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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Community snitching and bitching gone wild.

The reason the article was important should be obvious. The kind of thing that are happening to us in the gang stalking community are slowly in various forms spilling over into other areas of society, not surprisingly.

This part of the article I found very impressive.

[quote]The digital age allows critics to quickly find a fair amount of information about their targets. One day last November, at about 11:30 a.m., a blog focused on making New York streets more bike-friendly posted the license plate number of an SUV driver who allegedly accelerated from a dead stop to hit a bicycle blocking his way.
At 1:16 p.m., someone posted the registration information for the license plate, including the SUV owner's name and address. (The editor of the blog thinks the poster got the information from someone who had access to a license-plate look-up service, available to lawyers, private investigators and police.) At 1:31 p.m., another person added the owner's occupation, his business's name and his title. Ten minutes later, a user posted a link to an aerial photo of the owner's house. Within another hour, the posting also included the accused's picture and email address. [/quote]

Can you imagine that. Within 2 hrs, there was enough info online to ruin this person. I mean this is crazy. If I really hate someone, break up with someone, etc, and want to ruin their life, I could post this kind of crap online, and within 2 hrs, there would be enough info online to ruin that person's life. Look at the info they were able to get in just 2 hrs.

-A simple licence plate. (11:30 am)
-license plate registration information. Including name and address.(1:16 pm.) Just one hour and 45 minutes later.
-owner's occupation, his business's name and his title. (2 hrs later.)
- a link to an aerial photo of the owner's house.(2 hrs, 10 mins later)
-the posting also included the accused's picture and email address (3 hrs and 10 minutes later.)
Imagine these 2 scenarios.

Let's say a child had been hit, and the community was furious, and they get this information. Let's say a bunch of them decide to go to the persons house to confront them.

Let's say the persons car was stolen, and they have no idea that the person was driving badly, but for the rest of their lives, this is on some website, and people start doing things to their homes and family.

How many other people have had stuff like this happening to them without ever realising it?
Do you see the subtle elements that are the start of gang stalking? This what is happening in China, Korea to a damaging degree. I mean did you see the next scenario?

[quote]Online shaming is happening across the world, with several well-publicized cases in China. Last fall, one blogger posted photos and the license plate number of a Beijing driver who got out of his car and threw aside the bicycle of a woman blocking his way. The driver was quickly identified by Internet vigilantes and soon apologized on television for his behavior. And on a popular Web site last year, after one husband accused a student of having an affair with his wife, other users posted the student's phone number and other personal details. After that, groups of people showed up at his university and parents' home, according to some reports. The student denied the affair.[/quote]

I mean what if some of these people had decided to teach the little home wrecker a lesson? Or just gang stalk him for his alleged crimes? This is where that community empowerment crap really goes wrong.

We then have people playing judge and jury, and often the person does not get to have a fair trial. Or what if an affair was happening, because her husband would beat and cheat on her, and she then turns to this student? Not good I admit, but there would then be more to the story.
People have false and invalid reasoning skill, often they do not reason they just hear something and they are so happy to play judge and jury, when most of them are not worthy to throw the first stone, and should not be casting the first stone, or any stone for that matter.

This is where the world is going however. We are seeing it wide spread in Asian countries like China and Korea, but make no doubt, this is what we are also now seeing here in many forms.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Is this what's behind gang stalking?

Here is some more information about why I think this is gang stalking. I think gang stalking and this community policing is more than likely a source of one and the same thing. Here is a really quick and brief explanation of what I posted to someone else on another forum. I will agree to the fact that gang stalking, has nothing to do with mind control. It's a perfectly explainable phenomenon. Gang Stalking is no different than what happened in this article here.

The only difference in my book is that what I am seeing in my city and I believe is the same in other cities, is organised and being done by community policing, or some other kind of community mobilization initiative.

Ever since the RCMP and CSIS over here in Canada have taught the local police the dirty tricks of the trade, we have the snitches, businesses, politicians, the police and others all working together to control the state. The same thing is happening in the US. The CIA, FBI, have also taught the police what is called intelligence based policing. This is happening in many places.

Every observation that I can make about gang stalking can be backed up with articles or pdf readings that I have been able to find online. Right down to the one handed signing that they do.

There signaling is fully coordinated, I do believe the signing is more like the Talking Hands signing, than the stasi signals. Talking hands is a one handed sign language the police use to communicate, when they are covertly observing a suspect. This sign language is based on the language the police use is based on what the hearing impaired use in public to communicate.

This hand signing in some US cities, is being taught as a part of free courses that citizens can take. Also based on the RCMP report on intelligence based policing, they want to have citizens out everywhere keeping an eye on things. Eg. The article mentioned they want kids in parks, keeping an eye on things, people out walking their dogs, keeping an eye on things.

They basically want people to be out, covertly keeping an eye on things. They will look like the average person walking the dog, pushing the baby carriage, but they will be the spies and eyes for the police and the community. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. As far as I am concerned based on my observation, and research, this is being done by the state, and these programs, of initiatives we now have, such as. Citizen corp, weed and seed, city watch, community policing, Intelligence lead policing, etc. These efforts are happening world wide.

They even have initiatives to curb anti-social behaviour, and to decide what is and is not acceptable. In the UK they are now even putting people into "sin bins" for bad behaviour.

Just before Hitler came to power a lot of the same disturbing stuff was happening in Germany. The other theory I just came across is that these crazy groups, who seem to think they are on the side of the law, because the police do protect them, are going after people they think are mental. Really from what I can see they are provoking people, and even if people are not mental to begin with, they are trying to give them break downs, and I do from what I have read, now understand that companies can have people placed under covert observation, and even communities can have people placed under covert observation. This practices can make sense to a degree, but gang stalking goes outside of that, and you have some real problem people, trying to hurt others, getting them to act violent and then making it look like they were the problems in the first place.

Just like all other systems, this I am sure started with good intentions, but when you have a bunch of people high on empowerment and no rules to keep them in check, you are going to get situations like this. People are also so busy, many are not aware of these community mobilization programs.

These program reach out to youth groups, churches, senior groups, community watch, etc. That is why we see all these various sorts of gang stalkers. It's organised all right, and the people perhaps do not all realise that they are hurting innocent people. Some are probably doingwhat they are suppose to do, and just covertly monitoring people, but the rest seem to be going out of their way to provoke people, to see if they can generate a response, not maybe realising why that person is reacting the way that they are. Remember most of these people have average, or below average intelligence and can't understand why the color red upsets someone, or key's being jangled, or loud coughing, or specific words. In their limited minds such actions, must mean the person is crazy, many people don't understand classical conditioning or things like this, so if they hear someone is crazy, violent, a drug dealing etc, they don't have the reasoning or mental acumen to question any of it.

I firmly believe that abuse in these programs, which large chunks of the population are taking a part in, is what we are seeing behind gang stalking.

These people can signal to each other to let each other know who the target is, they also can signal and let each other know what the target is sensitive to. Then for some reason just like what we see in other forms of mobbing, some go out of their way to incite a reaction from said target. Others will work on creating a reaction to a stimuli that was not previously there.

I believe these activities is outside of the guidelines, mandates, and functions that these people are given to perform. However there is such a frequency of occurrence that I think the problem has become extremely widespread and it should be looked into by some governing agency, before their is an epidemic occurrence of this, just like the situation in Korea. 1 in 10 had reported that sort of harassment.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Fight fire with fire.

The more things change the more things stay the same. I was deeply saddened, disgusted and disturbed to find that in 2006, a female can still not enter certain fields and environments without expecting to be mobbed and harassed by her male counterparts. This is however where we are, and it seems to be getting worst not better for many woman in society. This is
exactly what happened in the Vancouver fire department.

The report is that after months, and years of sexual harassment and discrimination from their male coworkers, four female fire fighters had to walk off the job because of an unbearable and hostile workplace environment that did not allow them to perform their duties due to wide spread harassment.

The reports even site that one female fire fighter the previous year had finally succored and committed suicide due to some of the harassment that was ongoing. Jocelyn Roberts had risen in her field to become a female captain in the Richmond fire department and even that was not enough to earn her the respect and dignity afforded to many individuals in lesser positions.
It is reported by her fellow female firefighters that she too was a target of discrimination inside and even outside of the workplace, including the incident where the water was turned off, while trying to fight a blaze, and also receiving harassing calls said she "got calls at 2 a.m., waking her up."

In another case another female captain filed suit over what she says were 11 years of constant harassment by her male colleagues. She was fortunate enough to have 2 male firefighters who were willing to stand up and tell the truth, who helped her to win her case. These two individuals would later experience hostile threats and retaliation from their male coworkers
and would later have to file their own suits, such is the discriminatory, hostile, male chauvinistic culture that exists in some fire departments.

In other places there are reports of racism and hazing rituals that would not be acceptable in
most parts of society.

In another case because they have to share close sleeping quarters, a male firefighter climbed into the bunk of a female fire fighter, attempted to climb on top of her, and told her no one would ever know. She managed to ward him off, in that instance.

All four woman who worked in the fire department amongst 200 men, walked off the job in Vancouver, calming discrimination.

One woman pointed to several incidents that made it impossible for them to do their work. Instances such as:

-Put human feces in her boots and pants.
-Instances in which her clothing was shredded or sprayed with chemicals after her locker was broken into.
-Gloves and helmet were stolen, later turning up in another fire-hall.
-A condom filled with an unidentified fluid was left in a locker.
-Threats, obscenities and gender
-specific expletives were written on her locker.
-Obscenities written on an axe handle, that described female genitalia.
-Male firefighters cut off the water supply to a hose she was using to battle a blaze.
-Displayed hard-core pornography in her presence.

One female fire fighter has filed a lawsuit siting Claims of personal injuries, nervous shock and depression because of the behaviour of her male co-workers, which she described as lewd, pornographic and even life-threatening acts of harassment against her. She said she suffered sexual harassment and discrimination.

The disappointing thing is not that this sort of harassment happens still in today's society, it's all too frequent and too common in every part of society, the disappointment came when it was time for this case to go to court. The judge threw out the case claiming that "the court has no jurisdiction over her complaints."

She says not only did the fire department allow this culture of harassment to happen, but the the "city of Richmond has allowed the fire service to foster a culture of systemic discrimination and harassment of its female firefighters."

I find this unbelievable that a judge could decide this and send her back for union arbitration, the same union who had failed to handle her numerous complaints which she says she made, and this is why she then filed the suit in the first place.

The similarities between what these woman went through and the situation in the Eveleth Mines, that caused Lois Jenson to file her claim of sexual harassment are far too striking to be over looked.

"Instead, the male miners might be awarded the world's most chauvinistic: They openly believe that mining is "men's work," so they harass the women every day on the job. The forms of harassment include:

-verbal barbs,
-nasty words written on walls and machinery,
-requests for kisses,
-semen on clothing in a locker,
-being trapped and toppled in a Porta-Potty requested by the women (who need relief privately while men do so publicly),
-and ultimately physical assault.

Complaints to the management and the union are useless. Throughout the film, segments of a court case are interjected.

Eventually, after Josey ends up on the bottom in an assault, she quits the company, suffering from post-traumatic stress, and sues."

One disturbing thing about the case in Vancouver is that in a climate of so many men, few seemed to have had the emotional quotient to openly disagree with what was happening in that culture. If the lawsuit is to be believed the culture of discrimination went from the bottom to the top, and everyone in between just turned a blind eye and allowed what was happening to continue to happen, until the remaining four woman had to walk off the job.

In this day and age when woman are continually told that they can grow up to do and to become anyone and anything they wish to be. This is true, if you work really hard, you can become anything that you wish to be, what they don't tell woman is the discriminatory practices or the variety of harassment's they may have to face along the way to becoming who they wish to
become, and even then that might not be enough.

Where a judge decided that Lois Jensen's case could be heard in court in 1979, a judge in 2006 feels that the courts have no jurisdiction over this sort of thing, and has sent the case back to be heard by the very people that turned a blind eye to what was happening. I think society has taken a huge step back and not forward for the betterment of woman in society, and
job equality all around.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Gang Stalking. Something funny for a change.

Something funny for a change.

This is something funny for a change. I found this video on the Internet. I don't think it's a real gang stalking video, but a video designed to show how annoying gang stalking is. It's really well done however and it's too funny. Now it's in German so it's hard to make out the words, but I love when she says's, get a life. It's too funny.

I also like when she says this is more than stalking. I think this little video is such a wonderful illustration of what gang stalking is like on the light side. Mind you for the target their is no light side to this, it's just annoyance after annoyance. The stalkers keep in character in this video very well, and the girl playing the role does such a good job and is so incensed by her idiot tormentors, that it just comes together so well. I thought I would share this with other.

Now this video is just two minutes long, but it shows how irritating this thing can be, now imagine this for 24/7 after months and years, done by multiple people. Except you would also have this stupid music happening when you open email. Crack calls with this music, and multiple st anger with the same song playing as they drive by in cars, on bicycles, on foot, on the train, etc. Now insert anything that the target has been sensitised to, in place of the stupid music and do it in a subtle manner that is hard to prove and you have some idea what gang stalking is like, on the annoying level.

This video also does not show sleep deprivation and other things targets go through, but for some reason this short little two minute clip, does show how being followed can be irritating for a target, while keeping it on the light side.

Run around blue.

Do you ever get the feeling that you are just not getting anywhere?

Here’s my story sad but true It’s about a force that I once knew They took my statement than ran around With every single file in town

Ah I should have known it from the very start This force would leave me with a broken heart Now listen people what I’m telling you A-keep away from-a runaround Blue.

Wednesday Jan 10 2007.

I just had a lovely chat with officer Pierrepont, a community relations officer for my division.
Now remember this was the office I spoke to way back in November 02 2006, when I was trying to decide the issue of “should targets go to the police”?

While other officers had at least said they could come and have a look around and see if there were any strangers, which would have done no good, but at least it was an offer for assistance. I also had other officers who said they were willing to at least file a report, however not officer John the community relations officer. No he felt there was absolutely nothing that could be done, keep in mind he is the one assigned to work with these communities, and he is probably the person who ends up taking care of calls like this. Sadly for the targets of this harassment.

At the time he had said that there was nothing that could be done, didn’t offer to take a report or anything. He did say that at least one lady that was up on Lawrence he felt was crazy, because she complained about people putting things in her grocery cart. At the time I had explained that this was a gas-lighting tactic, and surprisingly he had said he was familiar with gas-lighting. Yet he still felt the woman was crazy. (His qualified opinion no doubt.)

That day after I had talked to him and offered to leave my contact details, he wanted to know if I was the one that lived on the main floor of the building, I had said no. (After rethinking this, it seems to be that there might be another target in this building on the main floor.)

That same day I had the unusual occurrence of waking up to find my door unlocked. Now I had forgotten to put the alarm on, that was my bad, but I am pretty sure I had locked the door, and it was unlocked when I awoke.I guess I was suppose to freak out and call back and explain this. More fuel for the fire? That wasn’t the only thing, but I could never shake the timing, and the fact that that was the first time I had shared my location with any of these officers.

So after still trying to decide what to do. I did go to a police station on November 29 2006, to file a police report in person. I waited over 2 and a half hours for the shift to change and then I filed the report with officer Rupnarine. We spent over a half an hour going over the details. He said there was nothing he could do, but would forward the details to his supervisor, and then someone would probably get back to me. I asked for a time frame, and he had said he could not give me one. I asked if that meant that someone might not get back to me and he had replied, that’s also a possibility.

Now remember the report is about stalking, by people I don’t know, offline and online. Stolen mail, and email tampering, telephone redirects, illegal entry and damaged clothing. Things that can all be investigated.

So I would say November 30, I called first to check to see if a report had been filed. Now remember I had been warned by other targets that they don’t tend to file these reports or take them seriously. I first checked with dispatch, they said no report had been filed. I then called the actual station and spoke to one of officer Rupnarine’s coworkers who said that a report had been filed, but he could not give me details of the report over the phone and I would have to call head office at 40 college street to get the report. He said he could not even give me the report number.

So December 3 or around there I called head office at 40 college to see if there was a report filed under my name. No report had been filed. I guess other targets know what they are talking about, even when we go in person to try to avoid the, report, what report? This still happens. A system fully working in place to cover itself.

When I did not hear anything back, I then tried to file a report about noise harassment, this was in early December 16 2006.

This report was made with an office at dispatch. They said they would send a car around. The walls are pretty thin here, and if someone had come out, I probably would have known it. The next day I called to do a follow up report to find out what was going on?

December 17 2006? I again find out that nothing has been actioned. There is no report for any type of harassment filed, and no one ever came out the night before. Why is this not a surprise? However the officer who did answer the phone tells me that, under my name he does not have any reports filed for harassment, but he does have a report from 1999, about an arrest for fraud under? This officer was really friendly and I found him to be helpful. See my blog entry regarding the seven year itch for more details. Needless to say I asked to speak to his supervisor, and he told me I need to get a copy of my file under freedom of information and then write a letter to the chief of police and get this removed from my files. It’s good to find out you sort of have a record, you were not really aware that you had.

This was an interesting revelation, because this incident happened about the year that I became aware of harassment at work.

December 22 2006. I was outside and from a pay phone tried to call and file a report, at the time I was told that no officers could take the report and one would have to call me back. I advised I was away from home and so would not likely get the call. I could never understand why they could not just transfer to a station, but that’s ok.

December 23 2006. This seems to be when I called again, they had someone call me back, an officer Brooker, who seemed professional and friendly and this is who the police report was finally made with. She said someone would get back to me, but with the holidays it might be in January, which was just fine. I did ask her about the first report not being filed and she said to speak to the officer who did not file it to find out why it was not filed. This officer gave me a report number.Apparently the key to this whole filing a police report is getting incident numbers or police report numbers. Other wise it’s apparently a big joke, for some of these people.

January 03. I followed up to confirm report was on file and to see if it had been assigned, was told to call back in a few days.

January 05, 2006. Noise harassment complaint, officers came out. However they did not follow up to let me know what had been the out come of the call. I followed up with the station. The officers were not there, but the desk officer gave me the incident report and the badge numbers and names of the officers. I later get a call back from one of the officers, who said he went to the door, stood there, heard nothing and left. He did say however that he could come back out and knock this time if there was a noise disturbance. Why so you can waste both our time? So to date, they have really essentially done absolutely nothing.

January 09 2006. Called and left a message for officer Rupnarine to find out why the original report had not been filed.

Something about going in person, and waiting for over 2 and a half hours only to have him not file a report was annoying, but also for other targets the feedback as to why he did not file, would have been good to know.

He has not gotten back to me. I suspect that he won’t.

January 10 2006. I had a call from officer Pierrepont. Not an investigation officer, but the community relations officer, the original one who said there was nothing he could do, and did not even bother to ask to take a report.

So after much prompting, with facts about community based policing, he says there is a community liaison committee that meets once a month, and oh anyone is welcome to come on out. Yeah right. Never mentioned this the last time. Was too busy telling me there was no neighbourhood watch and no groups patrolling the area.

He says they have representation from various communities throughout the division. They discuss the needs of the various communities. They discuss issues problems, take suggestions about what can be done. (*From what I have read online, solutions can even include empowering communitees to have control over someone and survellence, so more information can be gathered. I didn’t ask him about this however. Just getting him to admit to the community liaison committee was more than enough work.)

Then he says he has called a couple of times and gotten no answer. I advised that this is not the case. I have been home most of the time, and after all the craziness with the bell call answer, I have an answering machine in place. This man has never called, not once. So he dropped this point pretty quickly. He has never called, because after the report was filed, I made sure the machine was working, plus I have been around.

I then went back to our conversation about the fact that he told me this was happening to others, that he had had similar complaints. I said if that’s the case then there must be something that can be done. Eg. Demographics about who is getting targeted. Woman, minorities, etc.
He said that the four other people that had made complaints were all woman. I asked if they were also single and living on their own? He said yes they were also living on their own. He said that ethnically that the others were all white (anglo-saxon) females. I wonder how he knows this, because based on our last conversation, it did not sound like he had met with them. It sounded like he had just written off their complaints.

He said that he was not sure what to do, because it was not an everyday occurrence. Doesn’t matter if it’s not an everyday occurrence. Females are calling and telling you that they are being stalked and harassed, and it sounds like gas-lighting is also involved in all these cases. They are various ages, but all are single and living on their own. Should that not be a cause for concern?
Rape, murder and stalking thank God are not everyday occurrences in all areas, but once is too often for any of these crimes.

If this was a caring officer surely he would be concerned that 4-5 single females were complaining of being stalked and harassed by large groups of people, or that there was indeed some fact or correlation in their stories, when you broke them down and examined them? Guess not, guess that’s why the communities are patrolling and doing all the thinking.

He said the targets ranged from 30’s-60’s. Is the range he gave for the other targets.Now in his opinion he is telling me, that the other determining factor with this is mental illness. Remember during the last conversation, he had said he thought one, I quote one lady was nuts, the one up on Lawrence, and that was because she was complaining of people putting groceries in her cart. A very common gas-lighting tactic.

I challenged his assertion and asked if he was qualified to make that assertion, and he of course is not. He then said, that he just really felt that it was paranoia on their part. (Like the ad for enemy of the state says, it’s not paranoia if they are really after you.)

Then I schooled him a bit. I asked if he had read anything on gang stalking? I asked if he knew that there was a book called Terrorist stalking in America, and gaslighting how to drive your enemies crazy. If he was aware that the rape crisis center had supported a group that had been meeting in Toronto regarding this? Or if he was aware that another lady had also filed a report only to have it ignored and then go to the media and gotten two stories written about it, which got her investigation reopened again. He was not aware of any of this.

This is what I can honestly say from my perspective. He said I should call him on Monday. I pretty much don’t know that I will do this, because it’s just a waste of my time. Of all the officers that I had called and spoken to, just to fish for facts, or try to find out details, he has been the least helpful out of all of them.

He has tried to lead me down the wrong path with the whole, no, no neighbourhood watch. He could well have given me the facts about the meetings etc, but he purposely did not, until I had gathered enough facts to confront him with this.

I can also say that if I had not called to follow up with the original officer who failed to file the police report, I doubt I would have gotten this call today.I can honestly say, that they are not going to do anything about this, unless it’s a situation where they are forced to like the woman who had the story run in the paper, and even then from what I read on the website, the paper was later contacted and asked to stop writing stories about gang stalking.

I have talked to an officer who tried to flat out deny programs like watch on wheels were happening, even when he was the one responsible for running it. I have spoken to another officer who admitted there was such a patrol program, like the one I was describing, but that they were not the ones responsible for it.

Then there is this officer who the community gets to deal with. For him alone targets will continually be written off and this will not get stopped.

I think looking back this is what I would do. I would file a report, because these reports do need to be filed. Knowing what I know now, I would have a standard format for filing these reports. Eg. I would try to stick primarily or just to the illegal stuff, like break and entry. Telephone bugging or listening. Online and offline stalking, mail stealing, etc. Just the more common things that are chargeable under the law.

I would make one phone call, not the dozen that I have had to make, to try to follow up on this and that or the other, or just to find out facts that would lead me in the right direction.

One call is all I would make. I would get the report number at the end of the call. Then I would go to head office or the main police station, pay to have a copy of my freedom of information and get anything that the police would have on me. Also to see the report and to find out what was printed on it. Eg. I recently read of a target who filed a police report, then they paid to have a copy of the report, only to find that the report number was attached to a blank page, with no information on it.

The report takes 30 days to arrive. In the mean time, I would wait to see if they got back to me. When the report arrived, I would first see, does it match what I advised them of? If so great. There is a report filed on organised stalking, gang stalking, whatever. Also having a copy of your files with the police, might help you determine if there is any reason for your targeting for this harassment.

If within the 30 days they have called you back, or started an investigation, great. If not and you still want to see why these people have not called you back, then you can call them back, or file a complaint about your police report not being followed up on after 30 days.

Repeatedly having to call them does little good, plus it should not be necessary. I honestly think there are some officers who would be willing to do something about gang stalking, I don’t think this community relations officer is the right one.

Based on all the officers I have talked to who have shown varying degrees of helpfulness, he falls towards the opposite end of the spectrum. I doubt very much if talking or dealing with this good old, friendly neighbourhood, officer is the way to go. I can honestly say that I don’t feel that my best interests would be served at all.

For me it’s important to see how this is working. We once again have a situation where something very wrong is happening and the police will not do anything to help, just like with Cointelpro it seems like too many are more than willing to go along with something that is very wrong. Also with the Intelligence based policing, they might be identifying with CSIS, and the RCMP a bit too much.

I find it troubling that this officer that is not qualified to make assertions about these people and their experiences would do so, so very easily.

I also worry because I have spoken to targets who have said that their harassment did increase with going to the police, or some have even said that they were then openly harassed by the police after filing reports.

What kind of society have we become where things like this are allowed to happen? Targets don’t feel safe going to the police, because we run the real risk of not being believed, thought of as mental, institutionalized, or locked up. Somehow this system is really not working, and I suspect it’s not been working for a very long time, or at least not working for those people that need it the most.

The other problem with the preliminary statistics is that men may be more reluctant to go to the police. Just like with male rape, which is under reported, this might also be something that men are not reporting, so it might not be that men are not getting targeted as much, because online we do see quite a few male targets, it might just be that they are not coming forward and going to the police. (With good reason.)

The other thing to consider is that when men are targeted for this harassment the rumours that they are targeted with are primarily drugs, pedophilia, or some kind of sexual deviant rumour. Could this also be preventing men from coming forward and getting help that they need?
I would love to do further research into this. I find the subject fascinating, not just because I am a target, but because this can go on in society at all levels and only the ones taking part or being targeted seem to be aware that this exists.

There are many surprises left and still available in this world and this is just one of them.

P.S. For statistic purposes, I forgot to ask if he was a Mason

Friday, January 05, 2007

Police call number???

Police call number?

I am know that this is my first time this year having to call the police regarding the noise harassment, but call them I did. I have my tribunal hearing for this very thing and the landlords inaction only to have my neighbour upstairs hand power drilling at 4:30 in the morning.

Now by now based on the research that I have done, I highly believe some of these people are most likely part of some community program, set to keep an eye on things. Why these little pestilence are bothering me, I won't know until I do some further investigation. Speaking of which, I am still waiting for the police to get back to me and tell me who my case was assigned to. However that is another post.

So it's the 05 day of 2007, a brand New Year and I have this to start the New Year with, however unlike last year, I do now realise it's fully calculated and deliberate and I am now doing all that I can consistently to make sure it's dealt with. This of course has meant several attempts to file a report with the police, calling the police and getting them to come out to do something about this harassment.

The dispatch was quite friendly and understanding this time about the noise harassment and she agreed to see if they could send a car out. I received a call back about 20 minutes later and they did indeed finally after I don't know how many attempts it's been send a car out to speak to the neighbour. I had to go and answer the door, and escort them to his apartment.

Will this action actually do any good or have any affect on getting this matter resolved? I really don't know, I suspect it will not, if he is part of some community based policing initiative.
However the action is more for myself at this stage and how I would like to have things dealt with. I find it highly unacceptable for this neighbour, and he other to be disturbing my piece of mind at all hours, however I feel that if I don't let him he just can't. So I really am going to take what action I can to see it stopped one way or another, because I have other things I would like to be doing this year.

So that is what I am doing at 5:37 in the morning. Waiting to see if the officers will stop by and converse regarding their conversation with this neighbour or if I can go back to sleep because I do have a very busy day tomorrow.

I suspect my "Jeffery Dahmer" like neighbour is probably pouring them tea and having a nice chat, check the sofa officers, check the sofa. By that I simply mean he will I am sure put on a wonderful show for the officers, meanwhile I get to be awake blogging my at 5:43, however I do feel better, simply because I have taken some sort of action.

I can now see that getting angry and reacting to them, is exactly what they do want and that seems to not have solved the problem, so now I am trying to find other ways to make these people accountable for what they are doing. These people are not acting independently, there are still laws in this society that is suppose to prevent this stuff from happening, and I would like to see some sort of accountability for the actions of those that are suppose to be in charge.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Community based policing. AKA Gang Stalking?

I found this great article which I think explains how govenment, the homeless, informants, police and the average citizens can work together, patrol, stalk and harass other average citizens and have no one be the wiser. I think this could be a large part of the gang stalking mystery and I am happy to share it with you.

Here is the first paragrah of the article.
[quote] NEIGHBOURHOOD POLICING:CARESSING THE COMMUNITY WITH AN IRON FIST“Savvy law enforcement types realized that under the community policing rubric,cops, community groups, local companies, private foundations, citizen informantsand federal agencies could form alliances without causing public outcry.” CovertAction Quarterly, summer 1997. [/quote]

The rest of the article is posted here on the new gang stalking world forum.
For everyone who has been looking for some answers I think some might just have been found.
Happy New Year.