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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Durham’s tool to fight crime: You (More Snitches Coming)

Durham’s tool tofight crime: You (More Snitches Coming)

[quote]If you live in Durham Region and rowdy youths hang out in your neighbourhood, the police want to hear about it. Encouraging citizens to become their “eyes and ears” to solve problems and prevent crime is one element of a new three-year strategic plan endorsed by the police services board yesterday. But it will be a while before the plan, whose ultimate goal is a safer community, reaches the streets.

It’s part of a major transformation for the Durham police service over the next five to 10 years, Supt. Greg Mills told the board — one that will involve retraining and restructuring at every level to change the focus from reacting to crime to preventing it.

Four key areas will be targeted: youth, road safety, violence and property crime. For example, a group of “loud, disrespectful youths behaving in an anti-social manner” could be a precursor to gang activity, Mills explained. “We’re asking people to let the police know about problems like disorderly conduct that hasn’t risen to the level of a criminal act. If they’re out for a stroll, they will be our eyes and ears.” Citizens aren’t being asked to become vigilantes, just to work with police.[/quote] pg3.

Apparently the snitching program is working so well in some cities that they are not expanding it. That's right Durham region is going to get their own version of this monster that Toronto and other cities have in place currently Citizens, Suburban Spies as I like to call them are now also going to be recruited in Durham, the program will start to recruit over the next 3 years, but it's a long term 5-10 year plan. If we can get this sort of concentration in Toronto, then imagine the sort of concentration a much smaller venue like Durham is going to have?

We have snitches at ever corner in Toronto, I am not sure how long this has been ongoing, but again we have at least based on what I am seeing on the subway, over 85% concentration. That is a light figure, now again as a target, I am not sure if I am just seeing a higher concentration.
Apparently traditional policing methods are not working, the money and the budget is not there to do all the things that the police want to do or need to do, so they are getting the citizens to come out and lend a hand. On paper this sounds great. I mean even as a target, when I read it, it sounds great, but in reality it's a nightmare. You have people that are becoming citizen vigilantes. They seem to be recruiting from not the smartest elements in society, and it's a nightmare the stuff these people are doing.

First of all, the program is suppose to help keep an eye on things, but so far all it seems to be doing is finally giving racists, fanatics, and other yahoo's, the capacity and a forum for their hatred. The people joining these programs are the neighbourhood busy bodies that the world could do without, the people who think any foreigner looks funny, and should be watched, the people who have no power in their lives to begin with and finally think this will be a way to have some purpose in their lives, and then there are the others who just have too much time on their hands. You also get the other people who just want to snub their noses at others, who would not be noticed by anyone else outside of these programs. The losers of society have found an outlet.
Then you have the other half. The honest citizens of society who want to make the world a better place. The odd few who mistakenly really think that by going along with these programs they are going to make their communities safer.

These programs are suppose to be designed to make the world a better place, on paper they are and they sound great, but the reality that I am seeing is something quite different. Communities policing communities, everyone getting involved, becoming empowered after feeling powerless for so long, I mean it had me drooling for awhile, before I did a double take and said, wait a second, aren't these very same programs the ones that have me of all people being followed around the city and harassed? Aren't these the same programs that have me being tracked and harassed in my very home? Then I realised why yes they are, and something in the system has gone terribly wrong. Except unlike with other programs, there does not seem to be anyone to turn to get this mess sorted out.

The police will not look into complaints about targeting by these sorts of programs, and apparently to keep these sorts of programs quite in some cities, they have gone so far as to make the people being targeted by these programs look crazy if they try to complain about them or get assistance for them, in most cases they just go on to further slander the reputation of others. Something is not right and not working in a system that would have someone like me targeted. I can tell you this, you don't have to believe me or take me at my word, but just wait till it's your turn, or till this monster gets so far out of hand that it can't be controlled, if it's already not so far out of hand.

These programs on paper start off sounding so good. Citizen volunteers working with the police, keeping an eye and ear on things. Then you have the real monster of the program, which has turned my city into a Statsi State. So many people are a part of these programs that we have I am pretty sure, numbers greater than the Statsi had, meaning where they had 1 to 64. I think we have something like 1 to 15 or 1 to 25, but we have a lot of these snitches in a city of only about 5 million. The East Germans had about 16 million in their population and they controlled every body with just 91,000-400,000 snitches.[quote]it was estimated that 91,000 full-time employees and 300,000 informants were employed by the Stasi. [/quote]

We have concentrations that are higher than this ratio, based on what I am seeing. This thing that started out so great on paper has become a run away freight train. With just our public servants and unions that are taking part in this it's a lot, but then you have all the companies, private security, police, snitches, etc. It's a huge monster that this has become.
The other thing is though this is working for some members of society, I have seen a great deal of evidence to suggest that these programs are racially targeting individuals, going after more females than males, and targeting the people who could actually make the society a better place. They do not really seem to be cutting down on the major problems that we are having in society, but they are creating quick solutions. These types of programs are giving people a false sense of security, and empowerment, and I am not sure that they are truly targeting the problems that need to be targeted.

There are so many vigilante yahoo's in these programs. This seems to have given some people something to do with their lives, and not necessarily something better. There are many people that function well under systems like these and the Stasi system, and of course there are others that do not. The social sociopaths seem to function very well under these types of systems. The problem is these types of systems are coming into play in many parts of the world, and they seem to be set in place to herold in a global system of dominance, a New World Order if you will, that will be used to control the masses. Think Global, act local, and yet the dissenting voices that we should be hearing are continually being shut down, and closed off. More people and awareness should be out there about these sorts of programs so people can say if they want their city to become a snitch state or not, but just like the North American Union, these program seem to just slipped by the radars, and have now taken over society, and I am not sure what we can do to turn this system around, since so many people seem to function well under these sorts of systems while others do not.

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