealer, prostitute, terrorist, etc.

How much of these programs are being used for gang stalking?

The people behind this program are powerful. Not only is it Municipally supported, but look at all the Unions and other organisations that are a part of this? I also know that since 9-11 others have been asked to keep an eye on things. These people when they don't get paid enough money can shut down the city, if I remember correctly. So yeah, you don't want to
upset them and it would be a large group, supported by many.

Also since the police have a hand in this program, they could choose to ask their snitches to take part. I am again aware that snitches are being used for gang stalking, just wondering who is pulling their strings. It makes sense that the police are the ones pulling their strings, but are the police's strings being pulled, by a municipal program? I don't have answers for this, it's just the wheels turning.

Targets have often reported construction project in relationship to gang stalking and noise disturbances. The thing I have always wondered is wouldn't the city catch on, or wouldn't some of these reports start getting investigated? Not if the city was directly involved, or even authorising this. I have no proof, again the wheels and the correlations are just being formulated in regards to what other targets have said, and what I have personally witnessed.

In 2001 it had at least 45,000 people taking part. 5 years later this would be a monster in the city, if you realise the momentum this program could and probably has taken off with. Now if a program like this was to encounter a situation like this article,
you could really make someones life hell, and the best part is it would sort of be sanctioned by the city.

Now throw in a few corrupt elements. (Again I hate to keep doing this, but it was not long ago that the Mayor of Toronto had to joke that there were more cops in jail than criminals. Toronto does have corruption.) So throw in a corrupt element, you choose. Corporations, Secret society, the boys in blue, someone who wants to exploit these programs, then you get gang stalking going on and no one willing to do anything, because we all support each other. Again this is just the wheels turning. Not saying this is what happened, what is happening, etc. I am just pointing out the potential for disaster. You can have something start out really good, like puritans moving to a new country for a better life, and end up with the Salem witch trials.

So the question is how do the city workers of over 80,000 and friends, or supporters of the initiative communicate when out in public? Do they communicate?

All I can say for sure is I have now seen Lawyers, politicians, and public and private citizens taking part in gang stalking.

When speaking to the police about COPP's programs most in other cities are quite open about it, in T-dot it's like it's being kept on the downlow.

This would be bad enough, but the police are part of a municipal force being used to patrol the city, and when you talk to them about people patrolling the city, most deny knowing what you mean. I respect that the COPP's programs have a confidentiality wavier, but if someone is calling in and saying, I have people following me around, who are strangers to me. Assuming that most police are aware of the COPP's programs or at least the city watch program, would they not consider these programs a possibility, rather than trying to make the person calling in seem paranoid, or refusing to take a complaint?

I think what could well be happening is that within these wonderful programs you have vigilante elements that have sprung up and this is in large a part of what I suspect is being exploited with gang stalking. I know that these gang stalking crews have existed for years, outside of these programs, but I really think that some elements have infiltrated these programs and are using it for their own means.

So how can you find out for sure? That will be something that will have be reviewed in the coming weeks. However to conclude, it's now clear that even without gang stalking, their is in some cities, large organized, connected elements that have been asked to keep an eye on things. How they are coordinated and what keeping an eye means is not clear. How far does keeping an
eye go?

Also just how many people are taking part in this city watch program? Because unlike other programs, there are not the same considerations. Also how easy would it be for a vigilante element within a program like this, to get out of hand? The sad part is with so many people taking part and so many people supporting it, the target of such a force would hardly be
questioned if they were innocent and being targeted for the wrong reason. So how much of this is crossing over with gang stalking?

That's the question and maybe some of the readers out their in blog land, could provide the answer.

Music and Movies for the real world.

Books for the holidays.

Ok if you are a target of gang stalking these are some books that you might want to brush up on. This goes for myself as well. I am not recommending these books or offering a personal review of these books, however they are books of the trade and so therefore, they are what you might want to use to familiarise yourself with things afoot.

1. Frank E. Peretti. This present darkness.

This Present Darkness follows an intrepid born-again Christian preacher and newspaper reporter as they unearth a New Age plot to take over the local community and eventually the entire world. Nearly every page of the book describes sulfur-breathing, black-winged, slobbering demons battling with tall, handsome, angelic warriors on a level of reality that is just beyond the senses.

2. David Lawson. Terrorist Stalking in America.

The author accomplished what multiple stalking victims only DREAM about – he penetrated street level perpetrator groups. Although this book does not indicate David Lawson is aware of the full spectrum of advanced electronics some of these groups have and use, this book is likely to be very helpful for victims who are forced to deal with skeptical family, friends, co-workers, and local authorities. It is definitely a breakthrough in the cause of exposing and stopping these criminal gangs who operate freely, while law enforcement only gives their lowest ranking street level members a slap on the wrist now and then (while they deny such crimes happen to victims who complain.)

3. Victor Santoro. GASLIGHTING How To Drive Your Enemies Crazy.

In Gaslighting : How To Drive Your Enemies Crazy, Victor Santoro (The "Godfather of Harassment") shows you how to destroy your target's confidence, self-esteem and reputation. Through a series of small incidents, your target gets progressively more confused, until he's "reduced to a shapeless mass of shivering, quivering jelly." Some of the tactics covered include:
*Collecting information on your target *Preparing for a gaslighting attack*Creating tension, anxiety and sleeplessness

*Messing with your target's car, telephone and mail
*Gaslighting at your target's workplace and home
*Turning neighbors and co-workers against the target
*Covering your tracks
*And much more.

Gaslighting will show you how to cause disorientation, get your target off balance, and build up his paranoia. Finally, you completely annihilate his reputation, leading to personal disasters such as job loss, divorce, financial devastation ­p; even jail.

If you've been mistreated, you don't have to take it and you don't have to fight back. There is a third route ­p; Gaslighting ­p; WHERE YOU WATCH AS YOUR ENEMY SLOWLY SCREWS HIMSELF!

4. Gloria Naylor. "1996"

Basically the book is about her 10 years of gang stalking which started in 1996. Lot's of public cover up and corruption, till she fought back and went public.
The book 1996, is Gloria Naylor's RESPONSE to a decade of targeting by multiple stalkers and through wall electronic technology. The book is a skilled writer's contribution to the fight to expose and stop these crimes. Gloria tells the story of 1996 - the year in which her nightmare started. Some of her material took place later, but a one year snapshot of a target's experience is sufficient to show what we endure. Following years just grind on with more of the same type of
harassment, even though the exact harassment modes are rotated from some sort of "master menu", apparently to make it difficult for the target to convince others the harassment is real.

Gloria Naylor was faced with the problem of how to present her story, given that the cover up by public officials, and their almost seamless denial, make it impossible for targets to know very much about the operations.

Gloria settled on a unique way to tell her story, and the end result is a very readable book.

5. Stephen Knight. The Brotherhood.

'It is not difficult to ruin a man,' he said. 'And I will tell you how it is done time and again.

'Employers, if they are Freemasons or not, can be given private information about a man who has made himself an enemy of Masonry. At worst he will be dismissed or consistently passed over for promotion.'

Christopher added, 'Masonic doctors can also be used. But for some reason doctors seem to be the least corruptible men.

'Only the fighters have any hope of beating the system once it's at work against them,' he told me. 'Most people, fighters or not, are beaten in the end, though. It's . . . you see, I ... you finish up not knowing who you can trust. You can get no help because your story sounds so paranoid that you are thought a crank, one of those nuts who think the whole world is a
conspiracy against them. It is a strange phenomenon.

By setting up a situation that most people will think of as fantasy, these people can poison every part of a person's life. If they give in they go under. If they don't give in It's only putting off the day because if they fight, so much unhappiness will be brought to the people around them that there will likely come a time when even their families turn against them out of desperation. When that happens and they are without friends wherever they look, they become easy meat.

The newspapers will not touch them'.
'There is no defence against an evil which only the victims and the perpetrators know exists.'

1. The Matrix. Starring Keaneu Reeves.
2. They Live starring Roddy Piper.
3. Manchurian Candidate. Starring Denzel Washington. or the 1962 version.
4. Stepford Wives. Starring Nichole Kidman.
5. Rosemary's Baby (1968) Mia Farrow
6. Lord of the Rings. Starring Elijah Woods.
(In Rosemary's baby I love the line where she says all of them witches, maybe just change this line to all of them snitches.)

Anyway I think the movies are really good and well worth watching.
I think this list has variety and I think it's good for helping focus and center and trying to contextualise some of the stuff in the world.

I think LOTR is inspirational because it shows that the little guy can make a difference.

I think the Matrix is cool cause sometimes you wake up and your world is different than you thought it was.

I think they live is cool, because it reminds us of all the advertising we are not aware of in the world.

I have never seen stepford wives, or Manchurian candidate so no comment.


Hero Lyrics - Nickelback
I just like the song and it reminds us to not wait around for a hero, be your own hero.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What's in it for me?

This is titled what's in it for me, because in sales,
people will not buy, unless you can show them the
what's in it for me. I did learn a few things at work.

Workplace Mobbing.

I think I have spoken about this before but if not, let me do so now. I was mobbed and harassed at two different jobs, well primarily two jobs.
Before I quit my most recent job, I did notice that some of the people on my team taking part in the harassment were being forced to do so by my manager.

I had worked with this manager for at least 4-6
months. I grew to like him as a person, but before I left, I saw him getting some of my team mates to go along with the mobbing. I think he was in someways as caught up in this as others.
The team mate I saw trying to resist going along with this, expressed that he thought it was crazy and he didn't want to do this any more. It was the first time I actually realised that some people were being forced to help mob me out of the workplace. Before this I really thought the majority were just going along with social peer pressure. I didn't think or know at the time that there was more going on than I realised.

Throughout my time at CIBC. I would report the harassment to several managers, and at least two HR managers. I had several manager who took part in the harassment. Most either when they were still managers in training. My harassment was kind of like a way to prove that you were a part of the boys club. Because managers were taking part, most people on their teams also likewise took part. Didn't matter that this was destroying my ability to do my job effectively. I now of course realise that this was the goal all along.

They were never going to end this, and the goal was to mob me out of the job, or to get me to complain so much that I seemed like the problem. Either way. The thing that I didn't realise till I left is that the people there were being manipulated in other ways. Shortly before I left, I realised there were some unusual things happening. I realised that I was not the only person being mobbed, or sensitised to things to keep me under control. I realise that some of the things we say continually are like a neurolinguistic programing.

I don't understand much about this, I know Rich at speaks a great deal about this, but I don't understand it as well. I just realised that some of the things we were saying, or some of the calls we were taking, were performing some sort of neurolinguistic job on us. I can't explain it as well as I would like. Rich does say that companies use
this, and after I came across his website, I think that best describes what I tuned into at the call center.

Other things that I realised were subtle scare
tactics. Or just subtle tactics with stimuli were being used to keep people in line. Like we have one manager, he has one hand, but when he smacks his hands together, people fall in line. They are sensitised to this, in some cases. I never was, but before I left, I realised that there was more going on with the structure and what was happening inside. The management had some goals and objectives that most of the floor were not tuned into. It's was very unusual.
During my time with the company when I filed the OHRC report, that is when I first noticed what I call collusion. I didn't understand how they could pull so many strings, but by the second time the person from the OHRC called back, I knew she had been in touch with the company and she was using what was at the time my stimuli to let me know it. It was really unusual. Right around that time is when I started my first website to deal with harassment. I realised that even if my case was heard by a tribunal, their reach extended that far, and I would probably not get any justice.

The other interesting thing is that Ms Elliot from the CHRC tried everything to force mediation. It was almost like her mission to make sure that my complaint never reached a tribunal. Interesting. Around that time is when the newspaper article came out about the case delays with the OHRC tribunals and how cases are taking years to be heard. Dolton Mcguinty was trying or thinking of getting rid of the tribunal so people could conduct their own investigations. I think this might be the way to go, because justice too long denied is no justice at all. My theory is that those of, not all, but some of us who do go for the tribunal option will have our cases take months, or years to be heard, in the mean time our lives will be worked on, by forces we are not even aware of. Eg. Like being gang stalked from one place to the next and one job to
the next.

When I started doing research to try to see if anyone else had experienced this sort of harassment I found a lot of readings about people who had not only been harassed, our of work either sexually, or mobbed, but when they tried to get justice, they also had collusion. Many had collusion from within the company, but they also had collusion from Lawyers, Judges, Tribunals, and courts. The courts kept extending their cases, till they were broke, and busted. Some Lawyers turned tale and gave into to the other side, or just suddenly seemed to lose interest in the case. (Now that I know how much other peoples lives are affected by these forces, I can only speculate, what went on with the lawyers, and others.)

In doing my research what I found out was that across many countries, in just about every occupation, the best, brightest, whistle blowers, highly moral, or most outspoken, were summarily being dismissed, one ay or another. It seems that only the people that will fall in line are being left in these workplaces. This is happening with media, newspapers, banks, telecommunications, and other areas.

From what I found out, I was not the only one who had noticed this trend. Tim Fields before his death from Cancer? Found out and had started to look into this aspect of things. Now he was brilliant and had he been left to live, I have no doubt he would have gotten to the heart of this. He was well respected and is probably considered to be the heart of the bullying movement.

Here is his page about collusion.

Here are some other things that I think are worth reading or having a look at.

From what I can see this is happening in part because of what our societies have become, but this is also happening from what I can see for some pretty
deliberate reasons.

Ask yourselves this. What happens in society when all the outspoken, dissidents, whistle-blowers, highly moral, independent thinkers are pushed out or mobbed out and the yes men and woman are left? Who will speak up or against unjust actions in banks? Who will run the media story that the public needs to know? Who will tell you when your telecommunications company is ripping you off, or listening to your calls?

If these people are all forced out, then this just leaves our complacent society wide open, for whatever seems to be coming down the line. Assuming there is more to this, and that there is more coming down the line, does this make you ask yourself what that could be?

I think what many of these people don't know is that after they are forced out of these jobs and emotionally crippled, the ones that don't kill themselves, there are other forces at work to continue to keep them unemployed, or under employed. The sad part of this for me is that, there were good people in the places that I worked. Not everyone went along with what was happening, but too many people did and the majority of the rest remained quite.

I am not there anymore, but while I was there, I was always outspoken. When shifts were being picked ilicitly and the same people were being chosen time and again, I spoke up, and got it changed. I spoke up about this and so many other things, and in so many other ways, I just really didn't care. I don't know how many other voices now will speak up when there is something wrong, that they don't agree with.

Gang Stalking

Even before I knew I was being gang stalked, it had been mentioned that I might have a conspiracy against me. This flat out went over my head at the time. However in retrospect, I see that there were many people in so many different areas that knew. They knew what was happening to me and being done to me, well before I did. I have always stated out of the trendy loops and done my own things. I can see now that again many people take part because they are afraid, and I get this. No one wants to become a target of gang stalking. However if you ever plan to have an opinion, a mind of your own, or free will. It might be time to start looking at other options. Also if it's not you, then someone you know, or your kids someday could become targets of this, if they ever have opinions or minds of their own, against what is happening.
I don't have any easy solutions, because I am still deciding where this all goes.


The other thing that has been hinted to me is that Masons are behind the bulk of this gang stalking stuff.

I will be the first to admit that I know very little about them. What I have been hearing from many others however is that they are a large connected network of men, and affiliates, and relatives of these men who have influence and money and are capable of pulling off this harassment.

More importantly it has been hinted that it might be a Mason from the telecommunications company that I worked for who set this into play. I don't know if this is true, I don't want to draw any firm conclusions at the moment.

What I can say is based on readings that people have left this is not an angle to be ignored. In the book the Craft, it talks specifically about how a Mason could ruin a persons life. The author of this book Stephen Knight died sometime after writing it.

[quote] 'It is not difficult to ruin a man,' he said.
'And I will tell you how it is done time and again.
There are more than half a million brethren under the
jurisdiction of Grand Lodge. Standards have been
falling for twenty or thirty years. It is too easy to
enter the Craft, so many men of dubious morals have
joined. The secrecy and power attract such people, and
when they come the decent leave. The numbers of people
who would never have been considered for membership in
the fifties are getting larger all the time. If only
five per cent of Freemasons use - abuse - the Craft
for selfish or corrupt ends it means there are 25,000
of them. The figure is much closer to twelve or
thirteen per cent now.'
Christopher explained that Masonry's nationwide
organization of men from most walks of life provided
one of the most efficient private intelligence
networks imaginable. Private information on anybody in
the country could normally be accessed very rapidly
through endless permutations of masonic contacts -
police, magistrates, solicitors, bank managers, Post
Office staff ('very useful in supplying copies of a
man's mail'), doctors, government employee bosses of
firms and nationalized industries etc., etc. dossier
of personal data could be built up on anybody very
quickly. When the major facts of an individual's life
were known, areas of vulnerability would become
apparent. Perhaps he is in financial difficulties;
perhaps he has some social vice - if married he might
'retain a mistress' or have proclivity for visiting
prostitutes; perhaps there is something in his past he
wishes keep buried, some guilty secret, a criminal
offence (easily obtainable through Freemason police of
doubtful virtue), or other blemish on his character:
all these and more could be discovered via the
wide-ranging masons network of 600,000 contacts, a
great many of whom were disposed to do favours for one
another because that had been their prime motive for
joining. Even decent Masons could often be 'conned'
into providing information on the basis that 'Brother
Smith needs this to help the person involved'. The
adversary would even sometimes be described as a
fellow Mason to the Brother from whom information was
sought perhaps someone with access to his bank manager
or employer. The 'good' Mason would not go to the
lengths of checking with Freemasons Hall whether or
not this was so. The 'target' was presented as a
Brother in distress by a fellow Mason, especially a
fellow Lodge member, that would be enough for any
upright member of the Craft.
Sometimes this information gathering process - often
involving a long chain of masonic contacts all over
the country and possibly abroad - would be
unnecessary. Enough would be known in advance about
the adversary to initiate any desired action against
I asked how this 'action' might be taken.
'Solicitors are very good at it,' said Christopher.
'Get your man involved in something legal - it need
not be serious - and you have him.' Solicitors, I was
told, are 'past masters' at causing endless delays,
generating useless paperwork, ignoring instructions,
running up immense bills, misleading clients into
taking decisions damaging to themselves.
Masonic police can harass, arrest on false charges,
and plant evidence. 'A businessman in a small
community or person in public office arrested for
dealing in child pornography, for indecent exposure,
or for trafficking in drugs is at the end of the
line,' said Christopher. 'He will never work again.
Some people have committed suicide after experiences
of that kind.'
Masons can bring about the situation where credit
companies and banks withdraw credit facilities from
individual clients and tradesmen, said my informant.
Bank can foreclose. People who rely on the telephone
for their work can be cut off for long periods.
Masonic employees of local authorities can arrange for
a person's drains to be inspected and extensive damage
to be reported, thus burdening the person with huge
repair bills; workmen carrying out the job can 'find'
- In reality cause - further damage. Again with regard
to legal matters, a fair hearing is hard to get when a
man in ordinary circumstances is in financial
difficulties. If he is trying to fight a group of
unprincipled Freemasons skilled in using the 'network'
it will be impossible because masonic Department of
Health and Social Security and Law Society officials
can delay applications for Legal Aid endlessly.
'Employers, if they are Freemasons or not, can be
given private information about a man who has made
himself an enemy of Masonry. At worst he will be
dismissed or consistently passed over for promotion.'
Christopher added, 'Masonic doctors can also be used.
But for some reason doctors seem to be the least
corruptible men.
'Only the fighters have any hope of beating the system
once it's at work against them,' he told me. 'Most
people, fighters or not, are beaten in the end,
though. It's . . . you see, I ... you finish up not
knowing who you can trust. You can get no help because
your story sounds so paranoid that you are thought a
crank, one of those nuts who think the whole world is
a conspiracy against them. It is a strange phenomenon.
By setting up a situation that most people will think
of as fantasy, these people can poison every part of a
person's life. If they give in they go under. If they
don't give in It's only putting off the day because if
they fight, so much unhappiness will be brought to the
people around them that there will likely come a time
when even their families turn against them out of
desperation. When that happens and they are without
friends wherever they look, they become easy meat. The
newspapers will not touch them'.
'There is no defence against an evil which only the
victims and the perpetrators know exists.' [/quote]

I have not had a chance to read the book, but it's interesting that some of the same things apparently done to people sound very much like gang stalking. If the Masons are part of the power behind these stalking gangs then that could better explain why so many targets also experience the collusion that I referred to before. From what I have read they have members of every sector of society and they would have the influence to pull this off.
Also because it's been implicated time and again as something to be looked into by others. Here is a posting that Joe Stirling left on one of my blogs.

Some gang stalking sites do go into this aspect of things. From what I have read on those sites, they have said that at the heart of gang stalking and the real aim is the New World Order movement of the Illuminati and world dominance. Gang Stalking is just a part of the program that is going to be put in place, to accomplish this. I can't at the moment confirm this or deny this, but it is an aspect that people should be made aware of.

The sites do state that some of the most powerful men in the world are members of Masonic orders.

Some other places have pointed out that there are quite a few illegal or illicit dealings happening
behind this and that is in part where the money comes from for these stalking gangs. I have heard this mentioned in several places. Again because I can not confirm this for sure, I leave it as is for now.

What I can say is I have seen stores in malls, stores like future-shop, best buy, politicians, lawyers, CHRC (Canadian Human Rights Commission) taking part in whatever is happening, as far as the gang stalking is concerned. I can't say what people were advised, but I can say I have seen participation.

I have seen mobile citizens some with phones, some without, communicating in public, with Stasi like communications. I know some of the people taking part in these programs are on the wrong side of the law. So again this begs the question who has the power to bring together the illicit and the elite and to get them to work together?

I know quite a few of the people in my building are taking part, or aware of this, also in my immediate surrounding. I know some fully believe they are doing something good and helping out.

I think some people are aware of gang stalking and want nothing to do with it, but are scared, are being forced, or just don't know what else to do.

I have spoken to lawyers who are more forth coming about these groups, and others who deny them, or who will not do anything unless you know enough to prove who is conducting this. (Even though said lawyer, knew about what was happening.)


I can tell you that these groups do not all know who the targets are. Usually if you go to a new area it does take some time for them to catch up with who you are. After some time however you will notice that they do become cognizant of who you are, but not right away.

The groups do not keep in constant touch from area to area and seem to do their own things to an extent. Eg. I still go to some areas and they are still trying to use my sensitization to harass me. My immediate group seem to realise that is not feasible anymore. Or you will run into someone not from this area who still tries to use the sensitisation. Some of these do not keep up with all the latest on targets.

The majority do communicate with the Stasi hand signals.

Eg. Brushing the hair back three times to open the Chanel of communication.
Touching the eye or touching from one side to the next for watching or looking out.
Touching the ear
Stroking the chin. And other signals. They do from time get calls on their cell phones. Eg. I was on the train once, we entered an open station and their phones ran, all three answered in the exact manner, and had almost the same brief conversation. I will be home soon, I am at name of station. End communication.

Then two of the three went on to have a little Stasi chat.

With all the articles written about this, this year, and all the other proof, we still seem to be at square one. When you go to the police you really have to be able to back yourself up. Many officers are aware of these groups and will fully deny awareness to protect them?

Now I do believe some parts of this are the Community Mobilization Programs. (Citizens On Phone Patrol.) but what sort of program allows it's members to do such illegal activities?

Break and enter
-Illegal phone taps
-Phone re directions
-Illegal surveillance
-Collusion from members of society

I mean from what I can see, we have our regular society, and then we have these groups coordinated, communicating with stores, lawyers, doctors, and a large part of the general population.

If any of this is being conducted by the police or government, we are on the verge of being a spy
society. Just like the East German's.

If parts of this are being used to deter crime, then kudos, I support the effort, but on the other hand, I have been harassed to help keep me from filing suit against a company that harassed and mobbed me till it was impossible to do my job. Also this was used to help my company keep tabs on who I was talking to and monitor my activities. I am sure this is not what these programs are for, and this is where the gang stalking again seems to intermingle with what might be the legal aspects of these programs.

If this is being conducted by some sort of Masonic brotherhood, then who has the power to stop this? Only public awareness can stop this, and that would mean getting back control of our media so they actually report things that need to be reported.


Gang Stalking might not be affecting you today, it might not affect you tomorrow, but I guarantee you it's having a moral toll on society. Something that is causing people to kill themselves is wrong. Something that is causing people to be jobless, homeless, and falsely institutionalised is wrong, and it seems that the powers that be, are all fully aware of this, and
many seem to be supporting, fully taking part in this, or just ignoring this.

All I can say is that awareness seems to be the most effective weapon for fighting this. The more people we can make aware the better. I think if this is out in the open then we have a chance of fighting this. The media is not reporting this, you have the odd few papers who have run stories, but the larger media outlets have not touched this and do not seem like they will. So it's up to the people to rise up and make each other aware, and to stop this before it destroys anymore lives or any other innocent people.

Monday, November 20, 2006

A quick gang stalking update.

The last few days I have been trying to get a little bit more organised. I have also been trying to put together everything that I have seen, just so that I can get a handle on everything that is going on. I have also been taking what action I see fit to get this out of my life.

I fully believe that parts of gang stalking are over lapping with the community mobilization programs (COPP) that we have on going in various cities. I think part of the reason we have so many problems with getting this reported to the police is because they fully support these programs, and when you call and say that you are being followed around the city by strangers that you don't know, they realise that you are in part referring to these programs.

Police work with these programs and support them, anyone who calls in to make a complaint about this, should get a police officer who is aware of these programs, however that has not been the case. Eg. I spoke to an office John who denied knowing about any neighbourhood watch programs in my area. That's because these are technically not neighbourhood watch programs. He should not have given me the run around, when I advised of what was happening, but he did. This is something that targets should be aware of when trying to report these crimes, and I think we must, because the programs are being abused.

*I can also say based on my conversation with at least one city councillor politician, some of them are taking part in the aspects of this that I call gang stalking. Again since politicians are just people and prone to be as easily manipulated as others, I don't know what was said or advised in advance of our conversation, so it's hard for me to gauge what was behind the participation.

I also think because these programs are supported by politicians, police, government, and corporations, people are just happy to support them and not questioning if they are being somehow abused in other ways. I fully believe these programs are being abused, and used for vigilante style justice on innocent targets. Similar to what the website does. A site has been set up to counter the effects of this site It's also similar to what went on in this article. I also had someone report to me that on CNN, a community watch group coordinator came forward to say that they had been using tactics similar to gang stalking to drive people out of communities.

Within or without of the confines of these programs, innocent people are being harassed. In my case it seems that my workplace was allowed to get me gang stalked to cover up sexual harassment and mobbing. I was harassed in my community where I live. I had people illegally enter my home, listen to my phone conversations, hack into my computer, and physically harass me via electronic harassment, to keep me too busy, tired, and too harassed to focus on filing suit against my employer CIBC, or to threaten me from doing so.

These programs are city wide and far more widespread than most people realise. Many have been ongoing for close to a decade in many areas and participation is either close or getting close, if not surpassing Statsi level.

More information about these programs can be used by following the links below.

I can't type everything here online, since my community gang stalkers read my blogs and have access to the info. However what I can share I will.

Online Stalking

My gangstalkers from my community where I live are on my website.

*I have them spamming my website. (I have had to switch the guest book, because of the spam that I keep having to remove.)

*I have at least one gang stalker pretending to be a target, who continually tries to get me into conversations that have nothing to do with gang stalking.

Also this gang stalker who I am pretty sure is the one that lives very near me, is trying to subtly diss advances in the gang stalking movement. Eg. Like our world day last month.

Also he seems to be posting stuff to make gang stalking seem like it's just people over reacting. Eg. I saw people looking at me at a stop light, I think maybe they were gang stalkers. Our events happen over a period of years or months and are often so overt that we can spot them.

I recommend seeing a lawyer but write down what you are going to say. I spoke to a couple of lawyers last week, one admited to being aware of community groups and thought if I found a civil lawyer they could write a note and advise cease and disssist or they will lay charges. This can be done, but you have to know who to address the letter to, and things like that.
I also think that a police report should be filed, but you really need to know what to say. If you can have your lawyer read over your statement and they can advise what can be left out and what can be included in the report.

I can tell you some lawyers will be more forth coming than others. Some will freely admit to these programs, some will not.

You have to know what you are talking about before you go in, and even then you have to be careful.

To try to get this stopped I have had to file complaints, and take other action. In some ways this is probably what they want, is to have the target look like they are a complainer, or paranoid, but if you know what you are talking about, it's harder for them to do. This goes for lawyers, doctors, politicians, police. Eg. From what I have heard when Gloria Naylor the author of "1996" a book she wrote about her gang stalking experiences went to her doctor to talk about gang stalking, he tried to get her to start taking medication, only when pressed did he admit that he knew about this sort of thing. Had she not kept trying, he would have tried to have her medicated, knowing full well what was ongoing. This should give you a vague idea what you are dealing with.

The floors continue to vibrate and emit heat, it's causing my muscles to hurt a bit, and since I am not fully sure what's going on it's hard to say if it's something being used to just harass me physically, or if it's something being used to hurt me on a more elemental level. (I did have someone post to say they thought it was transponders being used, and this could be true, but it's hard to tell.)

I will keep you updated with my progress, as I continue to see what means and measures have to be taken to get these creatures out of my life.

Snitches and community programs.

In trying to understand gang stalking. I have been doing a lot of research on the snitch programs being used around cities. I started doing this after I realised that some of the people taking part in this were on the wrong side of the law, but they were helping out and signalling like the others.

I know in the States the snitch programs have become so bad, there have been several articles written about them. It's so bad that criminals have more power than prosecutors and their have been a few people who have tried to shed light on this, but not enough people.
From what I can see, I believe that people who are getting caught up in small to major misdemeanors are being asked to take part in these programs, many without the benefit of seeing a lawyer first or someone who could give them legitimate advise. These programs are a lifetime sentance that you do outside, and there is no freedom, you are trapped once you become a snitch.

I also believe that gang stalking is being used to set people up to get them into these programs. Eg. If there is someone that you want to hurt, and you can't get to them, you go after someone close to them. If you can't find something illegal to use, or some way to black mail them, then you try to get them into an illegal situation with the law and then you have them.
I also think that some of the people getting used for the snitch programs are being abused. Abused in the sense that they really didn't know what they were getting into and many do not know how to get out. Many want to get out, and feel scared, and trapped, others have tried and meet with very bad results, which served as a future example to others who want to walk away.
Recently I saw a young white male, who I very much believe was a part of the snitch side of this program. He seemed to be on a first run and he seemed to be scared out of his mind.
His handler or whoever was tricking him out for the program, was all like I am just going to be right over here. He walked off a distance to watch. The young male looked like he wanted to fall into the floor.

It really put me in the mind of a young female prostitute being tricked out by her pimp for the first time. He watches nearby as she picks up her first John, making sure she does not try to run, and that she does not screw up the action afoot. Except this is not a prostitute in the physical sense, but the results seem very similar, in the sense that some part of this person will be lost over time.

I remember watching a documentary once about young prostitutes in Vancouver, and what I recall most, is one saying how it wears you down, like your soul is striped little by little, till you are like not a person anymore. Anyway what I was seeing put me most in the mind of this.

What does it really say about a city when it's the city pimping you out? I mean if you are working for criminals it's one thing, if you decide to stop the drug selling, you can go to the police, flee to another city etc. When you are turned snitch, and you go back into a community to continue to sell drugs, or do other crimes on behalf of the police, so that you can basically entrap others, who can then do the same thing. Who can you turn to when you want to quit?

What does that say about the morals of the society? I mean when you are out selling drugs for the bad guys it's one thing, but when you are out selling drugs for the cops, under the guise of helping out the police and keeping an eye on things what does that say about our society?
Some of these snitches are being given a free range to go back into society and further corrupt it, with the assurance that they have the police protecting them. This does nothing for society and often times these people end up doing other crimes.

I really feel that these programs should be voluntary period. If someone is caught for a crime, then that should be handled as such, I don't think that we should be putting people who commit crimes into these programs. I think in one regard it turns out more criminals, and in another regard it entraps young people into these programs and they have no place to turn when they want to get out, because it's the police that are handling these programs. If they are then asked to do anything extra that is illegal or wrong, they just go along with it further because they have full immunity from the police, and who are they really going to turn to?

I think there are those who are fully aware of this, and are working these programs for their own benefits. I really think when someone becomes a part of these programs it should never be tied in with lowered sentences, get out of jail free deals and anything else that could even be used to corrupt the people in these programs, or the society at large.

If you want to read more, visit these sites or read these articles, they were a real eye opener.



Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Vibrating floors and more Gang Stalking 101

Ok so I have some feedback about the vibrating floors and the heat that is eminating from them. Someone on one of my blogs posted this information. I will repost it here in full.

(I found the below posted on one of my blogs.)

Hi, I was advised not to trust anyone long ago by someone who knows. I have started to post some information. The email I used should accept one reply.

If what you are writing is "straight" I am of the opinion that a criminal(s) within the telecommunications company you spoke of are trying to cover "wrong doing" and are the originator(s) of your situation. And that they instigated your extended problems through your employment at the bank.

The following is information that you may find helpful.

"Gangstalking" is a "catchphrase" name describing what has become a part of traditional and new organized crime that is networking through the United States and some other countries. Organized crime groups and "criminal elements" from all walks of life use or hire for pay, criminal organized stalking crews to assault "targets" to cover up financial or other crimes. These criminals "contract" with the covert organized assault crews to silence any potential witness or "trouble maker", whether real or imagined, that could possibly effect their lives.

Crimes were committed against me, and now the people that committed those crimes have "contracted" this "assault squad" to discredit and silence me using their criminal "gas-lighting" methods. I told them before they started this that I had no intention of ever reporting these crimes or pressing any charges against anyone. I have repeated this each year since and am ignored. These "organized criminal crews" have been assaulting me, my family, friends, neighbors and many people in the community I live in for many years. I am not a criminal and have never harmed anyone.

There is always a reason someone is targeted and most will know why and who started it, but apparently some victims never know what happened to them, why it is happening or who "triggered" the overwhelming assault. This is probably because the "trigger event" was irrelevant and meant nothing to the victim, but was perceived as possibly damaging by the criminal(s) involved. The victim could have "upset" somebody and now that person simply wants revenge. I would see that as a waste of time, thought and money, but I guess some people could be "just that way". I've seen estimates of the number of victims of this type of crime, but nothing I consider credible. One victim is too many. I wouldn't even try to guess how many career criminals participate in this. It can't be many as compared to general populations.

This a very lucrative criminal enterprise for many of the perps. People considered important to the success of a "hit" are offered large "bribes" to become a perp and start "working" the victim.

Advanced communications such as the internet, cellphones and voice over internet protocol have accelerated the growth and networking of these organized criminal groups. Their day to day stalking activities depend on these same technologies plus gps and other hi-tech devices such as electronic spy and harassment equipment.

Law enforcement agency's are aware of these criminal groups and are gathering information on them.

I have not read about a "targeted individual" that would have believed this could happen to anyone, had they not become a victim themselves. These criminal stalking groups go to extreme lengths to cover every aspect of their "covert" operations. They try to have a plausible explanation for everything. The crimes they commit are well planned and easy to do but easily deniable.

A victim might see many work projects in the area, small or large, constant maintenance all around the neighborhood involving new workers you have never seen before. Endless traffic of all descriptions. Mobbing activities near your home, on the highway, in stores and on the street. These are mostly perps or all perps in some cases. They will always have a ready made reason to be where they are before they are dispatched.

If you have not been or are not being poisoned and/or drugged, you are not being "gangstalked". "Gangstalking" is described on some websites as a bunch of people "just" following you around doing strange skits. That would just be annoying compared to what it really is. Although it might be possible that victims are not aware of where their "symptoms" are coming from. I thought I was physically ill at first, but then began to see a relationship between my "illnesses" and what can only be described as felony assaults.

The mental and physical effects described by most targets are achieved by covert poisoning using more or less common neruo-interrupters (organic phosphate pesticides), psychotomimetic agents (drugs) and irritants. Some of these chemicals are mixed when needed with additives to make them behave in desired ways. Some are intended to absorb through the skin and others are intended to out-gas. They are not all used in all the described ways. Some, what I will call irritants, are sprayed on the target and act locally on the skin or spread out slowly with various affects. One perp will divert your attention while another one sprays from a "breath spray" size can on bare skin behind or where you won't notice. They always make a noise like clearing their throat so you won't hear the sound. I caught them doing this too. Some drugs are mixed with dispersant's to make them out-gas. These are squirted at or near an isolated target using covert methods. In remote places where possible, constant "Area gassing" is done from neighboring houses. The perps spent a couple days at my neighbors installing the devices they use to disperse their chemicals. I'm sure they are well hidden but I know I can find them. These house devices have been refilled on a regular basis since they were installed. Passing cars/trucks with an electric squirting device are being used, each squirting an out-gassing mixture as they pass by. These were almost constant for several years and are still coming. On the road perps will squirt "out gassing" mixtures from the backs or fronts of their cars/trucks at your car/truck. When they can get away with it perps even do this while walking past in order to gas the target. The chemicals will out-gas quickly or slowly depending on their intended use. The most dangerous assault is the direct assault from a car/truck that has an electrically powered high pressure squirting device behind the grill. These usually squirt pesticide that is intended to stay put and absorb through the skin. This attack can penetrate thick clothing and is usually done in a parking lot or anywhere they can get close to you in a car. Be aware of cars pausing near you or "aiming" at you in parking lots. Individual perps on foot will work their way behind you and squirt your lower back using various covert "rigs". This is what I first caught one of them doing. The chemicals can be administered by "flipped" coworkers, neighbors, friends, family, local strangers and old or new professional (paid) perps. Neuro-interrupters have a cumulative effect. With successive poisonings there is a gradual decrease in cognitive functioning whidh is what is intended by the perps. I read an account of one victim who had been poisoned to the point that he could no longer speak. A perp will always wait close by to observe the condition of the victim after assaults. The protection against this is waterproof or impermeable clothing or any barrier that will block what is essentially a "high-tech squirt gun" If the victim fails to protect themselves, they will go down as a result of these assaults.

Some psyhcotomimetic agents, usually LSD or similar will be applied to surfaces the victim will ordinarily touch, door handles, cabinet drawers, any place in their home, car and places at work. Daily vitamins, coffee, shampoo or anything used or consumed on a daily basis is a potential contamination target, especially single use items. In the home milk is often contaminated with OP pesticide. It is obvious if put in any clear liquid because the liquid becomes cloudy. Gloves and clothing might be turned inside out and "treated". Time to change your cloths, don't forget to shower. The perps will start slowly, only contaminating a single item or items they have control over so no evidence will remain in case law enforcement investigates. After they believe they have compromised the victims credibility they will become more active and aggressive with contamination and all other aspects of the "organized assault".

The following as well as this entire scam may take place over the course of many years.

Co-workers, neighbors, friends, family, law enforcement and the general public are told planned, consistent lies about the victim/target. This will start with law enforcement long before the actual assaults begin. They do this to "set up" the target, hoping law enforcement will believe their lies and ignore the victim when they first report this crime. Perps may show a bogus "investigation" file or flash fake badges in the community as part of the scam. Perps might hire local lawyers and private investigators in a ruse to "legitimize" the scam. Later the perps will report crimes or trip alarms in the area so the police will have to drive by the target's house. This is to make the target believe the police are part of the stalking. They will also pull fake fire alarms for the same purpose. While "working" this chemical attack, the perps perform "street theater" around the target. They hope the poisoned/drugged target will panic, then report and try to describe these bizarre "skits" to law enforcement. The goal is to create poison and drug induced psychotic episodes, paranoia, and actions that could (the perps will say) appear to be schizophrenic (only if you are not educated about schizophrenia would you believe this). The perps often launch large drug assaults against a target in public. If the target is effected enough they will report or encourage a bystander to report the target to law enforcement, saying the target is schizophrenic, crazy or psychotic. Some of the perps are bold enough to say the cops do what they have them do, indicating the perps are making "fools" of and are smarter than law enforcement and the targets. Many in law enforcement are aware of perp stalker tactics now and they would like nothing better than to bust this criminal enterprise or anyone in it.

Some people in the community are tricked or coned into participating. They are told clever lies about the target They may even be deluded into thinking they are doing a "community service". If they knew the truth of what they were involving themselves with they would not cooperate willingly. Others accept money or other forms of compensation. Many who know or are close to the target are forced to take part in this criminal scam, it's essentially "the offer they can't refuse". Some are set up for various crimes and blackmailed, or blackmailed for any existing secrets they want to keep from co-workers, family, friends or the community at large. Those close to the target that resist are threatened and poisoned using these same methods until they obey. After they are "flipped" they are "coached" by these criminals in their "methods" of assault and supplied with "covert equipment" to topically spray or squirt these chemicals on or around the target or in their food or drink. This will be done at every opportunity at the target's home (at night to wake you up) or away, on foot or in the car. Anywhere the target is or goes the perps will work together, using surveillance, advanced communications, stealth and simple diversionary tactics to draw the target into position for an assault that will not be detected by the general public.

The perps have their own websites and "shills" to spread mis-information and dis-information on the internet. Some pose as support for victims trying to disrupt the actions of those who are really trying to help victims. There are perps posing as victims. These perps post intentionally "crazy sounding" accounts describing bogus "satellite attacks" or "advanced electronic weapons" and the ever popular "mind control" which they stretch way beyond anyone's imagination. They want to frighten and confuse real victims with a mix of real and bogus information that they hope will be believed and repeated by victims. These "posers" also try to befriend real targets to gain information to launch yet another attack. They also will tell targets things like "get out and live your life". What they really mean is "come out where we can get a clear shot at you". I read one victims account that said they knew the man that started their stalking and that the man had a reward poster with the victim's picture in a target on his office wall. I think the vic said the offer was $25,000. If you're a target, that will make you think, won't it. Some credible sounding things about this I read on the internet are gone now, disappeared. I like to think I just can't find them, even though that probably isn't the case.

Cyberstalking, everybody knows what that is or can look it up. Just like all the things these guys do it's pretty much "business as usual". They take the information they have gathered about the target and present it in a way that is supposed to make the victim wonder "How did that stranger know that"? It's the same "directed conversation" stuff they do to targets at stores and on the street. Well, the internet is a big place and you don't have to go where people get their "jollies" jerking you around. As a matter of fact you don't have to go there at all except maybe to do a little business now and then. And you don't have to share your thoughts or business on the phone or out loud. You don't have to provide them with information to use against you. When you have to speak around perps, use only the words you need. If you don't talk unless needed the perps will just have to wonder what you are thinking.

Common symptoms (use search engine) of the afore described poisons are attributed to the bogus "secret weapons". "Electromagnetic weapons" of sorts are real but I have been unable to verify or find credible information on any existing "electromagnetic weapons" as they are described in this strange "internet chasm". Also some of the symptoms described could be attributed to simple harassment electronics and some of the "itching" or "burning" powders that the perps sprinkle in target's beds. They will contaminate your bed with various drugs in an attempt to make you "freak out" while trying to sleep. Keep the perps out of your home. The perps might be able to open any lock that uses a key. That leaves some type of combination only lock. If you can afford one or more, install them and learn how to change the combination. Disable all other entry lock key slots with water soluble wood glue, it can be removed later. Secure all windows. At least know if they were inside. Video cameras anywhere, outside or inside are a good thing to slow the perps down or keep them away if done correctly. Your own well hidden cameras or listening equipment inside might keep them out. The perps also use powders that will cause an asthma-like attack. Don't panic, an inhaler will stop it or it will go away soon after you have gotten away from the source. The perps will use amplified high frequency (above human hearing, kind of like a high powered electronic dog whistle) transducers (speakers) to make your ears ring. These can be purchased but it's fairly easy to build a big one with adjustable volume/range. I have seen this "ear ringing" as well as "body vibrations" associated with the non-existent "satellite weapon" attack. The "satellite to earthbound human attack" is still science fiction at this writing. And perps can purchase transducers of the type used in industrial sonic baths and mechanically fix them with screws to floor joists or wall studs underneath repaired drywall, completely hidden from view of normal inspection. The transducers will make your floors vibrate and probably create heat. They spend a lot of time hiding their stuff in houses or apartments so it won't be found under simple visual inspection. If somebody really decides to start looking they *will* start finding these things. These tactics are part of the never ending "smoke and mirrors" routine. Apparently the perps get a "charge" out of inducing false perceptions.

This "con-artist information attack" is intended to further psychologically terrify the victims hoping they will react as if "crazy". After all, that is what it's all about. If the victim fails to protect themselves they have already been poisoned and drugged to what the perps hope is an "excited" state of reduced cognitive ability. At this point in time the victim is usually attacked by the criminal's very real covert weapon. This is most often done at night because it can be effective at waking you up and keeping you awake. It might also be hard to hide or get away with in the daytime because of sound, size, location, etc. This weapon was originally developed as a crowd control device by a company called Scientific Applications & Research Associates Inc. of Huntington Beach. It is an acoustic/sonic weapon that will make internal organs resonate. These effects have been described by victims of these assaults. The weapon I have seen in video demonstration is based on a combustion chamber that releases multiple ignited fuel charges through a wave guide to produce directional "very low frequency" (below human hearing) waves. These waves at the time were hard to control over distance as a beam but as used it probably doesn't matter that much. This would most likely be used on a detached house. There are electrical versions of these weapons that use transducers that could be used from shorter ranges such as adjacent apartments in an apartment building. The electrical versions I read about required a very large amount power, were large and only managed a short pluse before needing recharging. These weapons could be greatly improved by now as far as size and power are concerned. The fuel combustion type I saw could be carried by one man. These weapons have undergone some military testing and are not really a secret, but I haven't been able to find current up to date information (for an old 1997 story, search - U.S.News Wonder Weapons by Douglas Pasternak).

Almost all victims are aware their phone and computer are "tapped" or will be. Information is gathered from every possible source in order to "custom tailor" the many various assaults and "street theater" to the individual. This surveillance information is used and intended to give the target the impression of an "all knowing", "Orwellian" or "big brother" type of situation.

Some are not aware that using a "hard wire tap" (cutting the wire and inserting a computer interface) that the perps can use computer software to digitally edit your call on the fly. They try to illicit angry responses from victims through constant harassing phone calls or even harassing in public. They digitally record these and clean them up for later use. Then when you call someone, usually a service that records calls like a telephone company or maybe even 911, they will cut you off after a completed sentence and seamlessly insert an out of context angry, ranting remark you justifiably made at another place and time. The more "crazy" it sounds the better. I can just imagine how they laugh after one of these edits. They can also use this method to create false recorded conversations to turn people you know or others against you. Imagine they record a public conversation at a store checkout counter and someone asks about a person you know. You say only good things about this person. Later in another conversation they ask you about Osama Bin Laden and you say everything but good things. The perps simply switch a few sentences around and clean it up some. They have what they want and it is much easier than altering a photograph using "photoshop" and almost impossible to detect.

Let's talk about "covert" (as if anything is not covert) cameras in or around your home. I have gathered information that indicates that live video of targets in their homes or while being stalked might be "entertainment" content for an internet website or sites run by the perps. What would really be bizarre is if some people were paying to view this stuff. It is at least viewed constantly by your local perp. You might even be appearing in "The Best of (insert your perp given TI name here)" video of the week. Your pictures and "perp created profile" are possibly on a website for all "perp-ville" to view. Manufactured fictitious information disseminated to all who have the perp web address or it could be passed out in "hard copy".

Audio bugging? You bet, they'll do it if they can and they can. And just a note here, hiring somebody to do a "bug scan" is useless. It's a highly specialized field that takes an experienced expert and any of them worth anything will tell you it has to be done completely covertly because good bugs can just be turned off while a scan is in progress. I'm sure the perps "just might" know the guy is coming because they already have *you* under surveillance. If you used your phone for contact that is a fore gone conclusion. If the bug is in an adjacent apartment, of course they will just turn it off. And if it is a hardwired bug there won't be a signal to pick up anyway. If the perps can't get inside to "bug" your home they might use laser to window, a parabolic or shotgun mic. You won't catch them doing any of those, it's not impossible to catch them, just highly improbable. One thing about this scam is that they need to hear your business to work the scam "by the book". They can't do any "directed conversations" anywhere without this information and it's harder to set up "mobbing" and coordinate "moving surveillance" when they have to guess where you are going. Outside anybody can pick up voice easily from a safe distance using a parabolic or shotgun mic. The conclusion is it's ok to look every now and then for covert cameras or bugs yourself after a little schooling on the subject, but don't expect to find anything because you probably won't. And don't worry about it, just go about your business. You can figure out If perps are repeating things you said over the phone or something you said out loud in your house or apartment. Where did you say what they repeated? You have control over what you say and where you say it.

Don't forget about call re-direction on landlines and cell phones. Know who you are talking to. Do you think you called and talked to someone in law enforcement? Maybe you did, maybe you didn't. Redirecting calls you try to make to law enforcement is something the perps do. They will pretend to be a law enforcement officer and tell you there is nothing that they can do to help. And they will make suggestive remarks about your sanity or reputation. They may refer you to another bogus "officer" to "work" you again. Always get the name and badge number of officers you speak with over the phone. Always identify/verify anyone you speak with over the phone. If you suspect your phone is tapped/intercepted/redirected, and if you are being "gangstalked" it will be, don't use it. You can use a random pay phone if you have to.

All victims should report this as soon as they can do so in a reasonable manner. It will never be stopped if nobody ever reports it. When you report this crime, ALWAYS go in person with well planned information you have compiled including a journal, video, audio, perp names and anything else you can get. If you have been "gangstalked" for a long period of time and you don't have any "evidence" of any kind, just what have you been doing all this time? Be organized and complete but brief. Don't elaborate on unimportant every day details you cain't prove anyway. Don't go into "gaslighting" details, all the particulars are not important. You don't have to file a complaint against anyone, you are only providing information about a crime. Don't tell anyone you are going to do this. If the perps know, there may be a "parade" of them lining up to give you the "treatment" all the way there and even into the law enforcement building. Be prepared to do this at any time and when you think the time is right deviate from your normal routine and do it. You can even make practice runs to check logistics, such as where to park, where to go when inside the building, are there surveillance cameras (big plus) in the parking lot or building. Any test run will also test the Perps reaction. Going by there a few times to learn the area roads won't be noticed by anyone but the perps.

While at home you can leave the radio or other sounds going all the time to disrupt the perps probable recording activities on some levels. It's very hard to separate the multiple sounds and I'm not sure that it would end up good enough for their purpose. The perps don't have to get into your home to install a "hook switch" or "infinity device". It's a type of phone tap that after the phone is answered manually or by a machine, the switch on the microphone of the "tapped" phone is "hooked" and remains on after hanging up. It becomes an effective listening device that can easily pick up conversations in an average size room. This device can be installed anywhere on the phone line between your phone and the local central office. It would usually be fairly close to your home or in your apartment building. It can be called and activated for listening from any phone anywhere in the world. For some, I guess obvious reason, the perps like using these. They can be defeated after a call by unplugging the receiver, the phone or installing an off switch on the phone microphone. Secure phones that turn off the microphone automatically are available but are expensive considering what little is involved. The perps can also sign you up for gps tracking too, they only need a moment with your cellphone to enter a code and you will be just like "one of their children", tracked everywhere you go with the phone on. They will use your email or their own to verify the gps account. If you haven't already, don't leave your cell phone anywhere unattended. If they get your number, which is easy, they will monitor and can redirect/edit your cell phone calls using what is known as a portable base station. Scanners are used too but are less effective and only for listening anyway. They have or can get all the latest electronics that can be had by anyone.

Always use an ssh2 encrypted stateside vpn service for internet. Don't use a server offshore that skirts the law, if a perp does something illegal you want them to be caught. If you can find a vpn anywhere that is or is said to be a government "honey pot" for cybercrooks, that is definitely the one you want to use. These perps will work to shut down servers using their bot-nets, if only temporarily. And be aware that even after a clean reload/install of your OS they will try to get the latest trojan, key logger or virus to you in an email attachment from a formerly trusted source. Sadly it might be that cute e-card from a family member or friend. If they have the run of your home it only takes a minute to load "spy" software using a CD or USB memory drive. If you can't keep them out of you home, back up your data, reload the OS and lock the drives down so they won't boot on start up. Keep your OS "locked down" or "hardened" against all known attack methods too.

The real bottom line on any communication service is as long as it runs through a wire/cable/fiber that is accessible to the perps, they can get on it. If they've "got your number" common cell phones are not much better as far as interception/manipulation is concerned.

This article is older but is still interesting.

Tapping Computer Data Is Easy

These organized criminal groups have an appointed leader(s) that control(s) everything they do. They operate much like a computer bot-net receiving orders, tracking the target and dispatching a stream of perps. Take appropriate measures to protect yourself from their assaults and stay safe. Be aware of your surroundings and don't respond to "baiting" tactics.

What I've described is just part of what these criminals do, and if you are not a victim you are probably saying to yourself, "I just can't believe a large group of criminals are getting away with crimes like that". The reason they are getting away with it is because this large group of criminals literally "hijack" the community using the methods described above. It took stalking of well known celebrities and a death before anyone started taking effective action against stalking. Many people know this is very real and I know it is being investigated. There are many laws that can easily be applied to these crimes but no specific laws. A task force is usually appointed to tackle tough crimes, that may be what is needed to address this.

You have permission to repost or reprint any part or all of this information.